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Friday Open Thread || April 4, 2014

Sorry everyone, but I’m not able to publish today. So that leaves you to pick up the slack. Thanks, have fun, and I’ll be back full time Monday.

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  1. I’m removing any trace of Mozilla from my computer today, incensed that the Gay Nazi Brigade forced Mozilla CEO to cave. Yesterday, Twitchy had a thread where Mozilla had the audacity to say they were all about divergent viewpoints and diversity, but tweet fans added, as long as that viewpoint and diversity didn’t oppose the gays. I am SO sick and tired of the gay community pointing a gun at CEOs. And I say this having a gay daughter, so don’t lambaste me for being anti-gay.

    • What are you going to use? I hate Google so I am not going that route. Ditto for IE. I have a nice link to alternatives to Firefox — I am thinking of going with Iron.

    • I am with you — and have gay friends and relatives.

      I heard that someone in the IRS leaked the info. Likewise heard that reporting anything over $100 is standard for propositions in CA.

      Also heard that the guy did this ten years or so ago. Not sure.

      Mozilla’s comment was hypocritical BS — I am so tired of this.

    • This isn’t about supporting the anti-gay agenda, but rather an effort (successful it turns out) to stifle and silence any thoughts not approved by the massive media and the progressive Dems,.

      A constant barrage of insults, ridicule, or outright oppression tactics by government officials from MrObama down to the anonymous government worker is escalating every day. Supporters of Repubs are “un-American”, those don’t like Obamacare-want people to die, support traditional marriage-hater, and it goes on and on.
      The progressive crowd has the public loudspeaker, they own the public podiums and they can twist public opinion with a few well-placed words.

      • It is disturbing. And it is not returned. I can’t say how much info is out there on Soros , for example, and it never gets taken up. His support of left wing operations is in the billions.

        Is is even more disturbing that this Administration has used the tools of government like IRS or DOJ to add intimidation and fear to the stifling of dissent.

        It is becoming increasingly clear how dangerous it is to freedom not to have an independent press. The media propaganda machine is incredibly powerful and damaging.

        It all starts at the top — class, racial, sexual and religious warfare.

    • My DH who is an IT auditor has recommended Opera as a replacement for Firefox so I am going to give it a try today. Pity since I have Firefox set up just the way I want, but I am very disturbed by the way the new Mozilla CEO was hounded out of his position.

    • Thanks to everyone about their comments regarding an alternative to Mozilla. I’m checking into how to uninstall firefox asap and transfer all my bookmarks. If a company does not respect an employee’s personal liberty, they surely don’t respect mine.

      • Here is a good comment from Rep. Stockman that I grabbed off of Twitchy.

        Rep. Steve Stockman with the kill shot:

        Rep. Steve Stockman ‏@SteveWorks4You 46m

        Liberals on Hobby Lobby: Corporations can’t exercise personal values

        Liberals on Mozilla: Corporations should exercise personal values.

    • I use Firefox, and it is staying put.

      Mozilla is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Do you really think they want to pick a fight with the only interest group Obama hasn’t double-crossed?

      “Dear Mozilla. Nice browser you’ve got going there. Be a shame if something happened to it. Love and kisses, the IRS.”

      You KNOW this administration would do it.

    • Removed Firefox from my computer and shredded all its files. Per my previous post, went with Opera as my default browser and took the opportunity to clean up my list of bookmarks which had sites listed that I haven’t visited in a long time, some of which are dead by now, I’m sure. Right away, I noticed that it is much faster than Firefox had become over the past year or so and a pesky bug that would not be cleansed was gone–I guess I owe the bigots at OKCupid a thank you for getting me to do something I should have done a while ago. Oh yes, when I unsubscribed from the Mozilla online newsletter, I told them exactly why I was going byebye.

  2. Did you ever notice that since the Obama Administration has played with the Unemployment numbers and the job numbers, that the release of Job Information is just not worth the paper it’s digitally printed on.

    Numbers come out but they are meaningless, because no one knows is there is any validity to them.

    192,000 jobs added used to mean something. But are these full time jobs, second jobs, third jobs, part time first jobs.

    It’s like Obamacare…people are now getting healthcare to replace the healthcare they had. So they are replacing a job they already had.

    If you liked your job you can keep your job….unless you lose it. and then find something else that pays less.

    • I noticed they “play” with everything including job numbers. This is the Federal gov’t … they print numbers, money and lies. It’s their bread and butter.

      • The lefty sites are blasting GWB for painting and comparing him to Carter (builds houses!) and Clinton (his foundation is saving the worrrrrld), yet don’t attribute GWB’s fine work with the Wounded Warriors, African Aids or Laura still fighting for the rights of Afghan women. Idiots the vile progs are!

