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Biden’s New Selfie

Apparently the White House is not done with selfies. Biden got an Instagram account, and soon sent out one with a famous friend.

Obama Biden selfie

46 Responses to Biden’s New Selfie

  1. The picture reminded me of the Cheshire Cat – Biden, and the Mad Hater (deliberate misspelling) – Obama.

    Ah, yes. We have descended into the rabbit hole, where one shrinks or grows depending on what one swallows. The masses have swallowed the drink (kool-aid) that has made the work force of America shrink, while others have eaten the cake that has grown the government violently.

    The only choice left is to decide which is better, drink and have no one to support the government, or eat and have to government continue to grow. Or is there a third option? How about just getting back to our real size, and getting the hell out of the rabbit hole, closing it up with concrete, and never venturing back to that horrid land again.

    I guess we need to go call Alice, when she was just small.

  2. Every time Putin sees something like this, he chuckles to himself and then adds another former republic to his “to do” list of mergers and acquisitions.

  3. Enough–don’t these two highly paid individuals have anything else to do but gambol through the halls in dress shoes or take selfies? This is mortifying.