As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – April 14, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. That’s the only reason I’m listening, but I can’t stand it anymore. Keith, please let us know if anyone refers to the kitchen “decor.”

  2. I saw that photo of Jay’s kitchen over the weekend and it’s not just the commie posters that I find disturbing. Who the heck came up with the strange idea to pose his wife and kids in their jammies pretending to cook breakfast? (I was also very distracted by the overdone staging with the many displays of toast, pastries, etc. all over the counter.)

    Am I the only one who finds that whole scene weird? Why on earth would a press secretary want to have his kids featured in a magazine like that? You would think that he and his wife would have more concern for their privacy than that. The whole scene seemed silly, unnecessary, and kind of creepy. Maybe it’s just me…

    • No it is not weird.
      It is hypocrites on display.
      In your face arrogance.
      The desperation of the left is becoming more and more obvious. We saw Jay Carney for what he is years ago.
      What possible effect could the release of these pictures benefit the regime ?

  3. Just stepped in. I see the Briefing just ended. Did anyone throw the question about the posters at the last min?
    Did any ask him if anyone would be meeting about what is going on in Ukraine?

  4. Off topic:
    Russian Fighter Jet buzzes Navy Warship.
    Multiple close range passes near an American Warship in the Black Sea.
    The Petagon called it: Unprofessional.
    Now would that be the word you would use in response?
    That sounds like a parent telling their child: That was Uncalled For.
    However if Russian Fighter Jets were buzzing near your home, I don’t think you would you the same words: Unprofessional or Uncalled For.

    • No, my response would have been much more aggressive than that.
      Evidently, the Navy is restricted by the rules of engagement that the forces overseas have to comply with.

    • -Being a USN Vet (from the 1990s = no one cares) I remeber hearing stories from USN Cold War guys who would tell me stories about what USN ships would do if ‘Russian’ aircraft or ships would get to close to our ships… (many of them sound like “acts of war” -LOL) but the Russians got the point and left the US Navy alone :-)

      • Unless they have stealth, (the Russians), we can paint them.
        USS Zumwalt is a new Navy Destroyer that has the radar shadow of a fishing boat.
        I saw it on Drudge.

      • So they are testing US.
        Typical of the Russians, and the Chinese.
        A weak POTUS and a restricted military is a very precarious place to be.
        USAF Vet. ’69 to ’73.
        That was then,…this is now.

  5. I just read that Sharpton, (“the Reverend Al Sharpton”, what a joke), was back at the WH today for the Easter Prayer breakfast. Give me a break!!