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White House Bars Press from Moment of Silence

The openness White House staged a “personal” moment of silence by President Obama on the one-year anniversary of the Boston bombing.

Because why would you invite the press in when you can create this perfect Pete Souza propaganda photo instead?

Obama moment silence

I mean, is this guy leader of the nation, or does he just want to run around to high schools and talk about the income gap?

The White House was supposed to be opening more events up to the news photographers. And there’s Jay Carney, who as press secretary is supposed to be kind of an advocate for reporters within the White House, right there in bubble, stiffing the press.

Reporters grumbled during Tuesday’s briefing about their treatment.

After the Associated Press brought the issue up at the outset of the briefing, Carol Lee of the Wall Street Journal got into it with an increasingly annoyed Jay Carney

Q    And then to follow on Julie’s question about the moment of silence the President is going to be observing, can you just clarify why you guys did not — do not want reporters in there to observe the moment of silence?  Because we’ve had access to other moments of silence, particularly on 9/11, since he’s taken office.
MR. CARNEY:  Well, the one on 9/11 was outside — has been, traditionally, outside.  This is a meeting in —

Q    But you guys can schedule these things wherever you want them to be, in whatever room you want them to be.

MR. CARNEY:  This is in the course of a meeting that he’s having in the Oval Office.

Q    Right, but why was that made — why was the decision made to have it there, as opposed to having it in a space where we could have access — where you didn’t then come to us and say, well, it’s in the middle of a meeting?  Because you do that.

MR. CARNEY:  Well, you could say that about any — why don’t we have Cabinet meetings outside and you guys can attend in full, or national security meetings in the briefing room.

Q    — we could attend in the Map Room — because the pool has access to a lot of different rooms.

MR. CARNEY:  But I mean, I guess the point is the President is having a moment of silence; it’s in the Oval Office.  It’s his personal commemoration with a handful of advisors of the tragedy that happened in Boston and the resilience that the people of Boston showed in reaction to it.

Q    And you guys don’t want us to see that?  Or I don’t — I’m trying to understand what’s behind this.

MR. CARNEY:  It’s a quiet moment in the Oval Office.  As I noted to Julie, in that setting we have in the past offered to have a single photographer from the news media, much in the way that poolers from the print media pool for the rest of the press — a single photographer can come in and pool for the rest of the photographic media.  And that offer has been rejected.

Q    Well, with all due respect, Jay, that’s a very rare occasion.  And these types of news events are — you guys have been able to accommodate — I mean, the pool in general is not a large —

MR. CARNEY:  With all due respect, I think the news is in Boston today on this issue.

A personal commemoration? He’s the president. They announced that he was doing this and then released a photograph. If he wanted to have a personal commemoration, he shouldn’t have told us all about it and invited Pete Souza in.

“We certainly think that the moment is important, but it is mostly important in Boston,” Carney said earlier in response to the AP.

What is he talking about? Why minimize the event like that? It was a national tragedy, not a local police action.

On the anniversary of the first successful mass terrorist attack on civilians in the United States since 9/11, Obama should have taken the time to say a few words and then stand with the nation in a moment of silence. Not gather Jay, ValJar, and Denis in a circle and take a picture.

35 Responses to White House Bars Press from Moment of Silence

    • Face it, Grace: in all likelihood there was nothing going on in their minds. It was strictly a photo shoot. Pretentious piety.

    • Notice the careful composition of the picture. The Father of the Country looking down upon Obama. The two lines of minions directing your attention to our great leader. You can’t get ‘art’ like that if you let the hoi polloi press photographers in. I have a feeling that a coffee table book of Souza’s photos of Obama will show up in the future. Basta! Enough said.

      • Witty, Julie, maybe they had the composition in Da Vincis ” The last supper” in mind ? By the way, is it Martin Luther King peeking in to the left of Barry ?
        Barry looks rather shrunken, sloping shoulders in a crumpled suit. Looks like a boy standing before a headmaster, apologizing. As a matter of fact, his headmaster is there. That woman to the right. Looks like Jay Carney just stopped giggling in time. Well, I can understand why, it really is a phony, silly picture.

      • LOL, Julie! When our local Borders store shuttered its doors last year, I stopped in on the last day to bargain hunt. The only books left were 4 huge piles of Souza photos of Obama and an equal number of some crazy book on the WH garden.

