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Open Thread || April 15, 2014

Sorry for the late notice, but White House Dossier will not publish today, since I’ll be marking the holiday with family. I will be back tomorrow. In the meantime, you will be publishing instead!

Have fun.


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        1. Mika was not on MoJoe this AM and some feeble Joe jibes about her
          work ethic did not seem to go over with Pop. Even when she is on, she is nervous as a cat when daddy comes to talk.

  1. Free speech for me; none for theee: Business Insider reporter is attacked covering anti-Capitalist protest.

    Russell said he chased the woman through traffic for a block before she stopped and flung the $1,500 device onto the ground, breaking it – then running away again.

    The attack happened just after Russell had been covering a march in protest against a Google lawyer who allegedly evicted people from a building he purchased.


        1. I have no problem with these devices in public. My concern is if someone violates someone else’s privacy with these things. Between this, GoogleEarth and Google’s recent purchase of a drone company, at times I wonder if Google won’t stop until it’s exposed us all.

          Titan manufactures high-altitude drones and Google says its goal is to spread connectivity all over the globe, but what’s to stop Google from making low-altitude drones which will enable the public from monitoring individuals in real time? Great tool for stalkers! Great tool for the government!

          1. I’ll save my money and wait for the entrepreneur who will invent something to disable Google’s invasion of privacy devices.

  2. Harry Reid commenting on the BLM cattle battle during an interview on KRNV-DT Reno; ” Well its not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”
    That’s right Harry, breaking a federal law then walking away from it is reserved for illegal aliens.

    1. Where are all the people yelling about people being harmed and attacked. Pushed down, tasered, etc?
      Where are all the people yelling about the calfs being serarated from their moms, and the missing cattle?
      Where are ALL THE PEOPLE yelling that snipers, armed men, etc. move in, just like Putin is doing?

      1. Lee–The man did not pay his grazing fees, he went to court and lost a number of times, and then he got all his mavericky neighbors spun up. I am glad the feds, although clunky as usual, did not over-react. Ranchers and the BLM have been feuding for decades…

          1. I agree, it’s not about grazing fees. I believe there’s another shoe that is going to drop. When and where to be determined.

          2. The racist Al Sharpton (Obama’s buddy) owes about $3 Million in back taxes, fees, etc.
            -Where are theFederal SWAT teams going after Sharpton…???

        1. OK, if this is just about a fee or money. When did it become acceptable for the US Government to collect fees, taxes and such with military type tactics? M-16’s, SWAT Teams, Snipers and Helicopters?? Really? Do you want the IRS to act this way if you owes taxes? The way our Congress acts passing tax codes on the last day of the tax year and it collects on 4/15 could mean quite a bit of door kicking tomorrow.

          It they owe the money to the Government then upon a judges order they can attach real property or bank accounts. Collection at gunpoint is unacceptable and is certainly one of the founding reasons the colonists split from England. What is next? Should they bring back Debtors Prisons?

          Interesting, how Senator Reid showed he was no longer (if he ever was) a representative of the Citizens of Nevada by stating “it’s not over”. Perhaps, he realizes this is his last term and he and his boys will collect everything they can in the next 4 years. I look at Reid, Holder and Obama and see nothing but Evil.

          1. I have suggested for some time. We all need a printed piece of paper with our vote. That way when there is any doubt of a vote count. Everyone can go out with their piece of paper. Yes I remember the purple finger, I thought of the piece of paper before than. You get a receipt for everything except voting.

        2. And last nite on Hannity his son spoke for him (huh?) and hinted that the BLM might kill old dad. Hannity was pretty off the pt–he asked had the cows eaten a million dollars worth of grass? So not the point. Following this is making me dumb.

    1. Everyone who sign this (without reading) can explain to all those people: All will be well I didn’t read and signed for this, however I have insurance still!

  3. “Happy” tax day, all! I think all of WHD readers’ taxes combined probably didn’t even cover the gov’t liquor bill for the year…

    1. Millions of seniors like me don’t file or pay income tax, butt we pay federal taxes all the same. Since there’s a tax, hidden or not, on just about everything, it’s hard to escape the tax man.

      1. Yes, if I ever had the time, I would start a blog documenting all the “hidden” state and federal taxes I pay every day with a year long running total (gas taxes, phone taxes, utility taxes, sales tax, income tax…all the indirect taxes passed from companies to the consumer).

          1. I’d personally pay to get WAY it out of U.S. airspace if I could be assured he would never come back. (That’s rhetorical NSA. Not suggestin’ harm to my Dear Leader!!!!).

  4. Last night, around midnight AZ time, temp 70’s, sky clear no clouds.

    It was amazing, astounding, awesome, and just marvelous to watch the eclipse of the moon as it happened. At the beginning of the event, we had to wear sunglasses because the moon was so bright (moon shadows!).
    Astronomers predict this will happen three more times this year. If you’re able to stay awake, and have a clear sky, it’s worth watching.

