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Sunday Open Thread || April 6, 2014

I’ll start posting again tonight. Thanks for your patience.


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  1. You know what they say, “Inlucky on domestic and foreign policy, lucky on the links.” Anyone know how Dear Leader shot yesterday?

  2. Against my better judgment I have FNSunday on — panel only. I am kinda’ waiting for Juan Williams to announce the failed John Kerry ME peace push a victory! I don’t know how he is going to do it, but I suspect he is.

    Feinstein “a stain on the country” — she’s talking about the CIA use of interrogation. I thought she was talking about Obama or herself but no. The report she is referencing was written by Democrats only.

    Juan off the hook on the ME — Chris threw him a line — and now he gets to dredge up old interrogation — Booosh — and Republicans would not participate in study.

    Well, now I know why I don’t watch FNSunday .

  3. Pulled up the Blaze.
    Snapshots by phone of their school lunch, with their unhappy comment.
    One picture shows a hot dog bun filled with the unknown, with 3 (little) tamotes and low fat milk. Next shows groundmeat mashpotaoes and corn mushed together (looks like it was sent though a food processer) with a roll, next shows, something on a bun, with 1/2 a kiwi, next shows
    tortilla shell with bologna & cheese.
    This is what SHE thinks is a good lunch.

      • Those are the pictures I saw. That is nasty.
        Sheppard’s Pie can be very good. The picture I saw looks like everything was put in a food processer.
        I would like to know how many students nationwide who are now bringing their lunch from home.
        I can throw lunch in a bag in mins. that would be much more appealing that what I saw in the pictures.
        Some of them look like something a dog (may) eat.

        • My fourteen yr old Grandson, 5’11’ – 190lbs, comes home from school and hits the cuboard and fridge like a street sweeper.
          Then asks ‘when’s supper going to be ready’

          Growing children don’t need diet-style food, and really, really don’t need the stuff they get shoveled on their lunch trays.

        • My fourteen yr old Grandson, 5’11’ – 190lbs, comes home from school and hits the cuboard and fridge like a street sweeper.
          Then asks ‘when’s supper going to be ready?’

          Growing children don’t need diet-style food, and really, really don’t need the stuff they get shoveled on their lunch trays.

          • My mom use to get furious when I would come home from school, and whip up a box of mac and cheese for snack. Of course of course by the time I it my early twenties that was not on my menu.
            My mom worked all day, and came home and we had a wonderful dinner each night.

    • After seeing that man beaten into a coma, you would think SOMEONE would speak to these people, and tell them what they are doing is wrong.
      Remember when a comedian came out in public trashing the bad grammer they wanted to allow in class teaching.
      No one coming out against these terrible beatings. The head banging as well.

      • That is the reason for the post Lee.
        Some people are just not awake to the fact that the morals of this Country are in a dire state.
        The administration, and especially the DOJ are racial and partisan to the degree of being criminal.
        Even the president openly lies to the American People on the broadcast networks, and nothing is done about it.
        Anybody that has the spine to speak against the regime is promptly disciplined.
        It has to stop soon.
        Vote them out of office, and take our Country back.

    • Why don’t the Presidents stay with our Ambassadors for one or two nighters? Those are large and heavily fortified little palaces and would probably save us a lot of money.

      • I agree, but when the Obamas travel with all their security, staff, aides, relatives, friends and friends of friends, I think our Embassies probably wouldn’t have enough space for all of them.

        • Evidently, the Brussels hotel bill included only 283 rooms. Obama brought an army of 900 freeloaders. What was the tab for the remaining entourage of 617? Crickets!
          His travels are obscene!

  4. Just heard that the guy who killed OBL and his wife (who is starving our skool kids into submission) are going to pay a visit to the gun-free zone of Ft. Hood this week.
    Irony of ironies. His advance team has probably been there for days – searching for hidden weapons; sharpshooters will be positioned atop bldgs. for miles to protect the anti-2nd Amendment gun-control POTUS; and hundreds of SS agents will be provided (courtesy of taxpayers) to protect him from an assassin’s bullet.
    It’s a farce!
    Meanwhile, our courageous soldiers remain unarmed on all military bases – sitting ducks for nut cases like Mr. Lopez.

    • Interesting, I think I read somewhere the Obamas have a couple of fundraisers in TX next week. Now we get to pay for his travels !

      I know, crass of me to think he’d use the Ft. Hood 2.0 tragedy to finagle a free trip to scoop up some free money. Wonder if Wendy Davis will be appearing with him ?

      • Two fundraisers? There is no sense of decency whatsoever in this man’s soul. He is, after all, the (faux) CIC. Not cancelling his damn fundraisers out of respect for 3 fallen soldiers is beyond the pale. Unless, of course, they were cobbled together AFTER the news of the shootings reached his desk. In which case he should be frog-marched out of the WH.

          • Did anyone notice that the IRS raised the medical expense thresh hold from 7.5% last tax year to 10%. For my wife and I, that means we were unable to deduct about $2,500 less this year than last. And Obama says he is all for strengthening the middle class. BS In a year of significant medical insurance and expense increases, the IRS lowers the deduction.

  5. Well, the liberal attack dogs all seem to be coming out in full force perhaps in anticipation of the upcoming elections, or maybe it’s just the way it’s going to be for as long as they are in power.

    The other day I recommended Jonah Goldberg’s very good book on Liberal Fascism. Today someone told me about a book which I have not read, but sounds equally good. For me, this helps understand how this whole thing started and how these people think. Also provides sound counter arguments. That said, the recommended book is by Ben Shapiro. Here is the link.

  6. Et tu, Megyn Kelly?
    Just swiped this photo off the MOTUS blog – ‘ Megyn Kelly – Fashion Fail. (Comments on Twitchy are brutal)

    Why oh why are these women on FOX resorting to Frederick’s of Hollywood/Victoria’s Secret-style clothing? Megyn’s Friday nite outfit was so slutty – I turned her off. Who can take these gals seriously anymore? Is Roger Ailes a woman hater? Does he hand-pick their wardrobe? Megyn is becomiing a big disappointment.

    • All the women wear tight, slinky looking clothes. All sit primly with their legs crossed.

      One of the co-host women said as just The Five was going off one day, that she couldn’t wait to go change into something comfortable. I don’t think it was a comment meant for the viewers’ ears.

  7. About leaving Mozilla. I just read a comment that went something like this – To Mozilla — If you won’t stand up and defend Eich on what he has brought to the company and the first amendment how can I trust that you will stand up to an over reaching federal government when they ask you for of my personal information .

  8. Check Drudge and if you want follow to WAPO article on Jeb Bush. A lot of illegals come as an “act of love”, and although they committed a crime it wasn’t a felony.

    Yeah, let’s elect Jeb. Like Obama he can treat the law as he sees it.

  9. Has anyone read the story of how USAID tried to destabilize Cuba using a faux twitter account campaign. The “high” tech geniuses had to pay the Cuban regime tens of thousands of dollars to access the system to activate the faux account.
    The headlines write themselves.

    • So we paid them thousands of dollars to start a fake account?
      I am trying to understand.
      Why did we have to pay them access?
      Did we provide the account? If so, why not just give them the fake account, and let them try to activate?

      • Lee, from what I understand, there are fees that are incurred using twitter in Cuba and they are paid directly to whatever cigar chomping Castro is in power. There are fees for the initial account and additional fees for each tweet. I don’t have a link at hand, but you if you into search box, and just type in “twitter, cuba USAID, you’ll find several links to the story.