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Michelle’s June 2013 Excursion to Dublin Cost More Than $250K

First Lady Michelle Obama’s egregious use of the G-8 Summit in Northern Ireland last June to stage a luxury, touristy side-trip for herself and her daughters to Dublin cost taxpayers at least $251,161 according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch.

But the cost is almost certainly much higher. For example, a separate Air Force jet that appeared to be Air Force Two, which costs more than $10,000 an hour to fly, was dispatched to Ireland to handle Michelle’s vacation-related travel. This cost is not included in the figures provided to Judicial Watch.

Calling Michelle Obama . . . In Dublin Mrs. Obama spared no expense, staying in the $3,300-per-night Princess Grace suite of Dublin’s Five-Star Shelbourne Hotel. Judicial Watch found that tab for her and staff at the Shelbourne added up to $55,004.85, while additional staff who stayed at the also-swank Westbury Hotel racked up $70,855.44 in bills.

The total for the trip also included $114,721 for auto rentals and $3,370 for a copier, according to the documents, obtained by Judicial Watch under a Freedom of Information Act request.

While in Ireland, Mrs. Obama and her daughters visited the Trinity College library to explore President Obama’s Irish family roots, attended a performance by the world-famous Riverdance troupe, and trekked through the Wicklow Mountains national forest.

And the climax? A special lunch with Bono!

“It is clear that the Obamas’ abused the perk of the president’s official trip to the G-8 summit for a luxury European vacation at taxpayer expense,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “And it is shameful that it took a federal lawsuit to obtain this information. Transparency goes by the wayside for the Obamas when it comes to covering up their abuse of taxpayer resources.”

Michelle’s trip to the crowded city also forced the Irish government to spend millions of dollars protecting her.

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  1. It’s all part of their lottery winnings. Her husband got elected President, so they are going to take full advantage of it.

    It was never about doing the job. It has always been about enjoying the perks. (Some animals are more equal than others.)

    • Tranny? She certainly is more masculine than that husband of hers. MOTUS has a spoof of her Let’s Move scam with a photo of Barry leading a “prancersize”.

      • Johnny and Julie, I agree with you, she certainly isn´t feminine.
        By the way, have you seen any wedding pictures or any pictures of her and her…..hmmm…husband with their …hmmmm….babies ? I have not had the pleasure of reading “his” biographies yet. I don´t think I ever will. I suspect that there are giant store houses all over the US containing these books, bought by various lobbyists. Maybe they can solve the energyproblem somewhere.

    • i hate to be a jerk here, but I don’t think that kind of comments are helpful or funny.
      Liberals are already convinced that the only reason we hate this couple and their staff is because we only see their race.

      And demeaning her looks, isn’t appropriate in my opinion.

      The fact is that this woman is an elitist, steals from the taxpayers. I couldn’t care if she looked like Kate Upton. She’s a tax-money waster, a hack and a societal renegade with no idea what happens when you change things through whims.

  2. It sure sounds like the Aussies are getting a bargain for the young Royals…..

    I’d happily trade them :) The article does imply this is a “holiday” for them, but the gov’t is supportive that it will bring in tourism from the UK because the kids are making Australia look like a “cool” place to visit. So he’s calling it a good investment.

      • The accts of Prince George were so cute–he had a play date and snatched a toy from another tot, but then yet another child did the same to him…all normal…and he seemed glad to be there, in the moment, no attitude–just chillin’ and enjoying the other kids.

  3. THEY DON’T CARE! It doesn’t matter what we think.

    I am so disgusted by this free spending family, while my hard working child cannot find a job.

  4. Keith, they must have had a few snacks along the way:

    “The cost of Michelle Obama’s the two-day trip to Ireland, in addition to flight and security costs obtained by Judicial Watch, has been estimated at around $5 million.”

    (The entire Obama family trip to Ireland was estimated at ‘well over $7.9M)

  5. There’s no doubt our hard-working leader has correctly named the sums charged to us for MrsO indulgent and privileged trip to Dublin, or that the figures supplied to Judicial Watch are in error. With that truth in reporting then we , the taxpayers of the US, are being overcharged, or just plain being taken for foolish well-heeled spenders.

    What “copy machine” was needed for an overnight stay at a posh hotel, and what in the world would make it’s rental worth $3400?
    How many vehicles did this entourage rent for a few days so that the cost was $115,000? Were they renting limos, Porches, and a Buguttii?
    When the US taxpayers rent a block of rooms, even in a pricey hotel, can’t we get a negotiated discount, or at least some use of the hotel’s copy machine thrown in as a perk?
    Security for MrsO:
    I’m sure the Irish bean-counters were not happy providing additional security at MrsO’s hotel and the visited venues, but really……was it an additional unexpected expense that caused them to hire private security to back up the good Irish police already on the payroll?

    I get it. MrsO is using the US Treasury as her private “angel” who pays for all the things and places she dreamed about as a Chicago housewife and political hanger-on. Her position has enabled her to live the life of the uber-rich without spending no more than the cost of a first-class plane ticket to vacation spots and tourist-y venues.

    I also get that we , the taxpayers and debtees, are being gouged by foreigners who see these junkets as a special goose laying golden eggs for them.

  6. Keith,

    Thank you for continuing to be one of the few media outlets to shine light on this topic. I truly wish more would do it. There needs to be a running tally of the cumulative amount of nonessential travel by Mrs. Obama. I do not begrudge the Obama’s vacation time.

    The expense of a President traveling is something that we have to cover including vacations. Regarding the first family, their should be a charter flight or Commercial Jet like a 747 that the top floor can be secured just like the Royal Family uses on British Airways. I believe that travel for fundraising should be paid by the respective parties.

    • The fundraisers are supposed to be paid for by the parties, but they get around that by scheduling a nearby “official event” for the President, and voila, taxpayers pick up the tab. They all do it and it should stop.

  7. How much more do we have to take from this woman? Why can’t Congress put an end to this excessive travel on the taxpayers dime?

    There should be a limit to how many trips a first lady can take with her daughters, mother and numerous family members and friends.

    Who wouldn’t want to travel to Ireland, Spain, China or Mexico? or take an African Safari or catch a few concerts and plays in NYC?

    Especially if you don’t have to pay one cent.

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