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Really? This is Proof that Obamacare Works?

With boundless absurdity, Democrats and the White House are trumpeting the 7 million Obamacare exchange signups as some kinds of success story.

Really, it makes me want to go outside and bang my head against the maple tree. But I’m never able to work after I do that, and I have more articles to write today.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was beside himself Tuesday.

I’ve been at the White House from the very beginning and have seen people say that meaningful health care reform could not be done more times than I can count.

From before the law passed when such a transformation of the health care system was thought to be politically impossible to the day that it reached the Supreme Court, throughout an election year when it was the principal subject of debate, and from October, when critics said the website could not recover, much less reach independent experts’ predictions on how many people would sign up — even those independent experts lowered their estimates.

But with the remarkable surge in enrollment, 7,041,000 people signed up for health insurance before the midnight deadline yesterday.

The “success” is even being touted as proof that Obamacare  and even Obama’s liberal ideology are sound.

“Back in the fall, conservatives seized on the flubbed Obamacare rollout as proof that President Barack Obama’s brand of liberalism doesn’t work,” wrote David Nather in Politico. “Now, the law’s opponents aren’t about to say that critique was wrong — but they’ve lost the best evidence they had,” he crowed.


Let’s just stick with the website, and not address the endless other issues with Obamcare. probably cost in the hundreds of millions to fix, after already racking up several hundred million to build. House Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) estimated in December that the cost could top $1 billion.

Yes, if you throw enough money at something it will work. Enormous resources, directed by people at the highest levels of the White House, were amassed save this first iteration of Obamacare, the broken website, after it had been slapped together in the most incompetent manner imaginable. This is proof that government works?

What about the rest of Obamacare’s implementation, which surely won’t have the same high-level tender loving care? The incredible fiasco of “fixing” the website actually should strike horror into the hearts of all of us who will be subjected to future government intervention in our health care.

BTW, far from predicting the website “could not recover,” Issa actually forecast back in December that it would eventually work.

Actually, he was wrong. It still broke down under heavy traffic Monday and continues to be plagued by severe security flaws.


37 Responses to Really? This is Proof that Obamacare Works?

  1. I believe we could have insured every single American (and half of Mexico) with the amount of money spent on setting up Ocare, fixing it, fixing it again, rolling it out, fixing it again and again, lawyers for the regulations, IRS employees hired, “navigators” hired, advertising it, more ads with ridiculous pajama boys and party college kids, professionally produced videos in the White House, silly video contests (prize was $30,000 if I remember), cat pictures, etc., etc… It all still sickens me. Wait, can’t afford to get sick now!!!

  2. O.M.G–I saw clips from that whiny, sarcastic press conf. The man bought out the Straw Man Store–opposing this misrepresented, specious approach means not wanting people to have insurance. This will make people healthier. I think Pelosi also said Geo Washington wanted it. No death panels–last time I looked ‘crats are still setting “best practices.” Wait until the second month–will people pay again, if they even did before? When they go to get that new knee and the surgeon asks for the $5K deductible upfront–another tall tale? But of course, the lo-fo voter will just hear–it’s a success. Oh–and you know what is frosting my cahooties–the new meme: Repeal means taking all these great policies away from people. Would’t they be grandfathered in, coverage adjusted to reflect reality, etc.

    Diff subj: Ryan is suggesting Medicare people get subsidies to buy in private market? Whoa–let’s discuss. Oh, I know, I am just a selfish oldster who worked hard for 40 yrs and as SrDem said, paid into a system which I could not use for those 40 yrs.

    • Star, you pretty much hit it with his straw-man approach to criticism of his plan. It’s ridiculous, which is why the LIV think that those who oppose his plan simply are selfish haters.

  3. All the people signed up at the Mexican consulates must be thrilled. Obama’s FSA — let’s hope they never have to fight to defend their free stuff.

  4. IMO, not enough attention was paid to the fact that this boondoggle website was the creation of Mooch’s IT brainiac crony from college. A no-bid contract swept under the carpet and nearly $1B for something that could have been done for a fraction of the cost by an American IT team. It was all about ‘secrecy’. No outsiders were allowed access b/c of the Obama’s paranoia about leaks to Republicans.

    Obama’s victory dance yesterday reminds me of his late night proclamation two yrs ago that OBL was dead – and A/Q is on the run.
    Here we go again!

    • I’m surprised, but I think the purpose was to take Obamacare out of discussion for the November elections. How many times are the Democrats going to say now that Obamacare is a done deal therefore ‘get over it’ and move on to something else? They think they’ve pulled the rug out from under the Republicans, but the latter will have the last laugh. Obama has shot his wad way too soon.

  5. The swagger and the gloating of these people is disgusting.
    Millions of the people that lost their insurance due to the Obamacare regulations were forced into signing up for this debacle.
    How many ‘hits’ on the site were counted as subscribers ?
    To my knowledge, the back end still is not working to where some insurance companies have yet to receive the first payment.

    • And how are they going to keep track of ‘free riders’ who only make the first payment?
      Are they sending enrollees an ACA ID card…like Medicare/Medicaid? Or is everything on a computer. Just curious.

    • That whole sordid spectacle was sickening. I tried to watch the video of it, and lasted about 2 minutes before shutting it off, running to the philosophy department, and hollering New York.

      Forget spiking the football–that POS (as in Preening, Obnoxious Schoolchild) dunked it over the crossbar and then went right into the Cha Cha Slide.

      I’ve known middle schoolers with more maturity.

      • Methinks the Mooch was on to somethng when she blurted out that Obama was ‘raised by wolves’. There is definitely a certain lack of civility about him.

  6. While MrObama was doing the Snoopy Dance in the Rose Garden, millions of people are out of work, reduced to part-time work, and private business concerns are weighing the effects and demands of Obamacare to their profit margins

    MrO might think it’s over, it’s not. In fact, it’s not over until the voters of America want it to be over, and we’ll find out if that’s what they want when all the votes are tallied in November.

    • We may even find out next month. I’m keeping an eye on Operation American Spring.

      I may even join them, unannounced. If I must give my life for my country, then so be it.

  7. Off Topic. Is anyone watching the questions being given to Mr. Morrel?
    If so, May I ask what everyone may think?
    I missed the first couple of mins.

    • basically, he didn’t believe the folks on the ground in Libya and took the “analysts” at Langley’s word for what was happening. shameful.

  8. Saying that ObamaCare is successful is like saying that the Titanics 1st voyage was a success . We ask, will these people ever stop lying? No. Not yesterday, not today, nor tomorrow. Not ever.

  9. But didn’t Sebelius tell us that it wasn’t the 7 million number that would show success? That was after she said it was, so now it is again? My head’s spinning with all their lies.

  10. Keith, we don’t have maple trees in NM, but I think a pinon tree will serve the same purpose. sheesshh. any bets on when the “correction” will come like from the BLS on labor #s?

    • Chin up,….eyes forward grace.
      We are the ones that hold the key to his legacy.
      Not the LIV’s
      Not the left-wing radical wackos.
      They are terrified of the possible results of the next election, because they saw the start of the revolution in 2010.
      The people that are informed and want to take this Country back to some semblance of what She was designed to be are alert and paying attention.

      America isn’t finished yet, not by a long shot.

  11. Yesterday he had me gnashing my teeth. Today I would like to bash some teeth. Maybe this whiney little twerp? He promised he was going away to live off the royalities of his wife’s book. A person just hard to take seriously.

  12. What if people are signed up involuntarily? The government has all our information, they could just sign us up without us knowing it.


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