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Obama Used by Samsung as an Advertisment

Well, when you diminish yourself, the world joins in.

It turns out the “seflie” taken by Red Sox slugger David Ortiz with President Obama was a marketing ploy by Samsung, maker of the phone.

From the Boston Globe:

The photo that Red Sox hitter David Ortiz took of himself with President Obama Tuesday quickly ricocheted around the Web, only to be exposed nearly as quickly as a marketing ploy set in motion by Samsung. It turns out the electronics giant had contracted with the slugger to be a social media ambassador.

Ortiz on Wednesday expressly denied that Samsung put him up to the photo. But his remarks about getting the photo, in which he exclaimed, “Yeah baby, cha-ching,” probably summed up the moment better than Ortiz had intended.

Sorry David, but that photo seemed a little weird. Never saw anyone without a cell phone contract do that before. Other than the prime minister of Denmark, of course.

And Sumsung wasted no time RT’ing the photo to its 5.2 million followers.

“Samsung took it to a new level. They said they were going to leverage the most popular guy in baseball and the leader of the free world. You can’t do better than that,” said Mike Lewis, who is the author of “Stand out Social Marketing.”

A new level indeed. The level at the bottom. Obama has so diminished the presidency, so allowed himself to become little more than another inconsequential aspect of pop culture, that Ortiz thought nothing of dissing him with this promotional stunt.

Obama Ortiz selfie

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  1. He has no manners, no shame. What is there to say when he took that other photo with the Primer Minister of Denmark at a funeral. Crass!! He keeps going down the gutter to the sewer.

    • His crass comments at the sandwich shop in Ann Arbor yesterday saw a new low level too. The terms stinkburger and meanwich could have come from an elementary student and are degrading for the president of the United States.
      I blush in shame.

      • Little info about that “little sandwich shop”- I wrote about it on my blog today.

        He was touting, as prime example of folks who pay a “living wage” to it’s employees, a deli that sells a $14 Reuben (for the small-eater version). That’s w/o drink or chips. For a mere $20, you can have a complete carry-out lunch in bag at Zimmermans. If only we would all buy $20 lunches, everyone could earn a living wage.

        That may be normal in New York, etc, but not over here. It’s a deli for the 1%.

      • This is another example of what I call his arrested development, yet when he first came to office, all the libs were touting him being the only adult in the room.

      • stinkburger — meanwich — Harvard grad. Perhaps this is why we have no access to his academic records.

        I tease. There are larger more nefarious* reasons why we don’t have access to his records, of any kind.

        *I can say nefarious safely because our “special” harvard grad grifter probably thinks it’s a “big word” compliment.

  2. Very well said, Keith, “diminished the presidency”, allowed himself to become “little more than another inconsequential aspect of pop culture”. I am going to borrrow that, if I may.
    Nobody respects him. And I still wonder, whatever happened in SaudiArabia??? The silence is stunning.

    • The silence on what happened in Saudi Arabia is deafening. It must be pretty awful: you hear neither from Obama nor the Saudis.

    • Yes, it is rather impressive how successful the media has been in completely maintaining a blanket of silence as to the goings on in Saudi Arabia. The only facts that have come out are that there was a two hour meeting between “the president” and the Saudi king, the scheduled state dinner was cancelled, the overnight stay was cancelled and “the president” left the country immediately. These facts have been gleaned from blogs, not the media. Whatever happened in that meeting must have been truly awful from “the president”s” POV and therefore truly, truly awful for the USA’s foriegn policy.

  3. “RT-ing”…. what?
    Someone explain to me how taking a photo of one’s self with the Preezy is a marketing tool, or why

    Oh, forget it.

  4. Doggone it! We just bought a new Samsung flat screen 5 days ago.

    The only thing missing on the selfie was Obama wearing a fur hat and suede shoes. I wouldn’t be so quick at ‘cha-chinging’ an Obama endorsement if I were Ortiz and Samsung. The product warranties will not be worth the paper they are written on.


    • When I read Keith’s post about Obama’s comments on the new Fort Hood shootings, I though it was just Keith being tongue-in-cheek again, but I guess he really spoke those words, the biggest collection of empty and insincere words I have seen in a while. No gravitas whatsoever.

      • exactly what I thought. he phoned it in, as they say. which makes sense, because what does Obama care about Army people? he never knew any corpse-men before and he won’t be hanging out with any when he’s done presidenting.

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  6. Of course the clueless inept White House denies knowing anything about this in advance, despite the news reports of Ortiz’s deal and intentions to tweet on behalf of Samsung from this WH event:

    The Sports Business Journal, a trade publication, headlined a March 31 story “Samsung latest deal for Ortiz as MVP keeps endorsement momentum going.”

    On Tuesday — before the event — the Sports Business Journal reported that Samsung wanted “Ortiz to “be its MLB social media insider” and Ortiz will be “tweeting and sending photos on Samsung’s behalf” from the White House.

    “When we heard about the visit to the White House, we worked with David and the team on how to share images with fans,” Samsung told the Associated Press. “We didn’t know if or what he would be able to capture.”

    I asked a White House spokesman about the selfie and was told, “We didn’t know about it ahead of time.”

    • Well, he didn’t know about Benghazi, he didn’t know about Fast and Furious, he didn’t know about the NSA, he didn’t know that you couldn’t keep your doctor so how do you expect him to know about the Apple and Samsung rift..