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George H.W. Bush Materializes to Greet Obama

George H.W. Bush popped up out of nowhere at the airport in Houston Wednesday to greet the Obamas as they landed in the city to raise money and bash Republicans.

He was just there, on the tarmac, waiting to say hello. Not sure what the point was. To thank Obama for undermining the Constitution he nearly died protecting during World War II?

The airport is named for Bush. So does he just hang out there and welcome people to his airport?

“I just wanted to say hi to the president,” Bush said.

Okay . . .

Anyhoo, from the pool report

George HW Bush was waiting at Bush Intercontinental. Seated in a scooter. He smiled as the Obamas came down the steps, as did they. They stood on either side and spoke with him for several minutes, she on his right side holding his hand, the president with a hand gently on Bush’s left shoulder at times. Bush touched the back of his leg. All very friendly gestures and body language. Lots of smiles.

Pelosi came down. Followed by Sheila Jackson Lee. Each got a kiss and embrace. Al Green also leaned in for a chat.

“I just wanted to say hi to the president.” Bush said as Obama worked a spectator pen.

Jay Carney came over to say hello. Introduced himself.
“I know who you are,” Bush said, smiling.

A number of poolers (me included) shook his hand. His was warm and firm.

To (White House photographer) Doug Mills. “Look at you. You don’t look any older.”

(New York Times reporter) Peter Baker mentioned last weekend’s reunion at the Bush library in College Station. “That was a nice event,” Bush said.

Bush wore a patterned blue blazer with flag lapel pin, light khaki pants and light blue shirt. Socks have red white and royal blue stripes.

Here’s a photo Peter Baker tweeted out.

The Obamas and George H.W. Bush

Such a happy old guy. He earned it.

In fact, while I’m thinking about it, Obama probably should have handed Bush his Nobel Peace Prize for all Bush has done – actually, done – for peace by opposing Nazi and Soviet expansionism, managing the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc, and preventing Saddam Hussein from subjugating half the Middle East.

But I don’t think that’s what was in Michelle’s hand.

28 thoughts on “George H.W. Bush Materializes to Greet Obama”

  1. Here’s what happened that caused the elder Bush to appear at the airport:
    All of the prominent Repubs of Texas had a meeting when it was announced that PresObama would be landing in Houston.
    The point was made that good manners and Texas’s famed hospitality mandated that someone be there to greet the hated Dems.
    The Gov, the Mayor, the Senator all begged off the meet & greet, so a call was made to the Bush ranch for advice.
    Mr&MrsBush Jr. protested that they had gone above and beyond for that whiny guy who blamed all his failures on them, so they refused to do anything.
    That left the elder Bush, a kindly man who goes where he’s pushed by his caretakers, and a most mannerly fellow of the old school.
    The meet & greet by the senior living President to the youngest living President.

    1. I did read in an earlier article Bush did contact the WH and said he’d like to greet Obama at the airport if he felt well enough. I guess to get past the SS and/or the Obamas permission.

      I see MO still has her versatile Memorial to Happy Hour Fundraiser dress on :)

  2. Keep in mind that it was George H.W. Bush that submitted the law to disarm the troops on military bases, and Clinton signed it.
    Yeah Bush Sr. did a lot of good things but that was not one of them.
    ALL of those troops are qualified on firearms.
    Making our military bases gun free zones is insane.

  3. My favorite zinger in there, Keith, is to thank Obama for destroying the Constitution Bush Sr. almost died to protect. Spot on!

    1. What the elder Bush should be doing is telling his sonny boy, not to waste the time and money of campaigning.
      His campaign is DOA, ‘conservatively’ speaking.

  4. The elder Bush has been devoting his waning years to being a ‘do-gooder’ but this is above and beyond the call of duty. I suppose this generous act of ‘turning the other cheek’ should qualify him for sainthood.
    Does Bush Sr. even realize Obama is out to turn his beloved state of Texas into a cesspool of radical lefties?
    Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee, AL GREEN??? We are rarely informed of who Obama’s traveling companions are…but this is a shocker! As srdem65 so succinctly put it: WTH was Al Green doing on AF1?

  5. Good gawd! Watching a dvr recording of Obama’s remarks at the LBJ library. He looks like he hasn’t slept in a week! Must be all that partying with Al Green!

  6. Another way to look at G.H.W.’s meet and greet is that the Obamas were forced to share the spotlight with a former President who, unlike the Obamas, loves America.

  7. The man is older, felt like doing this, did it, and looks pretty happy. After all, the presidents’ club is pretty small–why not go say hey. It doesn’t mean HW does not know all the juvenile things Obama said about his son, but it does mean HW takes the long view and does what he wants.

  8. …uggh…
    The US Navy named a CVN after George H.W. Bush (USS George H.W. Bush, CVN-77)
    What a waste of a name for a proud US Navy warship/aircraft carrier… (it as bad as the “USS Gerald Ford”)

        1. Being a US Navy Vet & History major I think US Capitol ships (like todays aircraft carriers) should be named after Proud moments in US History/US Navy History.
          -Instead of naming an entire class after the “USS Gerald Ford” = “Ford class CVNs”, the USN should have named them the “Enterprise class CVNs”.

          The naming of US Navy warships has become nothing but pathetic ‘political graffitti’ nowadays… (the “USNS Ceaser Chavez”? and in the next year or two the “USS John Murtha” will be commisioned…)

          1. Valley Forge, Lexington, Big “E”, Saratoga and the John Paul Jones. I remember building the models as a kid.
            More importantly, the men & battles that they were named after. Gotta agree with you on this one.

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  10. Well this photo means I correctly concluded the “First Lady” dressed for the fund raiser, not the memorial service. She did not change between events and this dress was clearly not appropriate for a memorial service.

    1. She’s not appropriate for anything. But I give George Sr a hearty
      salute he showed America what a good man and a man who
      loves his country looks like. Unlike the childish classless fool we
      are stuck with now.

    2. She may have worn that Sundress, because she was told how hot it may be there. I am from the South, I love to wear a sundress, shorts, etc. when it is hot outside. However I do not wear a beach sundress to work, or other places where proper attire is expected.

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