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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, April 9, 2014

9:05 am || Departs White House with the first lady
11:30 am CT || Arrives Killeen, Texas
2:00 pm CT || Attends a memorial service for the Fort Hood victims
3:30 pm CT || Departs Killeen
4:20 pm CT || Arrives Houston
5:00 pm CT || Attends a DNC fundraiser; private residence, Houston
7:20 pm CT || Delivers remarks and answers questions at a fundraiser for House and Senate Democrats; private residence, Houston

All times U.S. Eastern except as noted

19 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, April 9, 2014”

  1. Obama was bemoaning the fact that the DNC would be charged for his travel expenses to the fundraiser. But thanks to all of those who died at Ft. Hood, the US taxpayer gets to pay those costs instead.

    Never let a crisis go to waste.

    1. Didn’t they have the LBJ library and civil rights anniversary as a backup? Actually paying for fundraising trips is waaay down the list.

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  3. My prediction is that the next fundraiser will probably be in Boston-Aunt Zuniege, the aunt that was ordered deported but never left but instead lived in public housing at the cost of taxpayers for years, has died of cancer.

    1. Watching this very closely, wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Who is going to pay for her funeral? Will they try to have her buried in her native Kenya? Sickening people….

  4. No time to visit the hospital? Even visit troops who weren’t wounded? There’s time before the memorial service, is it possible they will?

  5. A visitor in our office today has a son stationed at Fort Hood. He was shot at, not injured, during this latest rampage. The word is, NO ONE wanted to see bho at the Memorial Service. I don’t listen to the news – I don’t trust what some outlets want us to believe.

  6. After putting in a token amount of time for the fallen soldiers, they hopped on the plane and headed to DNC fundraisers in Houston. Apparently, they spent the night somewhere and hopped over to Austin the next day. Did they take the usual amount of extra vehicles, 900 security people etc.? Guess the Mooch is getting restless, about time for another vacay. Somewhere exotic, of course;)

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