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Live Stream || Obama Nominates New HHS Secretary

The event has concluded.

5 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Nominates New HHS Secretary

  1. Funny conversation I’m having on Twitter, I guess the new HHS lady did her job “inflicting as much pain as possible on the people” shutting down the parks, museums and memorials (under Obama’s orders, but he blamed OMB), that certainly qualifies to take over Obamacare !

    I don’t think she has any health or health insurance background, that alone should disqualify her. We’ll see how her confirmation goes.

    • The breakfast table conversation (@8am here) was mostly “why in the world would anyone even want that job?” kind of thing.

      MrsSillybus will always be the goat in this massive fiasco, and it seems she was forced out as attempt to diffuse the Obamacare issue in the upcoming elections. IMO, not going to work, and O-care will be on everyone’s mind, no matter what the Dems say.
      To be fair, MrsSillybus was given an impossible and unthinkable task of changing our entire healthcare system with a ridiculous timetable and convoluted parameters.
      Instead of a carefully planned and enacted change that took baby-steps to address improvements in how health insurance covers it’s clients, the ACA upended the whole system with a patchwork of ill-considered mandates that led to the POTUS being exposed as a four-flushing liar.
      Well, goodbye MrsSillybus, and hello MsBurwell.

    • The new Ms. Sillybus, dutifully inflicted the pain of shut downs on Americans during the sequester, and no doubt will continue to be a blind servant with her new Obamacare duties. She is about as qualified to head up HHS as Obama is to be the Chief Grifter.

      Professional qualifications are irrelevant in the rabid implementation of this big government push to pillage America.

  2. What’s up with all of the ‘Hey’s’ and ‘Yo’s’? Is this a hip-hop convention or a wake? Oh, yeah….the aftermath of a week with the two Al’s: Sharpton and Green. Baby’s got game this morning! Yo!