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Pelosi: Thomas Jefferson Wanted You to Have Obamacare

Is there a contest going on somewhere for dumbest comment of the year by a high-ranking government official? I’d like to submit an entry.

And let me tell you, with Biden and Reid hanging around, that’s a tough category. But this one from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should win it.

The American people having a healthier life. What are Founders wanted for them: Life – having a healthier life – liberty, the freedom to pursue their happiness, not job-locked, but having benefits that having healthcare policies that are portable, they could be self-employed, be a photographer, they could  start their own business, they could change jobs, they could reach their aspirations. And isn’t that a wonderful thing for a society and for an economy? Any questions?

First of all the Founding Fathers didn’t want to give anyone the freedom to become a photographer because photography wasn’t invented until the 1800s and THEY HAD NO FREAKING IDEA WHAT IT WAS.

And are their sections of the Federalist Papers dealing with the necessity of portable health insurance?

But to continue in a more serious vein, is there anybody with an IQ numbering above 90 who thinks that Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the phrase “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” into the Declaration of Independence and who is the great progenitor of the philosophy of states’ rights – or any of the other Founders – would have countenanced this massive intrusion of the federal government into our lives that is Obamacare?

The Founders were concerned with protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness against government, not using government to, as Obamacare does, take a little life and liberty from some and give it to others.

What childish inane thinking – the Founders said “life,” so they must also mean guaranteed subsidized health care. I guess the Founders would have supported any government program you can think of. Isn’t everything about “life”?

H/T Daily Caller.

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  1. Agree with everything except that last line. If America were lucky enough to see Obama and Biden both vacate their current positions the job goes to Mr. Crying Eyes, look at me I’m an Orange Julius Boehner.
    God help us all if Botox Queen EVER regains the speakership.

  2. Life? really Nan? As one of the ardent supporters of abortion, the taking of an unborn’s life, this insidiously evil woman should burn in hellfire.
    The rosary blessed by Pope Francis that MrO gave to her should burn the skin from her palms.

    If we’re just talking “idiots” than CongShelia Jackson Lee from Texas is my favorite. She knows just enough but gets it all wrong. She knew that the US astronauts placed an American flag on a planet, but thought they went to Mars. She’s not as dumb as a box of rocks, but comes close.

    • I read that Pope Francis gave Obama a rosary which he blessed–as a gift I presume. However, Obama passed it on to Nancy Pelosi, a prime example of a so-called Catholic politician who should be refused communion because of her anti-life stance.

      • with all due respect, Julie: I don’t agree that Pelosi (or anyone else) should be refused communion.

        it’s really not our call to determine who’s holy enough to “deserve” the sacraments. let’s let that stay between Jesus and the parishioner (and the priest).

        • rullrrose – unless you are a Catholic priest, you can disagree all you want that Pelosi (or anyone else) should be refused communion. However, your opinion is not Catholic doctrine. Check out this site:

          I am not Catholic. I suspect that at the priest’s discretion they make the call, and probably are much more lenient than the power the doctrine gives them.

          Pelosi has misrepresented the position of the Pope & Catholic church as it relates to abortion.

        • Many priests have called for communion to be withheld from Catholic politicians espousing abortion. This is not my personal judgment but a reference to the Catholic Church’s position in the USA.

    • Note, too, that some Democrats think the seriously ill people who lost their insurance and can’t get payment for their treatment or doctors under Obamacare should just die already.

    • srdem, I said the same thing about the rosary. It’s almost as if Obama made a conscious decision to give it to the most undeserving person possible. Makes me sick.

  3. Just how did Nancy Pelosi and her creepy husband amass a fortune worth well over a hundred million dollars while she has been in the House of Nonrepresentives? Just how did her husband get all of those government contracts worth tens of millions of dollars? Since the press won’t ask or investigate her shady deals, Someone has to ask the hard questions about this corrupt democrat party communist dumbell not that we, the people will get any answers.

