As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Obama Rescues Michelle’s Dignity from the Wind

Now if he could only rescue his own dignity by avoiding The View for a couple of months.

21 Responses to Video || Obama Rescues Michelle’s Dignity from the Wind

  1. Anti PC Warning:
    You need to change the headline.
    Obama did not rescue Michelle’s dignity, he saved millions of Americans from spouting all over their monitors and keyboards should that dress not have been contained.

    • I’m with you @Geoff’. MrsO lost her dignity long ago with the hula hoop performance, the WhiteHouse sack races, the sweaty exercises on the floor, and the various skanky outfits she thought was appropriate for a First Lady to wear.

      All MrO did was to spare us the sight that no man (or woman) should see on the steps of AF1.

  2. So, what happened to Al Green? Did they leave him at FtHood, or drop him off at a relative’s home? Is he traveling with the Os for a special vacation, does he sing on the plane for the Os amusement, or is he now a “senior advisor” ?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Phew! Thanks, Barry! Another second or two and nuclear reactors could have been activated.

    The DailyMail has photos, one of which shows the back of Mooch’s head as she is walking on the tarmac. The wind has separated the wighat from her scalp, or so it appears. Pretty scary looking.

  4. What a dumb ass. How long has she been First Lady? Who is her dresser? No one has noticed that an airplane kicks up a lot of wind?

    As for her dignity, that was gone a long time ago.

    • No doubt about it now….Wendy Davis will be the next Gov. of Texas.
      Obama has been working on Texas since the day he won re-election. Mark Kirk travels everywhere with him. He has ACORN workers posing as ObamaCare navigators – registering every hispanic to vote, legal or illegal.. Stealing Texas away from Conservatives is his top priority, IMO. He has the Castro twins on his mind.
      Undoubtedly, he has gifted Davis with his top strategists and campaign staff. Too bad Texas can’t ban absentee ballots!

      • I doubt it….After running her mouth about equal pay, Wendy got caught when it was disclosed she pays men more money on her staff then women.