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Ex-Top Aide to Obama Pal Whitaker to Plead

The former chief of staff to one of President Obama’s closest friends, Eric Whitaker, will plead guilty to a massive kickback scheme and has agreed to cooperate with investigators, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Whitaker ObamaQuinshaunta Golden will admit “to bribery, theft and obstruction of justice . . . in a $400,000 state grant kickback scam she is accused of trying to cover up,” the Tribune reports.

Whitaker, who is one of Obama’s close circle of powerful Chicago friends that includes Valerie Jarrett, denies any knowledge of the scheme and is not named in the case.

But, according to the Tribune, Golden got greedy in 2006, when she had already been working closely with Whitaker for several years and when there were still a few years left in their professional relationship.

Golden was Whitaker’s chief of staff when they served together at the Illinois Department of Public Health for several years until late 2007.

Whitaker, an Obama golfing buddy, left the state Public Health Department in late 2007 to work with Michelle Obama at University of Chicago Medicine. Golden left her state job in early 2008 and joined Whitaker at the U. of C. Last year, Whitaker left the university.

Now, she’ll be singing. We’ll see what she reveals to spare herself some time.

14 thoughts on “Ex-Top Aide to Obama Pal Whitaker to Plead”

  1. Nah, they’ll shut her up like they did Blagojevich. Either with tons of cash or threats to her family, or both. I swear Blago was scared of something to let himself take the fall.

    1. Maybe not this time, Blago sat through a trial hoping for a not guilty result. This time we have a plea in the first place. Not that I have much hope, these clowns get away with so much but a girl can still dream right?

  2. So, lets see how this shakes out. Bridgegate was news wall to wall on MSNBC. But this will be a non event in the media. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, said the Wiizard of Oz


  3. MsQuinshaunta GOLDEN is accused of personally(?) taking a kickback, or setting up a kickback, then lying about it to the Feds? Hmm.

    Golden, hmm. I recall that MrBlagoievich was nailed when he called out the opening of SenObama’s position…”golden”. “It’s golden”.

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