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Will: Obama Learned at the Foot of Monty Python

From an appearance on Fox:

Will: Some presidents take their foreign policy from the idealism of Woodrow Wilson, some from the realism of Henry Kissinger, this is foreign policy from Monty Python.

Truly. There’s no guiding principle, no rhyme or reason to the Obama foreign policy. It’s as if with every new crisis, you hear, “And now for something completely different.”

I give you, for your listening and viewing pleasure, the Obama foreign policy theme music:

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10 Responses to Will: Obama Learned at the Foot of Monty Python

  1. GeorgeWill; the epitome of Speak Softly, But Carry A Big Stick.
    Here, MrWill whacks MrO’s knuckles with the big stick, and he deserves it.
    However, it’s too late, and too much has happened for any coherent foreign policy to come out of the WhiteHouse.
    It’s almost as if the Obama administration doesn’t care about what other countries do to each other, or how their actions will affect American interests. duh.

    • Exactly Srdem, It seems to be all about his naive, progressive notions of how America has no right to be a super power & all he needs to do is “be nice” to everyone abroad except his fellow countrymen who disagree with him. He is a true amateur with virtually no experience at anything.. Is clueless in how to lead because he’s never lead at anything.. The boy scouts would have been a nice start but ,he was more involved in his “choom gang”.
      Our forefathers would not be kind this treasonous impostor who is either a babbling idiot or evil conspirator or BOTH.

      • Well stated!!!!!! srdem65 and olgator.
        One other note: Many grade school or early high school students can think of better responses than he does.
        At least they know enough to respond with a helpful suggestion, soultion, process, steps to be taken, etc.

  2. Don’t forget our old friend Basel Faulty of Faulty Towers. I think Sybil can play Putin role and Obo can run up against her scathing remarks. It is definitely a Circus and a Flying one at that..

  3. Foreign policy is above his pay grade. We haven’t had a foreign policy other than imaginary red lines drawn with disappearing red ink. Obama’s skill level includes:
    speeches, more speeches,
    fundraising, more fundraising
    vilifying conservatives and anyone who disagree with him.

  4. Can’t stand that these mongrels are running the country into the ground with the help of the so-called conservatives and republicans and don’t forget the American people allowing this tyranny also. We will reap what we sow.