As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || Tuesday, April 8, 2014

IRS agents: No liberal groups targeted . . . Daily Caller
Boehner: Someone should go to jail . . . Newsmax
WH to press Obamacare “victory” . . . The Hill
Obama backs down on Medicare cuts . . . The Hill
GOP: More than $1B spent to promote ACA . . . Examiner
Dems to demonize Justices . . . The Hill
Holder considers gun bracelets 
. . . Daily Caller
GOP fights War on Women with women . . . Politico
Dems submit wish lists to Obama . . . Washington Post
Chris Christie is toast . . . Politico Magazine
Cruz bill would block Iran ambassador . . . Associated Press
Cruz smacks Bush immigration comments . . . Politico
Bush, Clinton watch NCAA final . . . Politico
Biden fires up his Twitter account . . . Washington Post
The tension between Obama and LBJ . . . National Journal

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || Tuesday, April 8, 2014

  1. I saw idea for the bracelet on Fox this morning. They had a picture of a black watch.
    Once the Govt has their eye, grip, control, intrusion of privacy, etc. on you with this insane idea, I am sure all the criminals are looking forward to this as well.
    Is he going to wear a braclet (watch) showing every move, everything he is doing while serving in the job? As well as all the people who will vote on this.

  2. I hope this issue of the Ambassador from Iran is an absolute disgrace.
    I was an older teen when the people were taken hostage.
    I would like to know where O was during that time period. If he even paid attention or knew about.
    Iran may as well spit in the face of every American Citizen.

    • Good on Ted Cruz and others for the bill to block him from entry into the US.

      I grab at any glimmer these days — except for the lies that keep coming from the Administration and the Republican establishment.

    • Obama would have been about 15-16 in 1979 and entirely too busy leading the “choom gang” to have noticed. He’s evolved now and really doesn’t give a sh*t with or without the choom.

  3. The tension between Obama and LBJ …

    Of course, there’s tension. LBJ’s ‘Great Society’ gave the Obamas the road map to success. Any acknowledgment of the hundreds of programs born from it would require them to declare the war on racism over and we all know that’s never gonna happen. The Dems always need a target, i.e., climate change, sex change, more change for woman – their insatiable appetites have created less and less for the masses and more and more for them. They have an incurable case of political ringworm!