        BTW, Obama looks like the incredible shrinking man in that photo. The talented Mr. Souza is going to be hard-pressed to find any good shots of the emaciated Preezy.

  1. Were there photographers, other than Souza, at the recent Fort Hood memorial? BTW, I read that he refused to meet someone who had been injured in the first Fort Hood attack. He’s the President of all the nation only when it suits his personal agenda as for instance in the grand hoopla and political demonstration when Gabby Giffords was shot.

    • Did you know Obama met with Wendy Davis “off the record” while he was in Texas ? No reporters allowed. Not even a photo-op of a fake hands held in the air for victory shot. I thought they were going to make Texas Blue and he can’t even get behind the Dem candidate for Governor ? What a Baloney Republic he’s creating. A Banana Republic would be a step up.

  2. Leave it to this bunch to bungle a moment of silence. After 5 years, one would think they might be able to pull something like that off without controversy.

  3. The whole nation was in shock and saying prayers for Boston, at that time. Some may even have relatives in friends in Boston. I have to hear him intrude is face in court cases such as the one in FL., but cuts the press out of this.

  4. I saw a funny caption for this “official” photo on twitter:

    “Obama and his staff trying to find his polling numbers”

    I saw where Uncle Joe gaffed at the real Boston Strong memorial, which brought up the question, why couldn’t Obama and/or Michelle be there as well ? Of course we can’t expect Prezzy to be everywhere, but he did manage to make a Sharpton and date night event last Fri and today he’s going on a campaign “jobs, jobs, jobs” trip to PA. Man, his priorities are really screwed up.

    • Can you clarify Biden’s “gaffe”? As I read it, he said “It was worth it” — and was referring to working and suffering to recover from grievous injuries, rather than being injured by the bombing.

      Also, as to these staged pix, we may need to consider labeling them “Images by Souzaphoney”

  5. Why don’t the newspaper editors just stop running the staged WH photos? Either that, or run an unflattering file photo of Comrade Obama.

  6. The solution for the Press (and you too Keith) on matters like this is to NEVER, use the government supplied photograph. Simply print the story without photos.

  7. I see President Jarrett has her disdainful smirk on. If I had to hazard a guess, I would guess her thoughts about taking time for the victims of a terrorist attack in the US, run kinda’ like Mooch’s “all this for a flag”.

  8. It is not a big deal………I mean if the President went to Boston instead of Pittsburgh then he would have to accept the responsibility that this was a terrorist attack on the U.S. under his watch. Just like the FT Hood tragedies this was a local criminal event. How many times do the Russians warn us of local criminals? This was a lovely photo OP! Too bad, there was no real witness to know what was actually said besides you stand here and you stand there and look sad.

    • odummy was probably mumbling some prayer to his “allah” while pic was made… what a phoney he & his minions are. this country deserves better than this gang of robbers,liars and thieves.

  9. It looks like a photo shop to me. And where is the Moochis? Out in the kitchen tending to dinner plans? Good ‘ol Valjar front and center, though.
    As for Jay Carney, why does anyone expect anything of significance from him. He is under the mistaken impression that he really matters.. And those sophomoric Russian posters. Perhaps some day he will look back on all this and realize how childish he was. “When I was a child, I spoke as a child etc. Corinthians 13:11

  10. “Reporters grumbled during Tuesday’s briefing about its treatment.” and then promptly reverted to their usual cringing, servile, Obama bootlicking selves.

    Dictator Obama does not care about Americans and their sufferings even if it was at the hands of Islamic terrorist savages. He does not care. At all.

    A moment of silence. Yeah, right. Propaganda nonsense all the way. Dictator Obama conducting a moment of silence in the oval office means he is taking his mid-day nap.

  11. If Obama were sincere about observing a moment of silence, he would have done it without benefit of his official photographer. That he would stage a photo op and publicize it for political gain is beyond despicable.

  12. All I can picture is (sorry, they are funny) Family Guy. Episode’s with a moronic character saying: “he’s a phony, a big fat phony”.

  13. actually, Keith, I think this photo is the perfect symbol of the navel-gazing Obama Regime. the people in the circle are the important ones. the media, the citizens, the other two branches of government–the hell with them.

  14. I saved the picture from the last time he staged a moment of silence for the benefit of the White House photographer. I can’t even remember what the occasion was—Sandy Hook? The Navy Yard? Fort Hood? I was so stunned that he thought being photographed —being silent—that I laugh very time I see it. No class.