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  1. I am acutely aware of how suspicious I have become of Everything (as someone here coined the phrase once–“tin foil hat-ty”). BUT, for some reason, I feel the whole back-off thing with BLM in Nevada is a trick of some kind. Like they are backing off to implement something even worse. Or maybe it’s just me….

    • Thought maybe it was because the info on Harry Reid and the wind turbines came out. Reason to make people really angry about the BLM reason for taking the ranch.

    • (my comment about the Bundy/BLM incident is in moderation)

      You could be right, that the Feds will come after the Bundys from some other angle, but for now nothing will happen. Once SenReid was placed in the background of this outrage, it didn’t matter if the Bundys paid any fees, or even if they were illegally using federal land for their own purpose.
      What does matter is that publicity brought thousands of supporters to the site, and millions more to voice their disapproval. It’s this kind of big government that started the tea party, and it’s these kinds of outrages that formed the Boston Tea Party that led to the American revolution.
      Tin hats might be in order, or maybe it’ll be tricorn hats, we’ll see.

      • @srdem65; I like the tricorn hat line.
        This Saturday, the 19th, mark’s the 239th anniversary of the battle of Lexington/Concord, 19 APR 1775.
        To close for the Governments comfort.

      • Amen to that srdem ! I read about the standoff on Zero Hedge and was thrilled to read that hundreds of militia members of states across the country are expected to descend on the area and make a stand with Bundy. Oh yes, this is the good old US, this is about liberty , people do not want to be trampled upon. I also saw this text : ” The government has detonated 100 nuclear bombs in Nevada. It now says that Clive Bundy´s cattle could be harmful to the desert tortoise.”..

  2. CliveBundy, the cattle rancher involved in the dispute with the BLM, will have his stolen cattle returned to him thanks to the support and threat posed by thousands of patriotic Americans ready to fight for his rights.

    It’s hard to get the real background and facts to this display of government might, but SenReid, some Chinese investors, and MrBundy’s attitude all seem to play a part. What is easy to see and understand is that some Americans have had enough and are ready to fight the government for excessive or illegal actions.
    How this will play out in future months, with mounting outrages committed by the federal government and a general feeling of the population that we’re being pushed around worse than any English King’s mandates ever did remains to be seen.

    The recent events of our government spying on all of us, the faux shutdown of the government, the shredding of our health system, IRS, Benhazi, flash mobs, accusations of racism by top officials, and a welcome mat placed on our borders are all adding up to something big.
    The Bundy/BLM standoff might just have been the spark that sets other fires. We’ll see.

    • I agree. This was turning into a Lexington Green event and Obama/Reid called it off–for now. A shot heard around the US kind of event doesn’t play well in an election year.

      • We have more than one I was here firster out here in the West–but I can’t help but think a “revolution” at the ballot box would be better than some shootout on the mesa.

        • I really don’t think shooting a mother out from under a toddler (Ruby Ridge) is going to advance things. Yes, it brings out the maverick in some people, but this can quickly race out of proportion–Wounded Knee, etc.

          • No doubt the voting booth is the best way to change our political direction, and toss these bums out of office and power. That’s the way our government was designed. With the government’s recent purchase of over 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition (enough for five WW 2’s) and thousands of armored vehicles also purchased in the past year, we all all wondering what’s up. And now the attack on the Bundy’s (and many others in the past as you note), have caused people who normally sleep through life to perk up and pay attention. That’s a good thing.

    • Just a note of irony on your use of the word “spark”. Iskra is spark in Russian. It was the name of Lenin’s Russian Social Democratic Party newspaper started while he was a emigre in Switzerland. Just sayin’

      About the stand off. I was appalled at how heavily armed and how heavy handed the Feds came after these ranchers. And while Bundy may be flawed in some respects, he had every right to stand and defend his property (land and cattle) and it made me very proud that there are indeed more of us out there willing to stand for America and our rights. It was very brave of him and all those who came out to support him.

      I believe it is most likely Harry Reid is knee deep in this. Nothing less could get the Feds to back down — not Obama’s Feds. And speaking of these armed men –shame on them.

      And finally, hopefully this did not go unnoticed by our soon to be confirmed new HHS Secretary who oked the shutting and barring of memorials and state parks during the sequester. It is not a stretch to see her doing the same to hospitals, clinics etc.

      Nothing surprises me in Obama’s Amerika. So he can keep his and I will take America.

    • GG – if you not finished reading for the day, be sure to go over to NRO (National Review Online) I can’t link it and read…

      When Liberalism Fails
      When reality stops cooperating with the Left, someone must get the blame by Jonah Goldberg

      On the topic of branding, we’re all considered heretics and witches. It’s no longer “off with their heads” but “off with their jobs.”

      • Thanks Sadie… Off to read Jonah.

        Back now. Love Jonah but this article caught me off tempo. Perhaps it’s too warm and sunny (finally) for a deep read. Besides the point you pull out, I’m glad I stuck it out for this gem about his dog Zoe:

        It dawned on me to my dismay that I might have a yellow-dog Democrat on my hands. But, the good news is that she lay down by the statue of Margaret Thatcher. So I am hoping that she was barking at the Reagan statue for some lesser reason, like she was telling him “You should have gotten behind Bork’s nomination better.” In fact, it kind of sounded like she was saying “Bork! Bork!”

