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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:45 am || Delivers remarks on equal pay; East Room
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
2:30 pm || Meets with the Secretary of State Kerry

All times U.S. Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

16 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, April 8, 2014”

  1. Wow, Dictator Obama meeting with Biden and Kerry on the same day? These three would make the three stooges look like geniuses!

    1. Are you like 12 years old? Tell you what: go get yourself a magna cum laude from Harvard Law, then get a professorship at a prestigious law school teaching constitutional law for twelve years, then you can come back and tell everyone how smart you are.

      1. -“Harvard Law”?, “teaching constitutional law”?…

        I am sorry, but NO ONE has ever seen ‘Barack Hussein Obama’s records/background/transcripits when it comes to his so-called “education”…

        I apply for a job cleaning toilets for the US Government and I (a US Veteran) have to fill out a 12 page background/security check… So where the H#ll is ‘Barack Hussein Obama’s “background/security check”…???

      2. If Obama is so brilliant, how is it that there is no published works on law, constitutional or otherwise by “Professor” Obama? 12 years of teaching and not one scholarly paper on law. Not even while “editor” of Harvard Law Review.
        An empty suit, on an empty chair, in the empty Oval Office.

        1. Amen.
          …I have been saying that since 2008…
          ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ was “editor” of Harvard Law? Then where the h#ll are his articles or papers?
          -NO ONE in the “media” (even Fox News) has the balls to ever ask that question about ‘Barack Hussein Obama’.

      3. Nice personal attack to make your point, Chopper. May I call you Chopper? I see you immediately use the tried and true vicious tactic of the communist democrat party which is to immediately launch a personal insult at the other person. Best part of your post is the way you mindlessly regurgitate all off the false facts about Dictator Obama’s academic credentials and his teaching role in Chicago to try to demonstrate your intellectual superiority of anyone who would dare to criticize your dear leader. Thank you for demonstrating the error of our ways. Mindless Twit.

  2. So he’s announcing pay raises for the female staff in the WH that make less then the men?

    There are some congressmen complaining about having to live on their small salaries. I think they should earn whatever the average in their district is. Incentive to help raise the pay of the people they actually represent (and not by mandated raises).

      1. I don’t think he know math. When the economy is still struggling, people have lost their jobs due to Health Mess, and the job market is the pits as is, would not be the time to discuss raises for anyone working for them.

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