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WH Can’t Even Tell Iran to Stick It Over UN Pick

I was initially tempted to give the White House a complimentary pat on the ass for rejecting Iran’s choice of a U.S. hostage taker to be it’s next UN ambassador.

But then I looked a little closer and I noticed the White House DIDN’T REJECT ANYBODY.

Hamid Aboutalebi, a veteran Iranian diplomat, also happens to have a couple of lines on his resume that say he participated in the events surrounding the takeover the the U.S. embassy in 1979.

A bill that would prevent Mr. Aboutalebi from showing up in the United States passed both the House and Senate UNANIMOUSLY. Which means President Obama is backed into a corner and will face the prospect of having a veto – of a bill sponsored by Sen. Ted Cruz, for goodness sake – overridden.

Now, notice the careful language used by this craven administration Friday, which wants nothing, absolutely nothing, to interfere with its ability to suck up to Iran and complete a nuclear deal:

MR. CARNEY:  Well, we share the Senate’s concerns regarding this case and find the potential nomination extremely troubling.  The U.S. government has informed the government of Iran that this potential selection is not viable.  The legislation passed by the Senate underscores just how troubling this potential nomination would be.

Q    Would President Obama sign it?

MR. CARNEY:  First of all, this is a potential nomination.  We’ve informed the government of Iran that this potential selection, rather, is not viable.

Q    Yes, but the bill passed by the Senate yesterday to deny a visa.

MR. CARNEY:  It’s a potential selection, as I understand it, that has not been formally made.  We’ve informed the government that that selection is not viable.

Not viable. Get it? All they’re telling the Iranians is that Congress and the American people won’t accept this choice. They’re pointedly not saying, as you may have read, that this person is unacceptable.

Just that he’s NOT VIABLE. You know, like the deal Obama is trying to strike with Iran . . .

Obama is praying Iran will just withdraw this guys name, and then he won’t have to sigh the bill.

Please, Mullahs, please don’t back down. Please make Obama locate any remaining vertebrae he might have and sign this bill. Please.

31 thoughts on “WH Can’t Even Tell Iran to Stick It Over UN Pick”

  1. There would have been no need for Cruz and Congress to pass a bill, if the State Dept/Kerry and Obama had a pair of cojones. As long as the two of them would rather makes kissy face with the mullah monsters, we’ll be stuck with the snakes they are. AND it won’t stop me from booing and hissing right back at them!

      1. Raisin in the sun. Ha! Reminds me of my favorite curse whenever a male driver would cut me off on the road, “I hope your b___s turn into raisins.”

        Just to let you know, that I am not sexist, my curse to the women had me screaming something just as heartfelt. LOL

      2. @SnarkESQ and srdem65, two smarty-pants, knew there was something up with the “7 hour layover in NYC”.
        So, where did they hid out for all those hours; did they have another block of hotel rooms, or did some kindly uber-wealthy Dem allow them to lounge in their 99 room townhouse?

        1. I just checked the schedule, I think I was assuming too much that “he” (no mention of MO in any schedule) was spending more quality time with his Sharpton pals. These conventions have the best parties, it’s why people attend them ;)

          I think what also threw me off was MO and Dr Jill had another support-the-you-know-support-the-troops rally yesterday.

          MO’s getting slippery. LOL.

          1. Oh oh: Dr. Jilly and MOOch and another support the Troops rally; someone needs to warn the troops and their families to lock up the children, count the silver and keep their privates protected. These two whited (is that racist?) sepulchres hold/throw a rally everytime the o and DoD cut more stuff. (No, no, look over HERE!)

        2. Ha! Srdem, I’m just seeing this news about the play now. Yep, we KNEW he was up to something with that extended amount of time in NYC just to deliver some nasty remarks at Sharpon’s shake down operation.

          It’s very interesting there was no mention on Moochelle traveling to NY with him at all and no mention of any sightings of her the Sharpton event (if she even went there). They’re getting even more sneaky, if that’s possible.

          Just another uber expensive “date night” we paid for. I see that article mentions how they’re friends with Samuel Jackson’s wife who is in the play AND she also was in the play they went to on their first NYC “date night” on our dime back in April 2009.

