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Obama Schedule || Friday, April 11, 2014

10:00 am || Recieves the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Announces the nomination of Sylvia Burwell to be HHS Secretary
3:05 pm || Arrives New York City
4:10 pm || Delivers remarks at the National Action Network’s 16th Annual Convention
11:30 pm || Departs New York
12:40 am || Arrives White House

All times U.S. Eastern
live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

16 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, April 11, 2014”

  1. Rush hour on a Friday night in NYC? What a considerate President we have! Glad his carbon footprint is so much less important to him than mine.

  2. Seven hours in NYC, huh? How many fundraisers will he be featured at in those hours, or is he going to catch a B-way show?

    re: Eric Holder’s remarks at RevAl’s shakedown convention and his whine about his treatment by some members of Congress

    Racial, racists, disrespect all because he’s a Af-Am holding a high office. His claim that no other DoJ director has been treated so poorly is just sickeningly more of the same race-baiting politics that we’ve been enduring for six years.
    If MrObama makes the same mistake as MrHolder did at this meeting, then he can officially be called the President of Black America.

    1. srdem, you beat me to it as far as noticing the seven plus hours in NYC. Like you, my immediate thought was there must be a couple of secret fundraisers scheduled.

      I totally agree with your remarks about Holder. He’s a pathetic race-baiter and I suspect we will see much more of this in the coming months. They need to rile up their base in order to get out the vote in a mid term election. So, in addition to the “war on women garbage” we’ll be treated to accusations that the evil Republicans are pushing voter ID laws becasue they don’t want blacks to vote. Just the latest example:

      1. BillClinton thinks adding photos to Social Security cards is the answer to voter ID. What an idiot.
        A S.S. card is issued to infants soon after they’re born. So that photo would be
        Oh, forget it. Is being a Dem today really a sign of mental immaturity or mental disease?

        Everybody has some form of ID today, or they live so far under the radar they don’t want to be known and so live as Luddites. There is no White conspiricy in demanding ID for anything, no secret handshakes or passwords, no racial discrimination at the DMV or SS office to prevent minorities from obtaining a photo ID.

    2. P. Bush was also questioned, insulted, judged about everything he did. Bush did not blame that on the R card.
      P. Bush remained and stood proud.
      P. Bush was not tearing apart our Freedom.

  3. RACE BAITER FOR HIRE: Have TOTUS and $500M Boeing 747. Will travel. Contact Valerie Jarrett @ for further details. We can overcome; si se puede! Vote early; vote often!

    1. Fear not. Keith can certainly spell. It was obviously a typo, similar to the one that I now see I made in my earlier comment above when I typed the word “because”. No big deal.

  4. Delivers remarks at Al “the snitch” Sharpton’s gig at 4:10 pm and stumbles into the WH at 12:40am (probably much later) … wow! thats a late nite for the party prez who will have lots of time on his hands to do absolutely nothing but continue to plan on how to demolish our country.

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  6. From the root link:

    “The event’s primary goal, founder and president Al Sharpton told The Root, is to create an “action agenda” for the upcoming midterm elections.”

    I sure hope the taxpayers aren’t paying for the trip.

    FOIA request anyone?

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