    • An excellent link. But will those ‘in charge’ of the Republicans take the advice and start branding her now? You can’t let things like this go on too long and hope the GOP candidate in 2016 will challenge her then. It just will be old news by that time. It’s analogous to how the Republicans have let her slip through the net on Benghazi. Even Krauthammer has said that they should have hammered her a year ago or even 3-4 months ago at the latest. What are the Republicans going to run on, women’s rights?

  3. A super read Grande! Thanks.
    Now if only if someone in the RNC reads it and follows the advice.
    Come on Repub’s, hit it, hammer, hammer, hammer!
    I’m only one guy, it probably won’t matter, but not one more penny of donations from me. I see these adds run, $$$ from me.

    • The Senate Conservatives Fund sent me some stickers to reply to establishment requests for money. They say, “Sorry, I make my candidate contributions through the Senate Conservatives Fund”. Which contributions are not tax deductible, however. IRS? Lois Lerner?

      • I check in with Red State often to keep tabs on what the Establishment Republicans are doing and which Republicans they are going after. Right now I think Ms. Lindsey, Juan M. and either their Barbie Ayotte or McConnell are against a man running in Nebraska — whose name and position I cannot remember.

        • Sasse is his last name. I forget his first name but think it’s Ben. He is a physician. I could just spit every time I think of Kelly Ayotte. She won because the conservatives and Sarah Palin supported her, and now she is the biggest turncoat and ingrate I can think of.

          • Sasse. Thanks.

            Barbie Ayotte — she should be embarrassed but she’s not. If she thinks she’s going to be around as long as her bookends she’s got another think coming.

  4. Well that’s it, we might as well all go home and just cower in our closets. John Kass of the Chicago Tribune has a column out highlighting how “science” is doing it’s part for the march to the left by getting in on the fun of labeling conservatives as ‘not normal’ and focused only on the negative:
    On one hand it’s right. As a constitutional conservative I have unfortunately been forced to focus on the negative over the past few years. The negative of a power grabbing executive supported by his race baiting AG, the negative of a national political party actively promoting division and social unrest by promoting envy and victim status by race, gender, et al, and the negative of having to sit by and watch the majority of media not just turn their backs on the crisis but openly support it.
    Perhaps those researchers in Kass’ column could consider another hypothesis: That yes, conservatives tend to focus on the negative, but we do it not to bitch, but to find ways to eliminate it, thus making it better for all by identifying the problem and fixing.
    Versus the current Obama model of just join the cult and close your eyes to anything that the cult doesn’t agree with.

    • Of course the progressive radical Dems and their minions at the MSM think all we do is concentrate on negatives, that conservatives don’t agree with the changes or policies that change fundamental American values, and rights.
      If a group of like-minded citizens claim the government is too big, too intrusive in every matter, and is ignoring the rights guaranteed by our constitution, then the Dems with the support of the MSM use their bullhorn and government power to try and silence them. Silence of the opposition, that’s the end game for this axis of big government supporters.
      They can’t silence us, they can’t force us to do their bidding if we refuse and in the end, the right or conservative will prevail.

      The incident in Nevada was ignored by most of the MSM. Only FOX, Drudge, and a few conservative sites reported on the outrage there. Nevertheless, we all know, millions were informed, thousands flocked to the scene to help protect one family’s rights, and the government backed down.
      The MSM supported the BLM by way of their silence, the elected officials of the state and federal level in Nevada were silent and by their silence gave approval to the pillaging of one family to ends that aren’t yet clear.
      We’re on the “side of angels”, @Geoff, we’re on the right of issues and we’re right to fight.

    • I believe the liberals are using the expression “settled science” now (as in settled law). For sure on global warming. That’s interesting because there are very few things settled in science. I can only thing of one: matter can neither be created or destroyed but transformed into energy. (And vice versa.) Even Einstein’s equation is still being debated.

      I wouldn’t trust any scientist who was a liberal, but there you are: I’m being negative.

      • Julie, agree with your view on “settled science”. A recent example, remember the various epidemic influenzas that swept the world ? A wonder drug called “Tamiflu” was hailed and praised and sold quickly all over the world. Our government bought a lot of it and I believe many others did here in Europe. Now, new tests show that it was worthless. Someone made a lot of money on “settled science.” And Julie, you are not negative, just very healthy, it is healthy to be sceptic. And, come to think of it, Pluto is not considered a planet anymore,” just” a star, if it exists at all….

        • Hah! My own doctor told me this past winter that if I came down with the flu, I should come in for a shot of Tamiflu. We too were scammed, but I think the biggest scam of all time–or to date at least–was Y2K.

        • And why not you? :) Actually I read it earlier and when I saw Geoff and everyone’s comments about the Left and science and negativity I thought it might be a bit of counter balance.