      3. Interesting comment in the article about Mooch telling a cast member that she enjoyed the play it so much that she was going to bring her mother to see it.

        The Barrymoore Theatre is in New York. How much did Date night cost the Taxpayers for them to see a show? Did they take AF1? Now, Mooch wants to hop on the private jet so her and Momma can go see it! The arrogance!

        The Obama’s can’t wait to see a performance at the Kennedy Center? Perhaps, they could have seen a performance when they were in NY for a fundraiser a few weeks ago. Unbelievable…….

        1. That’s the rub, MO and her pals hitchhiked on AF1 to date night. BO spoke at a racist convention, or something. Shouldn’t have even been paid by taxpayers, this was not an official event. It was a partisan event of far left race baiters, a tribute to Trayvon is on their website. Al and gang should have picked up the whole tab for Barky’s appearance.

          Gah, this crew just keeps pushing and pushing…….

        2. In addition to the article mentioning that Moochelle told a cast member she plans to bring her mother to see the play, the article also states that BHO told the director that he wants his daughters to see the play. So, I predict there will be a “girls weekend” in the near future. Moochelle will bring her mother and daughters, and probably some friends also, to NYC for a weekend filled with Broadway shows and fancy dinners as she’s done a couple of times before.

  2. My guess is that Obama will veto the bill, stating that we need to respect the wishes of a foreign government and its choice to represent it overseas. Congress will override the veto, and then Obama will be able to say to the mullahs that he tried, and it is the obstructionist Republicans that caused all the problems.

  3. I thought the same as you. I think the MSM left us with that impression because instead of saying that the WH would not challenge Congress, they implied that the WH objected to him also. I hope I’m being clear, but if there’s a muddle, it’s not me–it’s the media.

  4. I’m tempted to let loose with a whole lot of horrible puns about cats, and end it by leaving the obvious punch line up to the reader to figure out.

    I will refrain from doing so, but astute readers will know exactly what I mean.

    On a side note…isn’t Sir Golfsalot a little late for his tee time?

    1. I am awaiting the reporters to let loose, with follow up questions, untill Carney answers a question without talking in circles.
      Better yet, I would like the MSM to bring the issue up of the hostages on the news. Show pictures, headlines, etc. of what happen. Then all the people who forgot, are did not learn this in school, would see how serious this matter is.
      I am 52 and even though I was busy having fun as a teen. I watched the evening news about this matter. Was Carney even born yet? As far as O, I bet if you asked him details about this matter, he would not have an answer without a telepromter.
      As far as the pictures in his kitchen. I would like one of the reporters to ask why? and Why he does not have the American Flag in his kitchen.

  5. Check out the article in Washingtonian MOM that has a photograph of Jay Carney’s kitchen, complete with his wife and children and 2 Soviet WWII era propaganda posters – shocked they don’t have a Mao poster as well – or a Obama photo striking his il duce pose!! No sight of the American flag but then that would heresy.

    1. I saw that article. How creepy that anyone have socialistic propaganda posters in their kitchen! It makes me wonder where the Nazi propaganda is located in the house? Probably in the Joseph Goebbels Library.

      Here NBC called Communism “The Great Experiment” during the Olympics and all the ex Major Obama have landed commenting gigs on MSNBC. I wonder if the female political commentators are getting paid the same as Gibbs and Axelrod?

      1. I saw the Washingtonian article which seemed to justify the “communist” art as souvenirs when they were based in Moscow. Meh. Fail. Cute kids though. Could have done without the overpriced clothes they were wearing (price tags highlighted in the fluffy article). A note to Claire, I have those exact same “skinny jeans crops” but instead of $95, I paid $15 at the drug store from the No-Nonsense hoisery section. Bet mine are more comfortable too ;)

  6. The creepy Judaic & Neonazi alliance is now sabotaging American interests by undermining the president’s effort to curb Iran’s nuke.

    1. Ed, there was a sneaky NYC date night, don’t bother Obama’s beautiful mind with nukes, NV range wars and silly stuff like that. He could give a sh*t about anything that doesn’t benefit HIM or his personal war chest.

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