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Obama Schedule || Friday, August 18,2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:45 am || Meets with Treasury Secretary Lew
11:35 am || Meets with the National Commander and Executive Director of the American Legion
2:00 am || Presents the Commander-in-Chief Trophy to the United States Naval Academy football team

All times U.S. Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

10 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, August 18,2014

    • Ive been asking that on here for years!!!; Why does NO ONE is the “WH press corps” ever publicly ask why Obama starts his day at 10am?!
      (…I bet the sycophants in the “WH press corps” know the truth about Obama’s schedule but WILL NOT report it because they dont want to be kicked out of the so-called elite “press corps”…)

      • The obvious answer is simply that Obama is lazy. You will risk being called a racist if you point out this truth. Obama possesses the worst combination of laziness and incompetence.

      • I think @Steve has part of the answer, LSpook.
        I’ve been up since 6am, did a few household chores that must be done first. I’m just sitting down with my cup of Joe. Check out WHD,a few more blogs, then yard work.
        And I’m retired for Pete’s sake.
        I wonder what time Putin gets up ?

    • I think Carney’s already answered that with his famous “He’s President 24/7”. I guess even while he sleeps in, on the golf course, on vacation, always working.

      I remember my husband having to be at work at 5a.m. because the General he worked for wanted his daily briefing ready at 6a.m. A lot goes on in the world overnight and it helped the General prepare his day to deal with troops all over the world, on ships, embassies, foreign bases……he was always prepared to answer questions from higher officials.

      Flash forward about 30 years, I doubt the Obama administration really promotes that kind of dedication to country. According to a friend who recently retired, the only Generals/Admirals Obama approves must support gays in the military and women on the front lines.

  1. Pretend he was a dad who had a wife who left to work before 5:00 am.,
    and he took care of kidding the kids up for school.
    Even though he was P. he wanted to tend to the kids, instead of mother n law, workers, etc.
    10:00 is still to late to start his job.
    If I didn’t know much about anything, I would be using all those morning hours to study, read, play catch up when no ones was looking.
    One other reason of starting at 10:00. If he spent hours into the wee morning to study issues, read, play catch with things, we could understand, possibly why he started at 10:00. Ha!

    • I’d like to think BO gets up with the girls, gets them ready and sees them off to school, but, you just never see this in the all the puff articles written about the Obamas in the ladies and entertainment magazines.

      I think GWB was an early riser, but much was said about him going to be at 9pm. They called him lazy too.

  2. Trivia question and answer:
    Who is the highest paid Federal Government Worker?
    The guy who is coming to see the President today…the Coach of the Navy Football Team. He makes $1.7 Million per year.
    The army coach makes $700K and I believe the Air Force coach makes $600k.