    • Starkist Tuna’s parent company, Del Monte Foods, is in Pelosi’s home town – San Francisco. 75% of the workers at Starkist are American Samoan. Back in 2007 she exempted them from the minimum wage increase. They have a gazillion packing plants in American Samoa. Del Monte contributes huge sums to her campaigns and her husband, Paul, owned $17M worth of Starkist stock at the time.
      After the scandal broke,she feigned total shock and, I believe, the minimum wage increase was then given to the Samoans, post- haste.
      They also own a vineyard in Napa Valley. It was discovered that most of the workers were illegal aliens – at a time when the immigration laws were actually enforced.
      She is beyond corrupt!

      • It is both sickening and enraging that our government has evolved into this twisted abomination where such a corrupt and indeed, evil person like Pelosi can skip up to a microphone and prattle on and on about how we should live our lives under the tender mercies of a government controlled by her ilk and then when done with her verbal nonsense merrily skips back to her plush office in the House to resume committing crime after crime with impunity.

        The only fact more sickening and enraging is that this warped criminal Pelosi is re-elected time after time by the people in her district when they should be demanding her resignation and prompt imprisonment for her numerous crimes against them and their country.

  4. Not to mention that she is blabbing on about “life” just days after receiving the Margaret Sanger award from Planned Parenthood. I guess she only means the “wanted” lives.

  5. Pelosi and Reid are just two more examples of how this Republic has fallen to the point of being run by the ridiculous concepts of mindless drones that have the ear of the MSM.
    IMO,…they should both be standing in the lobby of a nice rest home, not in the congress of the United States of America.
    The people that continually vote them in are the culprits.

    • Stunning that so few (if any) Democrats even appear to be embarrassed by having the likes of Reid and Pelosi as leaders. Or embarrassed about hailing Obama as the great, wise, noble, compassionate, brilliant genius of a leader, uniquely gifted to save the country.

      And they think they’re the smart set.

  6. I wish someone would show me the place where the Founders said that someone else is obligated to pay for my health expenses if I choose to spend my time doing something that doesn’t pay my keep — like the Ivy League graduates (with a nice house) who are spending all their time being “artists” and expecting other people to help support them, or the woman who decided she’d rather work half-time than full-time so she quit her job with benefits and now gets her insurance courtesy of people who are seeing their own premiums double.

    That so many Democrats think this is a great and noble idea illustrates how thoroughly warped their minds are, and (in many cases), how lacking in basic dignity.

  7. When the employer mandate cuts in later this yr, won’t those policyholders still be job locked–or do they expect all employers will dump people onto the exchanges and hurry us along to universal?

  8. Pelosi’s target audience are the LoFo’s. (Dumb and Low Information voters). They may have heard of Jefferson so their take away would be “hey if TJ wants us to have it, maybe we’ll sign up ! ” <<<true story. :)

    • speaking of lo-fos:

      I thought you’d enjoy this.

      here is a typical lo-fo tweet. I read it awhile ago on Michelle Malkin’s, and it was so incredibly stupid I knew I had to save it.

      here’s koolaid enthusiast and political scholar “Harry Lawrence” (@whatsup333) patiently explaining why it’s ok to change the Constitution but not Obamacare:

      “The second amendment is an amendment not a law which means it can be amended! #ACA is a law and constitutional!”

      for those of us who wonder how Obama managed to get reelected…this is how.

  9. I’m quite sure this mindless, dribbling crap that Pelosi spouts is a part of “Common Core”. That’s what truly frightens me, future generations that will never know what principles this country once stood for.

  10. I agree. Pelosi is my pick too. A close second would be Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) when he made the comment that he was afraid Guam may capsize.

  11. Where is MSM? Palin was criticized for being able to see Russia from her place. Pelosi is cheered for able to talk with Jefferson and find out what he really said! I will take Palin over Pelosi in intelligence!

  12. I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.

    -Thomas Jefferson-

  13. Hey, I just talked to George Washington, and he told me that he told Pelosi to ‘lay off.’ I guess she’s not going to listen to anyone.