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Sebelius: No Regrets, Baby!

Here’s some video of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius making borderline delusional statement that she has no regrets about her service. Notice how she blames others for the misinformation she ladled out to Congress about the readiness of the website.

And what about this? If I had a magic wand and could go back.¬†Excuse me, magic wands don’t make you go back in time Kathleen, okay? You need a time machine for that. Sheesh, no wonder she screwed up the website – no technical know-how at all.

Here’s some more of her softball interview with Andrea Mitchell for Meet the Press – smart of her to avoid the more hardball questioning of David Gregory – who presented Sebelius with a cozy perch from which to present her case. What was your low point? Andrea wondered.

Give me a break!

25 Responses to Sebelius: No Regrets, Baby!

  1. Gah, why does Andrea Mitchell still have a job in news? She annoyed me even when I was still a liberal nutjob.

    I look forward to Sebelius’s next career move. She should be handsomely rewarded for being such a good little Obama soldier. Perhaps a Presidency of her own at a state university like JaNap was rewarded?

  2. “No Regrets on Healthcare”? Since when is the ACA about healthcare?
    Obamacare is about forcing Americans to buy something they may or may not want or afford, it’s about upending the best health delivery service in the world, and it’s about taking over the everyday lives of every American (and illegal who is dumb enough to come here).

    They can’t say the words…health INSURANCE….it sounds so technical, so not fuzzy-warm-love you-care about you.
    The Dems “care about you, care about women, want you to have everything” and the evil Repubs want you to die, in childbirth or after you fall off of a beer keg, without decent medical care, and force your family into medical expense bankruptcy..
    This whole law is evil, ugly, and Americans don’t like it, don’t want it, and won’t go along.
    MrsSillybus can say whatever she wants, and her Dem supporters in the MSM will agree with her, butt that doesn’t change the facts, or what a disaster the ACA is and will be.

  3. Sebelius “managed” a 2700 page monstrosity put together with paperclips, superglue, back room deals and bribes. There were “glitches”.

    Sebelius couldn’t manage the notes for a short speech in the Rose Garden, and when she “discovered” the last page was missing, she said “Unfortunately, a page is missing”…and wrapped it up. She’s got a problem discerning one page too few — and 2,500 pages too many.

    The big question now is whether her timely departure will hurt or help the Democrats. That’s a pre-existing condition yet to be diagnosed.

  4. Sebelius was chosen for HHS Sec’y because she has always been actively ‘pro-abortion’, thus ‘pro-death’. The protests against her confirmation were ignored!

    Sadly, her replacement will be of the same ideological social engineering progressive philosophy – ‘Gov’t knows BEST what the people need. Citizens cannot be trusted to THINK for themselves!’

    America has become an oligarchy – run by the unelected appointed advisers and activists judges under a corrupt AG!

  5. So upset she couldn’t stay & finish a job she was totally unqualified for. My pre existing condition is trying to think for myself & for choosing what is right for my family. Silly me.

  6. If she has no regrets, then Obama must have told her–please screw up as much as possible so I look more competent by comparison. Just following orders.

      • She chose to be. She deserves every sling and arrow and twinge of conscience, no matter how fleeting. People’s health will suffer for her participation in this fiasco. And the ultimate sting of it is that all those who can no longer receive or afford quality care had to pay for her generous salary, benefits and lifestyle. Kathleen Sebellius slithers.

  7. In addition to the OMB’s role in blockading monuments etc. during the sequester it is also responsible for fact checking the President’s public “pronouncements”. It was raised at AOS and elsewhere — what about “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” — “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”. Presumuably this should have been run through OMB fact checkers. Where was Sebellius #2 when this was being done?

    Of course, she will have a run away confirmation. Nothing like this, or her qualifications will be raised in any serious manner. The dominant thinking is that the President is entitled to his appointees — and as a result we have Holder, Clapper, Hagel, Rice, Power, a myriad of bad Ambassadors etc etc.

    Thanks McConnell — 51 votes. What a mess.