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Video || SNL Lampoons the GOP Rebranding

See, here’s the problem with changing your values and trying to suck up to various voting blocs rather than sticking with a philosophy that works and more-effectively making the case for it: People get that you’re inauthentic and that there must have been something wrong with you to begin with.

Republicans have a good brand, a conservative one. They need to stop being defensive about it.

Believe it or not, folks, the number of people in this country who call themselves conservative has remained almost exactly the same for 20 years – currently 38 percent. And while the number who self-identify as “liberal” has edged up a few points, it’s still only 23 percent.

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Barack Obama barely disguised his pure liberalism and got elected twice.

Republicans need better spokesmen who can persuasively articulate their values to moderates and even liberals who are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Christian, and even gay and lesbian. That is, to anyone who’s not yet convinced. Republicans need to explain to everyone why they are suffering under Obama and why their future is so gravely imperiled by his policies.

This gets a good laugh from knowing liberals and Washington journalists who are certain the GOP needs to moderate. Which begs the question, How have the last two moderate Republicans presidential candidates done exactly?

This SNL sketch gets right at the problem with the current thinking in the GOP leadership. It’s Republicans trying to be hip, and it ain’t gonna work.

8 Responses to Video || SNL Lampoons the GOP Rebranding

  1. Sure, go ahead and poke fun at conservatives. They’re old fashioned, out of place, hard-headed bigots or racists who don’t know that society has moved on to a kindly, all inclusive mode. Ha Ha
    So old-fogey, so not cool, so religious, patriotic, hilarious. Ha Ha.

  2. Keith, I couln’t agree more. The powers that be, the establishment,
    always pick the wrong horse to win….McCain…. and please, not another Bush. Nothing against W. We seem to have some younger men and they look pretty promising. Cruz, Rand Paul and etc.

  3. What we need is for the Media to do their job (which they won’t).
    It’s what Democracies need.
    Instead we have a media that will generally assist the Entrenched administration, give them cover, provide no news, stats or investigation into anything the Administration says or does.

    The problem with this nation is that the Media has stopped doing their job.

    • I cannot understand how the people who advertize with certain stations, don’t seem to have info on exactly who is watching the news.
      They of course don’t seem to mind that I am not watching their commericial. However if you add all the people, it has to be a signifcant #.

  4. Blech. Every time I watch one of these ridiculous clips I say never again. Then I see another one and curiosity gets the best of me so I watch it, mostly wondering if I will finally see something worthy of a laugh or two. Maybe it’s me, but I just don’t find this inane crap humorous at all. I honestly can’t believe adults actually do this for a living. What an embarrassment.

  5. This skit wasn’t funny, as their Fox & Friends takeoffs aren’t funny either.
    Satire should be subtle. Notice how this kind of skit doesn’t get much audience laughter? Because, repeat, it’s not funny.