  5. I’m sorry I missed the Passover thread last night so I want to wish Keith and all the Jewish co-bloggers on WHD a happy holiday. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend an article in the NYT, but there is a fascinating one in the Dining and Food Section on gefilte fish. I love where someone described gefilte fish as the Jewish madeleine. Move over, Marcel Proust.

    1. Julie, gefilte fish a/k/a white fish and carp shaped oval patty, served at room temperature to slightly chilled, is an acquired taste that sends at least one or two at the table staring down at their plate, praying, “I hope this isn’t at horrid tasting as it looks.”

    1. A different tack to this story;
      Someone more familiar with “western ways” than I, said that grazing on public, unhomesteaded acres is a tradition that goes back to the days of Wyatt Earp. Because the western grazing area are so lacking in foilage, it takes many acres of desert to keep one cow fed, and the cows, while taking nourishment from the desert foilage, return nutrients and seeds to the ground…ahem. A give and take and give kind of thing.

      It’s difficult for someone born and raised in the crowded, populated, and green-y East or NorthEast to visualize the millions of acres of nothing but cacti, rocks, and sparse grass that is common here in the SW.
      There’s also a lingering distaste for the Federal government with westerners which explains why they were so quick to support the Bundys. MrBundy claimed he paid his state taxes or fees, and that’s all that matters to the cowboys and indians out here in desert fly-over.

      1. The Reids prefer ecological methods which will line their own pockets. I also imagine that other Westerners like myself in Central Oregon are not too happy with their land being sold to the Chinese. They, the Chinese, are already colonizing this land of ours.

        1. Star, there are so many twists an turns to this, but if I understood correctly, he paid to the state because it is state land. He did not pay to feds because he says it is not federal land. Which is why I am so confused the feds are involved at all. (Especially, as many have said, when there are hundreds of illegals coming across the border on FED land that don’t have guns drawn on them in the manner they did to a US citizen.)

        2. Bundy is current on his state and local fees. He quit paying the feds 20 yrs or so ago when the BLM changed the terms of the grazing agreement. Not to mention all the federal laws the BLM violated regarding to branded livestock, transportation of branded animals across state line without brand release or inspection and paying off an auctioneer to sell the cattle.

          1. So this is civil disobedience? Well, sometimes the other side does not love that. This seems to me to have self-interested and wacky players on all sides–Bundy, Reid, BLM, the neighbors, the militias, the sign companies, I don’t even know. More sides than a Rubik’s Cube. the only level-headed ones are the cows.

          2. I also have to wonder why the BLM decided to swoop in and cattle rustle during calving season? They’ve waited all this time – why now? All the babies separated from their mamas are not going to grow as well, if they weren’t run to death in the raid. How humane is that, to kill baby cows supposedly to save tortoises?

          3. Last night I heard the total missing Cows is either 130 or 150.
            I don’t know how many calves.
            The woman on the ranch just made clear there were several calves being bottle fed.

          4. Reid’s guy Kornze is 35 years old, probably learned everything he knows from Harry, and most likely lacks the administrative skills to run the BLM. If you think about it, there is no practical reason for the BLM to act against the Bundy’s now other than Kornze/Reid.

          5. If he doesn’t he should. This is the Obama Administration we are talking about and it is Harry Reid’s top man who is now in charge of BLM. And it is the government propaganda machine masquerading as media that is telling the story to the majority of the American public.

            In no way was the government response proportionate to the offense.

      2. Some people may not pay tickets. Some may avoid paying taxes. Wrong as that may be. I do not wish hundreds of armed men and snipers at his door step. I do not wish anyones pets, or livestock to be taken and or killed.
        They could have filed as lein and judgement.
        Someone should have learned from Waco. We all saw that on TV, and everyone was digusted by the outcome.
        Julie Brueckhiemer, I agree with you regarding the Chinese owning land.

        1. I managed a veterinary hospital for about 10 years and when people owed us money we took them to court (after several past due warnings including court). We always won those cases and were granted permission to garnish their wages. If there were not wages to garnish, we could then request a lien against their property or sell off property. We usually never pushed past the garnish since court costs would become more than what was orginally owed. Why didn’t the gov pursue these measures.

          Fortunately in the vet business, deadbeats are very rare :)

    2. Excellent summation. I see the Reids, father and son, have the balls to promise to continue the fight as if they are in the right. Well, make Bundy a villain and no one will notice what WE are doing. Very Democratic (sic).

      1. You’re welcome CK, though sometimes there are hidden gems in the comments too….like this one:

        tea42 • 2 hours ago
        As Mark Levin has been rightly pointing out in his book The Liberty Amendments, the structure of government has been broken over the decades, and, while it might pose some relief, a change of regime isn’t really going to fix it. Here is an example of why we need to repeal the 17th Amendment — it takes power away from the states to control their Senators, and centralizes it in the federal government where they are susceptible to special interests, such as the environmentalists. Harry Reid is not representing Nevada; he could care less about Nevadans, and only unions in Las Vegas support him for their kickbacks. Had the state controlled its Senator, Reid would be history and Bundy’s ranch would likely not be threatened. LIberty Amendments a good read, worth thinking about a convention of the states to propose amendments and restore America’s government.

