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The Obama Morning News || April 14, 2014

Sebelius: Obamacare launch flawed . . . Associated Press
GOP to focus nomination on Obamacare
. . . Fox News
How the Obama peace process went poof
. . . Politico
Obama’s real job: Fundraiser-in-Chief . . . National Journal
Clinton erased from Benghazi . . . Washington Times
Hillary’s symbiosis with Boeing
. . . Washington Post
Struggling Dems: Where’s Hillary? . . . Politico
Is Obama enforcing the law? . . . The Hill
Chances of IRS audit lowest in years . . . Examiner
Trump: Dems playing race card . . . Politico
Paul defends Bush on “act of love” . . . The Hill
Senators warn of Bush fatigue . . . The Hill

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 14, 2014

  1. Hillary’s tenure at the State Department–and in the Senate for that matter–has received much criticism lately so now the WaPo is trying to show how little, I mean how much, she accomplished. She sold a lot of airplanes. It’s unforgivable that the Republicans have let her off the hook on Benghazi, but there must be something there people in both parties don’t want to see uncovered.

    And it appears the Republicans are trying just get along now and bury the intramural fight for the soul of the party. Or does the establishment feel it has taken out the competition and it can afford to play nice now and try and win the conservative grassroots?

    • J — I’ve noticed the tenor of the establishment Republicans is increasingly vicious (faced with same party opposition) but also entitled. Very entitled and superior.

      • I was just going by the articles Keith had posted. You are probably right: the hatred and venom are still underneath the appearances and will never disappear.

  2. OT If the US and WE closes its eyes any tighter we can all pretend Russia is not actually taking over the Ukraine. Kinda’ like GB doesn’t think it has a problem with Muslims, or the US is not being over run by illegals, not all of them Hispanic, and some of them downright dangerous, or the Islamists are killing Christians on a daily basis. One day you wake up and by God you realize you’ve gained 40 lbs, you have diabetes and gout and you drop dead from a heart attack as you walk to the phone to make an Obamacare appointment with the PA for next year.

  3. What does Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway have in common with Leetsdale PA? A teeny town of (now) 1.500 souls, and who has benefited from millions in grants from the government.
    Arcelor Mittal is located in Leetsdale on a property once owned by Bethleham Steel Corp. . A.M., a subsidiary of BerkshireHathaway, (Warren Buffet) is the largest steel company in the world, and they are one of the companies that Mr O and his sidekick Mr B will be visiting this Wednesday.
    Small world, huh?

    • Very interesting, Srdem. Thanks for the info. Now I’m just waiting to see whether there will be a fundraiser or two after they’re done in Leetsdale.

  4. Nice summation of the BLM attempted land grab in NV on MOTUS. I was glad to see that other media than conservative ones are now picking up the story after the situation has been defused. Newsmax (Bloomberg) is one. As MOTUS says, the halt came because Dingey Harry was told that it would create a midterm blood bath for the Dems. I hope it still does.