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The Obama Morning News || April 16, 2014

Secret U.S. analysis: Afghans not ready . . . Washington Times
Obama plotting immigration “fixes” . . . Examiner
Huddles with faith leaders on immigration . . . Examiner
Census survey masks Obamacare effect . . . New York Times
GOP assails WH census change
. . . Newsmax
Doctors hate their jobs and kill themselves
 . . . Newsmax
Tax day socks the wealthy . . . The Hill
HHS nominee entangled in lawsuit . . . Washington Times
GOP bill would cut off Holder pay . . . The Hill
Obama program seeks to reduce “births” . . . Daily Caller
IRS mulls taxing work perks . . . Fox News
Ben Carson: WH sought apology to Obama . . . Fox News
RNC sues IRS for stonewalling scandal docs . . . Fox News
WH backs Ukraine military operation . . . Examiner
U.S. failed to strike major al Qaeda meeting
. . . Newsmax
Syrian rebels get U.S. missiles . . . AFP

15 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 16, 2014

  1. They may have failed or avoided striking at the meeting mentioned on
    If it was not missed communication,What?
    My best guess: The people handling this may know of the next meeting, where even more people will be there. Possibly talking about more inside information.
    Other than that: I would have to double ck yesterdays schedule to see if someone was to busy to pay attention due to a golf game, rally, fundraiser, etc…

  2. “Secret US analysis: Afghans not ready”.

    News flash: The Afghans will never be ready. If they haven’t learned by now how to defend themselves, after the West has given untold lives and treasure to their cause, they will never, ever be “ready”. And that’s no secret.

    • After WWII, the Red Cross, Journalist, workers to clean up and rebuild the cities were not killed.
      On top of that when was the last time we heard O making any comment what so ever about Afghanistan?
      He will not even keep his mind on what is going on in Ukraine.
      The Afgan people have to be reminded that we have corrupt politicians and extremists here as well.
      We just had an idiot yesterday walking around Boston barefoot leaving two bags on the street.
      Note: Remember as kids we use to hear our elders say, What is this World coming to?

  3. $600 million in jobs grants? That’s what Obama and Biden are announcing today at their community college visit in Pa. today.

    They couldn’t find a school within minutes of the White House. NoVa has a big campus, I think Dr. Jill teaches (taught?) there too.

    Oh well, just smells like another campaign promise, it’ll probably all go to his union buddies for proper distribution. BO just seems to pull this money out of trees now.

  4. Not noted here, but apparently Bloomberg is putting $50 million into anti gun work. This on top of same amount on coal and oceans. And Bloomberg is confident that he is going straight to heaven, having “earned it”. Another one who confuses “earn” with “buy”.

    Big awakening for the NY Nanny when he discovers that money does not buy entrance. Typical arrogance of all government nannys and tyrants.

    • I’ve seen some comments on the Bloomberg story suggesting he donate his millions to cancer research which would save more lives than taking guns away from law abiding citizens.

      Btw, which the Koch brothers do :)

  5. Just read the article about the GOP introducing a bill yesterday that would cut off pay to Fed. officials as of Holder who was held in contempt of Congress. That should include all the extra things he may get on the job.

  6. The money quote from the NYT re: Census and ocare.

    “Another Census Bureau paper said “it is coincidental and unfortunate timing” that the survey was overhauled just before major provisions of the health care law took effect. “Ideally,” it said, “the redesign would have had at least a few years to gather base line and trend data.”

    OMITTED from the article….
    In 2009, in the earliest weeks of Obama‘s administration, the White House made the controversial decision to take the unprecedented step of moving the Census Bureau from control of the commerce secretary over to the White House ahead of the 2010 census.