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Video || Shoe Thrown at Hillary

Well, someone threw a shoe Thursday at Hillary while she was probably scraping up unGodly amounts of money at what appears to be a paid speaking gig before the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries convention at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas.

I mean, unless she’s become an expert in scrap metal, I assume there was some big cash in it for her.

Not sure how this will play. She definitely curled herself up into a wee little ball waiting to see what else was coming at her. I guess I don’t blame her, but it didn’t look very, uh, presidential.

40 Responses to Video || Shoe Thrown at Hillary

  1. At the MSM played that portion of her speech, millions of Americans watched and experienced envy at not being there to throw something at her, too.
    Throwing Cheetos or marshmallows at my TV when MrObama is pontificating or speechifying some rehashed drivel doesn’t compare to the joy and satisfaction the shoe-thrower must have felt when MrsClinton ducked.
    You go shoe-hurler, run for office and we’ll all vote for you.

  2. Very ARCH behavior for someone INSTEP with the SOLE(less) policies of the HEELS who run the party, COUNTER to the best interests of our nation’s PLATFORM. It should leave us all a little FLAT, but it may set TONGUES wagging. What should one expect from a group of LOAFERS and SNEAKERS? S(c)ANDAL(ou)S!

  3. My first thought was, “oh, a plant in the auditorium…” ~ I can’t imagine they didn’t screen (carefully) every single person who was in that room for the speech. And Hillary was so prepared with the quip about playing softball. Color me skeptical.

  4. I agree with the ‘plant’ speculation. HRC was too non-plussed and there was little to no reaction from her SS on the stage. No SS tried to protect her or whisk her off the stage.
    Don’t hecklers usually travel in packs, and don’t they usually yell out something to their target? This went down too smoothly, IMO.

    • I had that reaction as well. It went just a little too well, and her Cirque du Soleil remark was too clever for her. She’s not that quick on her feet.

  5. I’m going with the plant too. I thought she handled the aftermath too smoothly and with cutesy remarks (glad she didn’t play softball like I did).

    Filmed perfectly too. Looked like a young lady, so ruled out war on women. Why wasn’t the press all over her to find out the reason? A real protestor would have let us know what cause. And was the shoe stylish?

    Nah, not buying it, but sure the left is blaming the tea party 3, 2, 1 …..

    • At this point I do not think it was staged. There are thousands of reasons why this woman did this. Job loss, insurance loss, she may be related are just a friend of someone who lost their life in Benghazi.
      At this point I feel the comment about softball true.
      Does anyone recall how many times she has used a softball story in one of her speeches or conversations?

  6. I just read on that she cancelled Friday’s Benghazi speech, where BENGHAZI MOM, & protestors await…
    Now if…… anyone would be considering her as a P. candidate this bit of news should sway anyone.
    If she could not deal with the protestors, that in itself does not show leadership. However she could at least…. meet with the Mom.
    Those men were left behind………You do not leave a soldier behind.
    My grandfather was shot off a hill in WWII, and he was NOT left behind, fellow soldiers risk their lives to pull him out.
    The Commanders did not igore that situation, and tell everyone to go on about there buisness. That was there buisness.

      • I would love to be a butterfly on the wall, (yes, I know it is fly, but I like butterflys better) to listen to serviceman speak in private about this. They all take a risk signing up. They have to watch this mess not being resolved. It needs to be, for their protection.
        They are insulting all serviceman as far as I am concerned by not getting to the bottom of it, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!!!

        • …uggh… I served under Bill Clinton as “CINC”, what a waste that was.
          The US Govt./DOD had to make up a Medal for us in the US Military back in the mid-1990s (“Armed Forces Service Medal”) because We did not ‘qualify’ ~OR~ meet standards when it came to ‘combat/service’ medals because I was in the US Navy and spent a few months off Bosnia in the Med.

  7. This reminds me of when Hill and Chelsea had to dodge small arms fire in Bosnia——————-Oh, wait. I keep forgetting. That didn’t actually happen!!

  8. I’m curious: why do you guys think the shoe-thrower was a plant? I’m not disputing it, I just don’t understand what good it does Hillary Clinton to have someone throw a shoe at her.

    regardless of the backstory, though, I guarantee you won’t hear the MSM lecturing us about how throwing shoes is a sign of disrespect. remember when W had a shoe thrown at him? the MSM replayed that what, a zillion times? and reminded us every time that this showed the utter contempt people had for Bush.