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Live Stream || Obama Remarks on Jobs

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  1. We have to have jobs for the people who are aleady trained, are have been educated. Now we will have all of these people looking for a different type of job, than they use to before being trained. No job still!
    Start building a high wall on the border. Start fixing the briges that are falling apart.
    I do not appreciate him discussing training for jobs, when as I have mentioned, I know two people who lost their wonderful jobs due only to the O Mess.

  2. I muted also. I checked Drudge for a moment.

    BLM lest a trail of wreckage:
    Destroyed water lines, fences and left wholes in water tanks.
    I would like the two clowns to discuss fixing those things on that man’s property. Also I would like both of them to run to a horse and go fetch all of the missing cows, and the dead ones also.
    Also they can run their mouth assuring the citizens if you did something wrong you may be taken to Court, but your family will not have snipers outside, and your property messed up.

  3. Obama has no intention of ever supporting a working American. Unemployment, foodstamps, and every conceivable form of welfare and entitlement suits his purposes just fine. He intends to punish the innovative and productive with bureaucratic regulation and taxation and enslave the population to serve the state. The man is a petty tyrant and all of this crap is just that crap. Obama’s idea of job creation is another government training program — we have so many they overlap.

    But he needs to still manipulate the data, and so he will now with the use of the US census, previously used to count heads to allocate congressional representation. Now it will serve means of manipulating data to support a street in the Obama Potemkin village. What a joke this Administration is.

    Here is a good article by Meagan McCardle on the significance of the new census.

    • @Andy f B, I’ve been laughing for 10 minutes. Every time I look at it it’s seems funnier. Nothing like hitting the rack with a smile.

      • I was listening to the audio of Jim Gaffigan’s DAD IS FAT in bed. And the giggles kept bursting out–not a bad way to get to sleep unless your lungs are screwy and you start coughing. I liked the part about all the birthday parties he goes to with five kids. The end of each party is the cake–but sometimes they serve it with ice cream. Sure, he said, a sugar bread product, why not a sugar dairy product–followed by a goodie bag of candy. Isn’t this how Linda Blair got started? Something like that–anyhow I was laffing. Hey–sooner or later, you will laff.