    • The stats mirror our part-time president, who is focused like a laser on jobs. In fact, he took out a laser gun and blasted them away. From the same site, Zero Hedge – 9 out of 10 jobs pay $35,000 or the price per head of a fund raising dinner – How’s that for perspective!

    • A motel would have been fine by me, but those much needed spires just wouldn’t be a mission statement on a one-story building.

  3. Here’s a chuckle from Twitter: Scientists have discovered that the current cold snap gripping most of the United States is due to a shift in the jet stream caused by numerous flights of Air Force One traveling back and forth to Hawaii.

  4. Love it! Fox says HHS may have start people’s healthcare applications without their knowledge, and Drudge reports that the networks have refused to carry Obamacare victory celebrations.

    Big kitchen cleaning today in anticipation of my daughter’s visit. Have go at Stinkyburger-in-Chief and his MeanWitch, everybody. Keith, I hope you are well.

  5. I just want you all to be aware of the HORRIBLE thing that happened in Detroit on Wednesday. I don’t know if the national media is covering this – they certainly aren’t covering it enough. Yes it was a hate crime, and the accident was the young boy’s fault. They do not know if the man will survive. He’s really badly injured.

    • My house (which is sitting empty now) is less than 2 miles from where this happened. My mom still lives nearby, and my brother owns a house (he’s not comfortable living there) a few blocks away.

    • After reading the article it almost sounds like it was a set-up. I read elsewhere, however, that the young boy suffered a broken leg but was not in critical condition.
      Can’t understand why there is any doubt that it was a HATE crime. Puleeze!
      Evidently the attack took less than a minute, and the police are still looking for the assailants.
      These young savages need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No area in America should be designated a ‘no-go’ zone.
      The LSM is ignoring our domestic terrorists – the American Taliban.

      • No, there is a video, and there are four kids standing on the curb, and the one just steps right OUT. IN the city, kids (and adults) play/walk in the street all the time, it’s a real problem. I’m going to guess that the child’s lackadaisical attitude regarding crossing the street contributed to his mistake.

        The boy is already home, etc. The man is in a medically induced coma and it doesn’t look good. They also robbed him.

  6. Some disgusting news being reported on Drudge today:

    State Department is missing 6 BILLION dollars.

    1.5 MILLION dollars for the hotel bill Obama stayed in while in Brussels less than 24 hours in March.

    Russia probing a cheese factory after finding workers bathing in raw milk used to make cheese.

  7. I have a question.

    How is it that Harry Reid, a public servant, paid with taxpayer dollars is allowed to say such vile things about the Koch Brothers from the US Senate? His continuing vendetta against them gives license to everyone else to do the same.

    I really do not understand it. The Kochs have access to brilliant legal advice I assume. And I understand that it is their choice how or if to respond, like Charles Koch’s letter the other day. But it seems to me that this isolating and villainizing of a private American by a sitting US Senator without a “smidgeon” of truth or evidence should be against some law or code of ethics.

    There is free speech and then there is slander and defamation and demonization.

    • If I may. They do it because it works. That’s all they really have. Lies, distortions, character assassination and hate.
      If they were to use truth or facts, the argument would be lost.

    • Sometimes one is better off not dignifying Reid with a response. Reid and the Dems need a new boogey man/men/woman/women, etc. Obviously, they’re used up their portion “it’s Bush’s fault” and have moved on to newer pastures. You need look no further than the word-slinging from Reid et al than the hate-spewed venom slung at Palin or Romney. This is their M.O. always has been, always will be. They’re the embodiment of evil and all that is dangerous and contemptible.

      • unfortunately Sadie, the blame-Bush thing is still working for them. I just saw Nancy Pelosi on the news and she was talking about unemployment and how it was–wait for it–a product of Bush’s policies. yes. she said that TODAY. in April 2014.

    • Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section 6, Paragraph 1:

      “The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

      Emphasis added.

      • Yep, Dirty Harry Reid knows he can slander the Koch brothers, Romney, and atnyone he chooses from the Senste floor with immunity. He’s a disgusting, unethical sleaze bag. I simply cannot wait until he loses the Senate.

      • Thanks everybody. And for this constitutional reminder.

        Perhaps if Harry worked for and was odds with a company like Mozilla….

        • I think he was picked to keep running with his ugly comments, because he is one of the oldest. If he was younger, someone else would have been picked.
          Why doesn’t one of his pals have the humanity to come out in public, and say: I would not have made such an attack?

