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Video || Obama Remarks on Fort Hood Shooting

President Obama spoke briefly at the Chicago Cut Steakhouse, where he was holding a fundraiser, about the shootings today at Fort Hood.

From the White House:

Hello, everybody. I just got off the phone with Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Sandy Winnefeld to get the latest report on the situation in Fort Hood. Obviously we’re following it closely. The situation is fluid right now. But my national security team is in close contact with not just the Defense Department but the FBI. They are working with folks on the ground to determine exactly what happened to make sure that everybody is secure. And I want to just assure all of us that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.

Any shooting is troubling. Obviously this reopens the pain of what happened at Fort Hood five years ago. We know these families. We know their incredible service to our country and the sacrifices that they make. Obviously our thoughts and prayers were — are with the entire community. And we are going to do everything we can to make sure that the community at Fort Hood has what it needs to deal with the current situation, but also any potential aftermath.

We’re heartbroken that something like this might have happened again. And I don’t want to comment on the facts until I know exactly what has happened, but for now, I would just hope that everybody across the country is keeping the families and the community at Fort Hood in our thoughts and in our prayers. The folks there have sacrificed so much on behalf of our freedom. Many of the people there have been on multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. They served with valor; they served with distinction. And when they’re at their home base they feel safe. We don’t yet know what happened tonight, but obviously that sense of safety has been broken once again. And we’re going to have to find out exactly what happened.

The Pentagon will undoubtedly have further briefings for you as we get more details.

Thanks, everybody.

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  1. Last line… “The Pentagon” will continue to keep you up to date; gotta go – my fundraiser’s running late and I need to be at the next one in 20 minutes.

        • First thing I thought of too. I think the reference is to the first Fort Hood Shooting when the King was in a meeting with Native Americans and started his news conference with a shout out to them before mentioning the Workplace Shooting at Fort Hood.
          As stated above: Priorities!

        • I mean…this time he didn’t do a shoutout for a few moments before addressing a horrible situation. Last time instead of being commander in chief he left his politician hat on.

          Of course, maybe this time he was finished with his political remarks, so he had time to address this as the commander in chief.

    • 2nd thing I thought of !
      “And I want to just assure all of us that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

      Like: The IRS, Benghazi, Targeting the Press, FCC Surveys, The NSA, Drones killing American Citizens without trial, etc.

    • That’s because it’s all about him – not the United States. He made 21 first-person references in just over 2 minutes. And he still needed a teleprompter to deliver it.

      • I wondered if he had been using a teleprompter, although from the camera angle I could not be sure. His head wagging, left – right, left – right is either an acquired tic or he truly cannot deliver remarks without having them scroll on his monitors. When our president addresses the nation, I want him to look us in the eye!

  2. “Any shooting is troubling.”

    President Obvious gets to the heart of the matter once again.

    “We’re heartbroken that something like this might have happened again.”

    “Something like this” — what? this what? Might have happened again. Might have happened?

    The above sentence makes no sense.

    I was waiting for the news conference, then I realized that my take on these things is that whatever the government says will be an untrue statement of what they hope the facts turn out to be. I will have to wait a few days for the facts to filter through the hopes and dreams of the White House academics and Prez Obvious.

  3. George H.W.Bush disarmed the troops on domestic military bases.
    Bill Clinton signed it into law.
    Ever since, only the police have weapons at the gates.
    All of the troops in all of the branches, men and women are trained in the use of firearms.
    There is no reason for this to happen.

    • No roving patrols by MP’s? Emergency contingency plans? I risked armchair quarterbacking, but there must be some plans somewhere. I agree AFVet, especially after being hit before. In fairness, I’m sure military commanders hands are tied on this.

    • H.W. Bush may have thought that was a good idea at the time.
      A lot has happen since than. We have people from foreign Countries who want to harm us. As well as this man. Also the man the other day B—–, who I believe is being held under mental illness. No picture of the bad guy was released.
      Do you know the reason for disarming the military on the bases to begin with?
      Do other armies around the World have their guns under lockdown when they are on their base?

      • According to the ENDLESS coverage of about five possible facts, Ft Hood had done a huge audit of the guns on base situation there after the other incident but was j ust too large to check things. They checked some things but could not check everything… I am not too sure about soldiers in a fire fight on their base, everyone with guns. I predict this was a messed up guy, people knew, people delayed dealing with it or did not know how to or there was no way to…then…

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    • I just heard that myself, thanks for posting that comment by Morgan. He was bad enough, but have you seen who has
      replaced him on TV.
      O went off to a Fund raiser $30,000 for some $10,000 for others. He should have announced he was going to postpone it after he made comment of the terrible news.

    • Has anyone heard an update on the other guy that an alert was raised, than the alert taken away? Last I heard he is in a mental facility. No word about this at all.
      How did they know for sure, there was still not a chance for an alert once he was taken away? How did they know so quick, that he was not buddied up with anyone else with his hellish thoughts?

  5. Yeah, he was so “heartbroken” he then rushed off to a fundraiser. Like he did after Benghazi. He’s sure lucky the MSM covers his sorry ass or people might realize that all he cares about is money.

  6. Like a robot Dictator Obama ecited the obligatory empty phrases of sadness written for him by a staffer, while briefly and mechanically exhibiting his usual faux concern and outrage about this latest shooting on a military base and then immediately went back to the real business at hand which is scamming bushels and bushels of cold, hard cash from his useful, rich liberal greedheads. Rest assured he did not give the shootings a second thought for the rest of the night while raking in bundles of cash. (Small, untraceable bills only please). His greed meter was pegged all the way to the right so hard it snapped off halfway through the “fund” raiser.

    Asking again the questions that a real, independent watch dog media should be asking: Who is donating all of these big bucks? In whose pockets is it ultimately ending up (just how has Dicator Obama and Queen Moochelle become multi-millionaires on a government salary by the way) and what corrupt favors are expected by these 1% liberals who are forking over these bushels of dollars, in return for their money?
    Where is all of this money going?

  7. KEITH, this fundraiser wasn’t on his official schedule.
    How come?
    So this means there are plenty of fundraisers not on his schedule??
    should we just assume that whenever he has a light day, that there is a fundraiser scheduled for that night?