In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Happy Passover!

To all who are celebrating the holiday, I wish you a happy and healthy Passover. I hope you enjoy this important and colorful holiday and maybe get a chance to get together with family and friends.

And as a Jew myself I am proud to say that no gathering of Jews – particularly family – is going to go on for very long without an argument, most likely having to do with politics. I hope White House Dossier has equipped you with enough information to help you deal with your left-wing cousin . . . or parent, child or sibling!


34 thoughts on “Happy Passover!”

  1. Happy Passover to you and your family , Keith and thank you for that article on liberal language, well said !
    And as a Lutheran I return with, Happy Easter, or Glad Påsk, to you all here. From my window I can see that it is a beautiful sunny morning, the daffodils, wood anemones and violets are in bloom, a thin green veil on the trees, oh, sweet springtime ! We northerners thaw and melt and get all giddy with joy.

  2. Thank you Keith.
    I woke up without an alarm 3 hours early. I went outside to see the Red Moon. To cloudy. Can anyone else see it at this time?

  3. Happy Passover, Keith and all our Jewish friends here at WHD. Enjoy the time with family and friends, and let the arguing be minimal. Believe me, having relatives in Pelosi’s liberal area, I learned to refrain from discussing politics with them years ago. It’s just not worth the blood pressure rise debating with brainwashed people.

    Thanks again for all your hard work, Keith. I can’t tell you how many times a day I ask my husband if he read a certain article here yet, or I quote you to my mother. She’s not even on the internet, but I read many of your articles to her over the phone and print some out for her also. I’ll be giving her a copy of your excellent Reuters piece about libs and the language war.

    1. ‘brainwashed people’.
      I find it amazing that with the amount of information available today, anyone with any degree of common sense would see what is happening to our Country.
      I too refrain from politics at the family gatherings as my inlaws are elderly and extremely opinionated.
      A political discussion would probably result in a food fight, which I would have to clean up.

      1. Yeah, the ones I know voted for the guy, creamed over the fake columns, welcomed the Lightbringer, etc. Then they tuned out–maybe just hearing a scrap about how Reps hate women or something or anyone who did not “like” him was a racist.. So if you say anything involving events or facts, they respond, “Well, I still like him.” What do you say to that? So it’s better to just shuddy.

        1. Sometimes the people that come to our house drop comments that my wife and I cannot let fall unopposed.
          Conservatism, Patriotism, and Christianity reigns in our house.
          If you confront those principles, we will confront you.

  4. Every time I blink and eye, or type a key it seems something has come up to worry about.
    I just pulled Drudge up. US Postal Service joins Feds and other agencies in purchasing Ammo.

  5. Happy Passover to you and your family, Keith. It’s a beautiful time of year (though not too beautiful this morning in the north east). Ah, well, April showers and all that.

    1. I read an article on hummingbirds years ago where the writer stated that they are extremely aggressive little critters.
      He said that if they were the size of crows, it would not be safe to be outside.

      1. Oh, they are! You can stand outside and they will zip up to within 2-3 inches of your face and stare you down….One will also try to commandeer the feeder and keep the others away. And if the feeder is empty–they will jet over to the window, stare in and you can hear them thinking, “Come on sister get with the program.”

        1. Yeah, they make a pretty impressive WHOOOMP sound as they take off almost straight up. And that yellow eye–scary. It’s hard to imagine them and the hummers both being birds.

  6. Alaska is the best place on earth. I am fortunate enough to be able to visit family in Juneau every summer for a couple of weeks. I wish I could live there, but responsibility down south trumps wishing…. bummer.

  7. Chag Sameach, Keith! (and all my other Jewish fellow commenters on WHD.)

    I went to a Chabad seder last nite (I was “only” able to stay for 3 hours so I missed the dinner!) so I didn’t have to argue with anyone; we were all pretty much on the same page. anyone who’s paying attention knows that the Obama era has been disastrous for Israel.

  8. Make sure everyone knows how much Obama despises Israel. How many times has he slighted them in 5 years. But why do the majority of Jews vote for him? Crazy!

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