          • Good point. I wouldn’t want to be associated with an organization if the leader was a vile, hate-spewing, proven liar such as SenReid, and even PresObama.

  8. I read on that a AP Press Photographer was killed in Afghanistan and wounding the AP Reporter.
    Anja Niedringhaus was an acclaimed German photograher.
    A Unit Commander walked up yelling God is Great and opened fire.
    Taliban have have vowed to disrupt Saturday’s vote for a new president and provincial councils.

  9. Maybe living near DC makes me care about this a bit too much, but…

    Remember the woman who took a wrong turn into the White House back in October, ended up in a chase down Pennsylvania Avenue, and got shot dead with her baby in the backseat?

    Word going around is that one of the bullet wounds was in the back of her head.

    • It was obvious during her frenzied driving that she was frightened, or mentally confused or even both. When they shot her inside her car, she was surrounded, and her car was disabled.
      She wasn’t going anywhere.

      Her family is right to pursue a full accounting of this incident. Similar over-reactions by our police are being seen all over the US. The police are afraid of the people in a way never seen before. The shoot-first or call out the SWAT for every altercation or disturbance is chilling.

      • The lengthy story on Drudge was disturbing on so many levels. Chilling is the right description.

        (P.S.). I’ve followed this blog faithfully every day for some time now (years?) but had not posted until last night. . I appreciate the depth and scope of intelligent discourse here, and on top of that, the Quote of the Day usually brings a bit of comic relief to my morning at the office! I appreciate this blog and look forward to what it brings each day!

    • I saw it on Drudge earlier today. The family’s lawyer claims that the autopsy report states that she was shot in the back of the head and that she was not on any prescription meds (or any drugs):

      WASHINGTON — First they called her a terrorist threat.

      When she turned out to be an unarmed suburban mother, they said she was on drugs.

      Now, WND has exclusively learned, without a trace of doubt, that was wrong, too.

      WND can also now report Miriam Carey was shot in the back of the head by U.S. Capitol Police officers and uniformed Secret Service agents six months ago, on Oct. 3, 2013.

      The official police investigation still has not been released. But Carey family attorney Eric Sanders obtained the toxicology and autopsy report on this macabre anniversary.

      The report showed there were no drugs in Carey’s system, prescription or otherwise, when she was shot dead.

      The report was prepared by Dr. Nikki Mourtzinos of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the District of Columbia.

      After the terror threat was discarded, the media had tried to portray Carey as mentally unbalanced, citing prescription medications she was reportedly taking.


    • I second that.

      Keith, I hope you’re just taking a well deserved day off, (or long weekend).

      As always, thanks for providing us with this forum!

    • As far as I know it’s true. There is no obligation under law to keep jurors names undisclosed. However, I think in this case it was agreed that they would not be made public for a period of time. That period was up, but could have been extended. The push to release the names came from The Orlando Sentinel and the judge or perhaps the DA made it so. I can’t remember the name of the person but I think it was that same dreadful woman who brought the case in the first place. If you search The Orlando Sentinel I am sure they have many articles crowing about it.

      And just a personal comment — I was going to say if you google it, but I am making a personal effort to change that to search. I do not use Google for search or anything else if I can avoid it.

    • Drudge linked to this article earlier today:

      The names of the six-member jury panel that acquitted George Zimmerman in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin have been made public for the first time, after a new court order, records show.

      Circuit Judge Debra Nelson, who had previously ordered the jurors’ identifying information be kept confidential, granted access to the names in a ruling March 21.

      Zimmerman’s defense asked the judge in June to keep the names secret until six months after the verdict. The judge set no timeline then, but noted in her new order they have been withheld more than eight months.

    • Btw, I left out the rest of that article, so just follow the link. But, I probably should have included the next paragraph because it states that the Sentinel has NOT released the names and will not do so until, (or unless), the jurors agree to be interviewed. So, it seems it is up to the individual jurors as to whether they will be publicly named, at least by the Sentinel:

      “Attempts to reach the jurors by phone and in-person Thursday were unsuccessful. The Sentinel typically does not name jurors unless they’ve agreed to be interviewed.”

  10. Something special for Saturday

    The Army’s Spectacular Hidden Treasure Room – AMAZING!
    However, there are major fundraising hurdles to jump before the museum can be built. The foundation’s president recently told the Washington Post that it has raised $76 million of the $175 million required for the museum and predicts the museum could open in 2018. The plan is to build the museum at Fort Belvoir.

    A couple of crappy state run healthcare sites could have easily funded the museum. The contents from the link reminded me of Indiana Jones in the room filled with the riches of the ages – treasures that have been buried in the vaults for so many years.

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