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Obama Lavishes Praise on Sebelius

If Kathleen Sebelius was ousted from her post as HHS Secretary or is departing under a cloud of presidential opprobrium, you wouldn’t have known it from today’s Rose Garden ceremony in which President Obama amped up the praise to soaring heights while announcing Sebelius’s departure and his choice to succeed her, Sylvia Burwell.

And really, it’s no surprise. Because make no mistake about it. Obama may or may not have mixed feelings about Sebelius. But her legacy is his legacy. Ultimately, he’s in charge. And whatever screw ups that have occurred – and they’ve been massive – the buck stops with him, and to be restrained in his praise of her would be to question his own leadership.

“I will miss her advice, I will miss her friendship, and I will miss her wit,” Obama said to an enthusiastic crowd of administration officials, terming her or her service “extraordinary” several times.

From his remarks:

Yes, we lost the first quarter of open enrollment period with the problems with, and they were problems. But,under Kathleen’s leadership, her team at HHS turned the corner, got it fixed, got the job done, and the final score speaks for itself: There are seven and a half million people across the country that have the security of health insurance, most of them for the very first time, and that’s because of the women standing next to me here today, and we are proud of her for that – that’s an historic accomplishment . . .

All told, Kathleen’s work over these five years will benefit our families and this country for decades to come.

Sebelius herself made no apologies for the botched Obamacare rollout – she didn’t even mention it – instead focusing on the significance of the Affordable Care Act, which she called, “the most significant social change in this country” in 50 years, since Medicare was established.

After some perfunctory remarks by Burwell, Obama wrapped things up with a call to cheer Sebelius on her way.

“Give this extraordinary woman one more big round of applause,” he commanded.

And they did.

27 Responses to Obama Lavishes Praise on Sebelius

    • -50 years ago… the USA would curse these neo-Socialists/Communists like ‘Barack Hussein Obama’.
      -50 years ago a no-body, punk, Socialist/Communist like ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ with no “life, career & backstory” would never have never had a chance a to be a “politician” and “run for office”.

  1. Wasn’t Sebelius missing from the April 1st Obamacare Victory Dance in the End Zone ? Was she no longer a useful idiot and fired that day?

    Replacement came awfully fast for just announcing her “retirement” yesterday.

  2. Wait. The President says that most of the 7million are getting insurance for the first time.
    How does he know this.
    I thought the govt had no data or stats
    Obviously he does
    OR he’s lying about these numbers

  3. They both have a ‘few bruises’, lol.
    Why did Her Haughtiness keep repeating that she would stay until November?
    Oh well, Sebelius will be long gone and forgotten by the time the ACA implodes on Obama. He, and he alone, is responsible for this boondoggle. The WH inner sanctum micro-managed this fiasco every step of the way.
    At least he can’t blame Bush!

    • because she’s a liar, or she doesn’t understand time frames, hence the reason why every dead line date she’s ever mentioned had to be moved.

      OR at lot of both

      • -Sebelius lies about ‘…staying until Novemeber…’, and NO ONE in the “media” has the balls-guts to ask questions/do some reasearch in Washington DC because from what Ive heard from the “media” ‘everyone’ in the “media/DC” kinda knew Sebelius was going to quit-resign-get fired…
        -Yet NO ONE in the “media” in Washington DC has the guts to break the story that Sebelius was leaving…???

    • Nah, he’s just using the generic form of Bush now, Republicans. Didn’t watch or read the remarks yet, but didn’t he start out saying the repubs will be happy now? What a putz.

  4. So we now live in an America where the enrolling of 7.1 million people into a government welfare program paid for by other Americans is the “greatest accomplishment in 50 years”. That’s the kind of logic you get from a guy who said yesterday (and I quote):
    “We are here today because we know we cannot be complacent. History travels not only forwards, but backwards and sideways.”

    what the actual F does that even mean????

  5. Sylvia Burwell was responsible for the shutting down the WWII Memorials.
    At least the administration is consistent in it’s appointments of people that hate this Country.
    I hope that that fact comes up in the senate confirmation hearings.

  6. Neither Sibelius nor anyone else can make ObamaCare work as advertised. The operating software needed to “run” ObamaCare–with all it’s thousands of systems and subsystems–to a point where it operates as the law has not yet been invented. It was doomed from the start. It was a contraption designed by politicians and implemented by incompetent programmers.

    • New HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell will follow Obama doctrine so other than a change of face there will be no difference. She all ready has shown herself willing to play weasel for this administration. Try to find her interaction with Jeff Sessions over a mere $50 billion. She simply refused to answer his question with a yes or no. And it was NOT a “have you stopped beating your wife” question.

  7. Did that wit,advice and friendship exhibit themselves during the two meetings they MAY have had. OBo’s talent is a knack for avoiding reality and it is amazing…..and sad.
    Oh yes, Holder is losing it. He has to go. The top of his head is going to fly off and hurt someone.

  8. How nice of Obama to “praise” her now that she’s heading for the door. Funny he didn’t mention her during last week’s Rose Garden victory lap.

  9. Perhaps now she can go to confession and be given the penance of publicly apologizing to the Catholics who she has put under the ACA gun. Then she will be welcomed back into the Church as a faithful daughter. Just as most couples do not confess the sin of contraception until they are finished using it, she now has a chance to come back to the Church she has dissed.

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