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Obamas to Host Fundraisers in Houston

Updated April 8 at 9:43 pm ET

In a rare joint effort, President and Mrs. Obama will travel to Houston Wednesday to hold a series of fundraisers for the DNC and House and Senate Democrats, according to the White House.

The two will remain overnight in Houston and depart on Thursday. The Obamas’ full Wednesday schedule is available here.

The money events will begin after an appearance by the president and first lady Wednesday in Killeen, Texas at a memorial for the victims of Fort Hood. The Obamas will also visit the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin Thursday for a “Civil Rights Summit” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act.

Correction: A previous version of this story said the civil rights summit would be Wednesday.

32 thoughts on “Obamas to Host Fundraisers in Houston”

  1. “The money events will begin after an appearance by the president and first lady Wednesday at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin for a “Civil Rights Summit” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act.” First thing to always look for with these two grifters is what BS so-called government related event will be used as an excuse to charge off the expenses for the fundraising events to the taxpayers. We know how low Dictator Obama will sink as he will use a memorial service for the slain soldiers at Fort Hood so charge off two fund raising events that just happen to be on the way to Texas.

    Sickening isn’t it, the way Dictator Obama and the First Entitlement Queen adopt such a casual, arrogant attitude about stealing money away from the taxpayers for their own personal benefits including lavish vacations.

    Still waiting for someone in the totally corrupted propaganda media by the way to ask these two questions: How did the Obamas become multi-millionaires on a Senate and presidential government salary? Where is all of this campaign cash being funneled? Methinks we will never hear these questions asked by any reporter.

    1. I’m following the young Royals on their 3-wk visit to Oz and NZ, the UK’s Daily Mail if full of yummy photos and too many pages now to post. You can find them on Bing searches, and not slobbery stories either, but still, you can’t help but love them.

      I know it’s different than a President and FLOTUS duties, as the future King and Queen are mostly ceremonial. But they do it so well and bring attention to such important causes.

      1. And they are dressed perfect for the occassion class and style
        even Baby George. Yes they at their age are far more mature
        and responsible than the juvenile self absorbed gruesome twosome we are stuck with sadly. Also when they go to comfort
        people they really care unlike the Obama’s who find it tedious and
        a bore. Give me William, Catherine and George any day I even
        like their dog better:-)

    2. It’s the damn book, Junius. That’s how they got rich. I have a DEM friend who attended one of his fundraisers in 2008 and each donor was given a copy of the book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER. – bought and paid for by the host.
      You get enough fat cat donors and local and state govt. entities to purchase gazillions of books for promoting a candidate at fundraisers and other venues…well, it adds up to $$$ millions.
      Personally, I don’t know one person who has ever bought one of his books.

      Another thing I wonder about is the photos at the undraisers: Anywhere from $5000 and up for MOOCHIE and tens of thousands for the community organizer. I bet all of that goes into their ‘retirement’ slush fund.
      Even at one percent, the take on a Billion $$$ war chest would be $10 million smackeroos for the Grifters..

      Back to Austin – it must kill the Bush’s and the Perry’s to have these vultures circling their wagons on their home turf. Texas is going to be the big prize this year and 2016. ACORN is out in throngs.

      1. Your right about the phony, ghost written books. Bet the unions have warehouses full of these books in cartons that have never been opened. Both of these greedheads have been schooled in the Chicago way: Cold hard cash skimmed right off the top of all that fundraiser filthy lucre coupled with book scams, living for free off the taxpayers (they have elevated this to a art).

        1. Let me tell you the NM way. I just returned from dinner with my son. Ahead of us was a NM Government car. The plate is NM G 18. In the back window was a campaign sticker: “I’m Ready for Hillary”. As fast as I could get the Governor’s office, Republican Governor Susana Martinez on the phone, I protested. G 18 is in for a hoot of trouble tomorrow morning. How is someone that is such a political idiot even allowed a pool car? or a driver’s license? Why are the Democrats so damn in your face?
          It was already past 5:00 PM, but my Governor’s person was still answering the phone!

  2. “Obamas to Host Fundraiser in Houston”, on the bodies of murdered US Soliders at Ft. Hood.

    -there, I made the correction.

    1. Grave robbers! I mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again. If these fundraisers were already on his schedule, they should have been cancelled. If they were cobbled together after the Ft. Hood murders, Obama should be frog–marched out of the WH. He is the (faux) CIC.
      It’s obscene.

  3. Hi all :) I should have the money to do this but I’m just not he brightest bulb in the box I guess. I hear the fear that still flows through the air in SC and I’m scared at times. I love this man like I’ve never loved anyone including my father [suicide attempt by truck (18 wheeler) on a freeway]. When he was elected and when he said his son would look like Trayvon, I felt a phenomenon that takes me back to his 1st appearance on the Democratic stage when he used E pluribus unum [the phrase that’s on the back of every one of his very favorite President’s coin (the penny:)] I felt enormous strength when he shunned the moron that felt inclined to be a jerk in the giant tragedy that came from (and still does come) from the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law. My mom and I have felt so great at times that we run through his speeches — mainly to the CBC and the Black Caucus about taking off bedroom slippers and shaking it off (bc even though we are Native American, the notion transcends race and religion). When I was in school I took some bad advice and let my dream slip some bc I didn’t have the courage to just go for programming since everyone said I wouldn’t have a job in America when I was done. However, I kept his picture picture on my whiteboard that said “Thank you for your ongoing support”, so he’s been the first person I see everyday for a LONG TIME. My mom does the same thing. We love you and we want to come but it’s complicated here in Columbia, S.C. I want money for my mom’s teeth to be fixed, so I plan to work a while and then go back into school to study Programming. I probably have enough Telecommunications experience to work at Geek Squad. I really do feel as though this is the second step of The Age of Enlightenment transition that occurred in Europe. Please don’t forget about us bc we are always trying on our end to help everyone we can. Remember you are better than any , Prince, President, Prime Minister, King (including Soloman :) that has ever walked this planet :) Take care Mr. Obama!!!!!))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    1. Here’s my best guess. He clicked on one of those ridiculous links to wish one of the O’s a happy birthday or some nonsense. It took him to a fundraising site (of course). It invited him to some ta-doo but he’d need $$ to attend. He clicked out of the link, then thought (since this is the giveaway administration), that his hero would send him the money if only he asked and sucked up a lot. He no longer had a link, so the genius did a google search and clicked on the first thing that had White House in the title. He thinks he is corresponding personally to Prezzy. Keith, kindly respond to the man and tell him had his request come a nanosecond sooner, he would have qualified for the Free Trip to South Carolina… or it could be the insanity thing.

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  6. I’m pretty sure Mr.. Pratt/Panttl was writing satirically. Dead give away? Suicide attempt by truck (18 wheeler) on a freeway. That was hilarious!

  7. “Civil Rights Summit’ at the LBJ Library? Dems are the authors of segregation and fought against the campaigns for the rights to vote for our fellow black Americans and women!

    Read American History, now, before ‘revisionists’ authors completely rewrite the FACTS! jb

  8. What really angers me is that the trip has been scheduled since February for these fundraisers with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi at private residences.
    Tickets are going as high as $62,000 per couple.
    Now we pay for the trip because he is showing up for the Memorial.

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