As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || April 10, 2014

Sanctions busters got a free pass . . . The Hill
Issa reveals Cummings-IRS collusion
. . . Daily Caller
IRS employees pro-Obama at work
. . . Newsmax
House panel: Lerner targeted Rove group . . . Reuters
Early Obamacare signups sicker than most . . . Fox News
Rubio, Ryan writing ACA alternative . . . Examiner
U.S. troops may go to Eastern Europe . . . Associated Press
Obama pushes voting rights in Texas . . . Politico
Kerry feels “betrayed” by McCain . . . Yahoo News
Hillary PAC raises almost $6M . . . Associated Press
Steve Jobs’ money is ready for Hillary . . . Politico
Walker: No college needed to be president . . . Newsmax
Mount Reagan? . . . Associated Press

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || April 10, 2014

  1. I saw a headline somewhere that Rubio and Ryan were putting their pretty little heads together and re writing Obamacare.

    What the Demokrats won’t do to bring amnesty, socialism and oppressive government control to America, the Republicans will.

  2. I’m glad Lerner targeted the Rove group because they were perfectly happy when she targeted conservative groups. Let them see what it’s like.

  3. A while back I tried to find a story on a death benefit (life insurance) company from waaaay back in the 1800s. Essentially the members of the pool were assessed and a benefit was paid out to any pool members that passed away that year. Well, predictably the younger, healthier pool members realized that they kept paying for little benefit compared to the older, sicker members and dropped out. Leaving the remaining pool members to pay higher and higher assessments until the entire thing collapsed.

    Of course, this company didn’t have the benefit of an endless stream of taxpayer money to support their failed strategies.

  4. Steve Jobs’ Mony Ready for Hillary – POLITICO

    Steve Jobs would turn over in his grave if he knew his widow is now tossing his money (and his reputation) into the Hillary SuperPac, along with the three top political Low-Life All Stars: disgraced former CA Assembly Speaker, Fabian Nunez; whose son is serving prison time for murder; disgraced former NJ Gov..Jon Corzine, a convicted felon; and former Rep. Robert Wexler, an Obama sycophant and scumbag.
    The aforementioned low-lifes will be rewarded with high positions in the Clinton WhiteHouse if she is elected. It’s shocking. And it’s just beginning!