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Obama’s Righteous Hatred

President Obama truly does not really understand how it is that people can possibly disagree with them, unless evil is in their hearts.

Look at the words yesterday and watch the video below of this man, whose virulence is not just unbecoming, but even dangerous in a president.

“History is not kind to those who would deny Americans their basic economic security,” he said.

Can you even believe this?

He truly thinks conservatives want to hurt Americans, and that they will be recorded in history as a force for evil. In all the headlines the MSM cooked up about Obama’s speech, not one I saw touched on this. Because, I can assure you, they agree.

From his remarks:

Why are folks working so hard for people not to have health insurance?  Why are they so mad about the idea of folks having health insurance?  Many of the tall tales that have been told about this law have been debunked.  There are still no death panels.  (Laughter.)  Armageddon has not arrived.  Instead, this law is helping millions of Americans, and in the coming years it will help millions more.

I’ve said before, I will always work with anyone who is willing to make this law work even better.  But the debate over repealing this law is over.  The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.

You know, in the end, history is not kind to those who would deny Americans their basic economic security.  Nobody remembers well those who stand in the way of America’s progress or our people.  And that’s what the Affordable Care Act represents.

And if all of us have the courage and the wisdom to keep working not against one another, not to scare each other, but for one another –- then we won’t just make progress on health care.  We’ll make progress on all the other work that remains to create new opportunity for everybody who works for it, and to make sure that this country that we love lives up to its highest ideals.  That’s what today is about.  That’s what all the days that come as long as I’m President are going to be about.

“Now, that doesn’t mean that all the problems in health care have been solved forever,” Obama said in describing what he sees as the success of Obamacare.

Such hubris. No, the problems are just beginning.

67 Responses to Obama’s Righteous Hatred

  1. Kudos to Obama. He was ONLY 4 minutes late to this campaign (style) event, and had sense enough to stack his human props in the audience, where they could cheer on cue.

    The lines about history not being kind caught my ear yesterday. This is doublespeak for “Vote the evil GOP out of office every election, especially this upcoming one.” He also claimed “We didn’t have millions of dollars for commercials like some critics did”. Aside from the fact that this is a direct shot at the Kochs, who Reid has (again) lied about), Obama somehow forgot the tens of millions that he took from taxpayers to spend on promoting this monstrosity. But then again, his Democratic party sent out emails on how the evil Koch brothers were going to spend an obscene $30 million to “buy an election”, while all the poor good guys were doing was raising TWICE THAT MUCH to stay in power.

    Sometimes the hypocrisy borders on staggering.

    • “History will not be kind” sounds a lot like “Don’t think we’re not keeping score” and “punish your enemies.”

    • I caught that “…WE didn’t have millions of dollars……
      Who, exactly, is this WE he refers to in this speech?
      Surely it’s not the federal government coffers, or the huge slush fund that MrsSillybus spends at her whim.

      What he does is seperate the good government from the evil public. It’s always been his theme, from day one. It’s not really Dem vs Repub, rather it’s we, the righteous government vs the evil rebels.

  2. Here’s a question back for him:
    Why are YOU Mr. President working so hard to take from hard working people insurance, healthcare, and doctors that they like and replace it with your arrogant mandates of what YOU say they should have.
    This nation was born of individual liberty, not government coercion. In fact, I do believe we overthrew the first government that tried to coerce our founders in such a way.

    • …and for once and (I wish) for all–Americans aren’t being given or getting health care–they are being forced to buy elaborate insurance policies.

    • I agree with you Geoff…
      I think he was talking about himself.
      “Why are folks working so hard for people not to have health insurance? ”
      That is you, Mr. President. You’ve kicked more people off the insurance they had vs. getting insurance for the people who had none .

      “You know, in the end, history is not kind to those who would deny Americans their basic economic security. Nobody remembers well those who stand in the way of America’s progress or our people.”
      That is you again, Mr. President. You and your departments and your lies and broken promises. Hence the economy is in shambles.