        1. OMG! To ironic for words. If it is true, and I emphasize, IF, granddad would be happy to know his grandson has moved the family on up in the world. Now stealing land and rustling cattle. Much more respectable than horse thieving.
          Remember, IF.

  6. Whoever controls the Census Bureau controls the data on the uninsured (in a nutshell).
    Back in 2009 the WH usurped/seized control from the Commerce Sec’y. After reading the link, I see that this is the same style [read: abuse] of data, that’s been used as a tool for the self-proclaimed-science is settled-climate primates, who run around looking for a banana in the Artic.

    1. I think this is a big deal. As it is government data is questionable now. Soon, it will be full on propaganda all the time. And the data will be used to justify government policy — or Obama’s pen and phone edicts. We are beyond Banana Republic.

      1. More manipulation, more centralizing of power to the WH. Yes, grace, “it’s a big effin’ deal” which should garner a big yawn from the MSM. If it wasn’t for the handfuls of news junkies here and elsewhere around the internet reading and deciphering the daily news … we’d all be slipping on banana peels.

  7. And thanks to everyone who commented on the Bundy Ranch story.
    I had some mixed feelings on this subject, but the well made point(s), counterpoint(s) cleared my head a bit.
    Did someone mention cocktails? Thank you, I will, bourbon with a splash of branch pleasure.

        1. : – D You’re Wonder Woman today. BLM is a good example of the fourth branch of the government, the bureaucracy, and not founded in the Constitution. Another one is the Fed Reserve.

          1. Awww, I’m just curious and I don’t trust Dirty Harry! tks.

            I posted above the process how we handled collections at a small business and it didn’t involve armed swat teams.

            BLM, why now and why during calving season? The Liberals are saying the Nevada Ranchers Assn are NOT endorsing Bundy? Are they paying Harry protection money then? Something stinks.

    1. Thanks for the link. I can’t read it, not a subscriber.

      However, on the wall at the check-in desk at my doctor’s office is a large sign explaining what is “free” and what is “not free”.
      It goes into detail of a “free physical”, and what a “not free physical” entails.
      There’s not much “free” there.
      Of course, those who are angry and confused will blame the insurance company, or the doctor, or both, rather than the real culprit…the ACA aka Obamacare.

      1. Star and srdem, whenever I can’t get an article at WSJ or somewhere else because it’s for subscribers only, I just Google WSJ (or other source) and the title of the article. It comes up at the top of the Google search and if you click the link there, you can almost always see the article that way. This one works for me when I search it. Just Google:

        Wall Street Journal Discord Over What to Pay the Doctor

  8. Apparently at last year’s prayer meeting the WH was offended by Dr. Carson’s comments. Some thought an apology might be required.
    Instead ….

    “He did not appear to be hostile or angry,” Carson writes of Obama, “but within a matter of minutes after the conclusion of the program, I received a call from some of the prayer breakfast organizers saying that the White House was upset and requesting that I call the president and apologize for offending him. I said that I did not think that he was offended and that I didn’t think that such a call was warranted.”

    Read more:
    Simplicity and decency always from Dr. Carson.

    Thin skinned as always our Grifter Ruler.

    1. Remember, Obama doesn’t like anybody who makes him look bad, and Dr. Carson was brilliant at it. A real leader would have picked up the phone and called to talk about it. No, Obama sics his flying monkeys on Carson.

    2. I am surprised Obama let him be invited in the first place. I saw a photo of GWB putting some kind of medal around Dr. Carson’s neck–top civilian award? Anyway, if they had done any vetting at all, they would have known something about his views. Probably the result of their laziness.

    1. I could testify to that. One of my Grandsons is a chronic user of the chronic and he’s getting to be as dumb as a box of rocks.
      Cause and effect? dunno. Maybe he was always dumb.

  9. Most humble apologies. I was trying to link the article from Realclearpoltics that has a video in which Reid’s son calls for MrBundys prosecution.
    I did not mean Dr. Carson.

    1. Don’t worry about it Cisco. And feel free to call me Pancho!! Does anyone recall that when Rory (With apologies to anyone named Rory, you should only name your son Rory if your FIRST born son has already used up SUE) ran for Governor of the Silver State he ran as “Rory”, NO LAST NAME. Didn’t want to be associated with DADDY. If I remember correctly, at a crucial precinct during Harry’s last campaign there was a power failure, but “no votes were lost”!!! Come on Republicans, we’ve got to learn to cheat better!!! But then, we feel guilty when we cheat, Democrats feel justified!!

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