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Morning Joe Panel Can’t Come Up with Hillary Achievement

Uh oh. Morning Joe often includes some of the best political minds around.


Were Mrs. Clinton a Republican, she’d be getting called an empty suit, albeit a well-traveled one.

One panelist even suggests that she’ll have to reveal her big achievement in her upcoming book, which is to be published in June.

As if her terms as senator and Secretary of State were carried out in secret!

17 Responses to Morning Joe Panel Can’t Come Up with Hillary Achievement

  1. PJ Media ran a caption contest yesterday to name Hillary´s new book. One of the funniest/best was: “I slept with Bill Clinton and all I got was this lousy pantsuit.”

  2. Unfortunately, I read last night that Charles Krauthammer thinks the moment for a special committee on Benghazi has come and gone. He said, like many of us, that it should have been done a year ago or a few months ago at the latest. The administration has won, he said. Hillary Clinton has won. She will skate on Benghazi, but this was her real “legacy” as Secretary of State.

    • It’s true. The administration’s modus operandi for every scandal is to delay and obfuscate until enough time passes and it fades from the public consciousness. It happened with Fast and Furious, now with Benghazi, and soon with the IRS scandal as well.

      • I would definitely tag Hillary with the Fast and Furious caper. As SOS, she, by law, would have had to sign off on a transfer of weapons to a foreign country. She denies she knew about it, but by using the tried and true maxim “the truth is the opposite of what Hillary states”, she certainly knew about it, whether or not she signed off on it.

  3. The only achievement that matters here is that she has a ‘D’ after her name and that she has a chance of winning. Power is all that matters to the Democrat Party. They would be satisfied with an empty suit in the White House as long as it was a Democrat suit.

    Oh wait . . .

  4. It would be more precise to say that Hillary is an EMPTY pantsuit. However; the truth is that Hillary’s signature achievement is her incitement and support of the Arab Spring that supported the same Islamic radicals that the US has been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last decade to overthrow moderate Arab leaders. Mubarak who had been a staunch US ally and had honored the Camp David Peace accords for three decades was replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood who wanted to nuke Israel thank God were thrown out of power by a
    military coup. Unfortunately; the aegyptian Generals learned from the betrayal of Obama and Hillarynand have realigned themselves with Russia.

    As an alternative to Hillary the empty pantsuit for POTUS, I offer Governor Palin for Potus. As the photo in the linked article makes clear:
    Governor Palin can not only make a pantsuit look good, she looks
    spectacular in a dress. As Palin’s recent comedy skit with the phone call from Vladimir demonstrates, unlike President Obama, Governor Palin does not wear mom jeans. More importantly, a woman who shoots bears for meat and amusement is going to have the mettle to cope with the Russian Bear.

  5. MoJoe also emphasized Ruth Marcus’s take on that “women love-in,” that it was demogoguery. But of course, she said if she were in Congress, she would vote for the bill (which did not pass). Sooo…she was on both sides…but did say the Dems overplayed.

  6. They couldn’t name on achievement because. THERE IN NOTHING SHE ACHIEVED, Except that she allowed three American Patriots to be murdered in Benghazi and then lied to the nation about the cause of the killings. She is a long way from Arkansas with her phony NYS residency. She needs to return to Arkansas and run for dog catcher.