  5. A few thoughts on the passing our most famous (infamous) illegal alien, Obama’s Aunt Zietuni.
    Oddly, there was no CNN Breaking News; no statement from the WH; and no “Michelle and I are deeply saddened” remarks from her grieving nephew.
    Her passing went unnoticed for all intents and purposes.

    While nephew Barry was having one of the most fun-filled weeks of his life speechifying and celebrating LBJ’s civil rights legislation in Austin; Al Sharpton’s bash in NYC; and a Broadway play about a poor Black family from Chicago’s SouthSide in the 1950’s….. not a word about the passing of Aunt Zietuni.

    Poor Aunt Zietuni. If it was not for her and the rest of the Obama Kenyan tribe, Nephew Barack would not be a multi-millionaire today. Heck, he might not even be POTUS today.
    Nephew Barack never held a real job in his entire life. He made his entire fortune off of a book about his Kenyan relatives; a book many say he didn’t even write.
    Oh, yes…Aunt Zietuni was invited to the 2008 WH Inaugural and after- parties to celebrate her nephew’s victory. By then, Nephew Barack was a millionaire many times over. The decent thing to do would have been to remove poor Aunt Zietuni from Boston’s welfare rolls and give her a small allowance to survive on while he put her on the path to legal status.
    But, no…he continued to let Aunt Zietuni and her illegal alien brother, Uncle Omar, feed off the taxpayer dole.
    Barack Obama preaches about being our Brother’s Keeper; yet he never lifted a finger to assist his own tribe.
    He is a phony, first-class jackass!

    • Thanks for the reminder of her passing. Her death was noted in conservative blogs or newsletters but the MSM wasn’t interested as if it would embarrass the Preezy to know that a family member died in poverty.
      You’re right, of course, @Girly, MrO should have seen to the care and housing of his blood relatives, even to the point of supported them. The Feds could have granted both Auntie and Unkie special visas to remain in the US citing kidnapping or other dangers if they were to return to Kenya.
      Geez, how many of us have been roped or shamed into helping relatives down on their luck, or just as a moral duty? As to her passing and funeral(?) here, how many of us have attended memorials or funerals of distant relatives as a family?

      There’s something wrong with the Os family honor or duty. We see the Black side of Os family, but not the White side in public affairs or on vacations with them. Are the White’s excluded or just not interested? dunno.

      • Smile.
        Have had a hard time making comments.

        I read earlier how this was a Fed outreach/ The Feds claiming authority over the states. Using Fed Environmental laws & Taxes to usurp the private citizens presumptive rights and state rights. The Nev Senator and Senate majority leader are up to their ears in this deal. He was granted immunity to the same Desert turtle laws and made millions in a shady deal in Nev.
        I fear if everyone did not have their phones filming this, it would have been a terrible result.
        Nothing was done when Putin started invading Ukraine, and is still up to no good. Then a couple of weeks we all watch what happened in Nev.

        • Might I suggest you make a copy of your comment and then you can print that over again if it doesn’t “take”–otherwise, only the word Test comes through, which is a waste, and does not ensure the next comment will, anyway.

  6. If anyone is hanging around the house — just doing stuff — and is inclined to listen to some classical music on Palm Sunday. On EWTN, which is a Catholic channel, from 2:00 – 3:00 EST, Favre’s Requiem. Nice.

  7. Kathleen Sebelius is gone, but her faux pas linger on.
    Not only was there a missing page in her farewell address; there was a gaffe in her final tweet:
    “I will be passing the baton to my friend and colleague, Sylvia Burrell.”
    Sylvia’s last name is BURWELL, not Burrell !
    The gang that couldn’t shoot straight! Unbelievable!

  8. Half of my comments never made it through this weekend, but here goes…

    I know we discussed in another thread the super secret “date night” to the Broadway play on Friday night, but there’s even more to the story – it was a DOUBLE date. How nice for them that the taxpayers treated BHO, Moochelle, AND ValJar and her boyfriend Ahmad Rashad to dinner in NYC and a show:

    • Valjar and her fuzzy muzzy? What’s going on here? Spring break for civil rights activists gone wild? They were celebrating the fact that they didn’t have to see any ‘white’ folks all week…Al Green, Al Sharpton, Sheila Jackson Lee. and an all-Black cast on Broadway. Mazeltov!

      • What I find interesting is that there seems to be no mention of Moochelle or ValJar being present at Sharpton’s Shakedown Shack when Obummer was there speaking. Where did they and Ahmad Rashad hide out while waiting to go to dinner and the show?

  9. A belated thanks Girly1 for the links on the involvement of Reid & Son along with the Chinese.
    As Artie Johnson on Laugh-In would say, verry interesting.

  10. As of yesterday afternoon their are paddy wagon buses and swat and cops, not to mention MCC’s (Mobile command centers) flooding in the bakersville area after the blm “pulled out” it is not over yet. It is only going to get worse.

  11. The disturbing thing is that a Federal agency was being used to implement policy to bolster profits for private foreign interest. Wonder what kind of kickback Reid was going to get for that deal. The land was valued at $36 million and the Clark County Commission voted to sell it to ENN for only $4.1 Million.