      Take another vacation.
      Play a few rounds.

      the rest of us will suffer with the America you, Congress and the MEDIA have created.

    • As well as people loosing their jobs. They were let go just before the Heathl Mess kicked in. This is not discussed much.
      However people had those jobs partly for the insurance. Now they have neither, due to other people being given the mess.

  3. President Bush had a lot harder criticism from the media and the vile progressives in the anti-war movement, but I don’t ever remember him going Stompy-Foot-Neener-Neener on his opposition. Nor was there ever any doubt Bush loved the country and ALL it’s citizens.

  4. Angry Black man spews hatred. Frankly, I’vd never seen such spite and vitriol – it’s scary. Was he foaming at the mouth? I couldn’t watch or listen to him after the first 10 seconds.

    (I still believe he gave the internet away to the globalists out of SPITE for all of the criticism lobbed against him re NSA, Snowden, etc.).

  5. Notice he did not say for the remainder of my P——-.
    He said as I am P——-.
    That line was not needed, unless their was something being cooked.

    Instead of making a joke (making light) of there are still no death panels, and no Armageddon not arriving. He should have explained
    how this MESS is only going to get better, and not turn out to something like other Countries have.

    • I was brought up not to be jealous. To appreciate what I had.
      I was not born rich, however I do not look down upon people who were.

  6. The totalitarian left uses the mantra of “progress” and “the direction of history” to insinuate that their agenda is the only one that could conceivably comport with virtue or the very laws of nature. The slightest resistance to the steady accumulation of coercive power in the hands of left-wing statists — even slowing it down a little — elicits shrieks of holy outrage: “How dare you stand in the way of progress!”

    They put enormous effort, huge sums of money, deception, law-breaking, bullying, coercion, propaganda etc. into pushing their agenda, and then any little victory on their side is said to be virtually inevitable — the proper direction of history, and it’s only the (underfunded, law-abiding, timid, cowed, trying-to-be-reasonable) ideological opposition that makes it difficult to achieve utopia.

    If anyone points out the harm their actions are causing, leftists keep shrieking: “You’re against progress! You don’t want people to have all the wonderful benefits we’re promising [but not delivering]!”

    And that’s why it’s virtually impossible to have a rational, fact-based debate with a leftist.

  7. His phone must be ringing off the hook with requests for the pleasure of his company on the campaign trail from DEMS in key battleground states. Everyone loves a WINNER!

  8. He promotes an aura of arrogance in the teeth of a major uprising in the knowledge of what is happening to America.
    Where is the outrage ?

    • I would like to be at a card game or break room with people in the military to see how they feel about all of this mess. They have to bite their tongue in public because they are now serving.
      They have children that will have to grow up in this changing Country of ours.

  9. I fear all that venom and irrational thought coming from Oborobo’s mouth is pollutting Biden’s Grecian skin.
    What in the world do you figure is going through that rattled brain as he stands behind and listens to that clap-trap? Probably contemplating his next facial.

  10. Final tally on my new and improved health insurance, here in NY.

    Deductible went from ZERO to $4000 for my family.

    Insurance premium up $500 per month.

    Why can’t I just understand that I’m just providing for my basic economic security? What’s wrong with me?

    Oh wait, now I remember….I work for my pay.


  11. Another news cycle won by Obama. No one is surprised by his victory lap. This was similar to a child tell Mommy and Daddy how he got all ‘A’s” on his report card and make a nonbelivable excuse why the report card won’t be coming home until after summer is done. He has declared victory and won’t supply info until after the election. Sound familiar? Head of the IRS will get Lois Lerners emails in 3 years after the Obama Presidency is done and the Presidential Election is complete. Talk about treason!

    Rush was correct today. Was it the primary goal to sign up 7 million people? No. It was to sign up uninsured people. The AP reported $47. Million uninsured. There were 40 million uninsured when the law was passed. So, there is 7 million more uninsured today? Assuming, there are really 7 mil signed up today (big assumption, I know) does that mean the uninsured swelled to 54 million under Obama??

    How many of the 7 million signing were caused by Obamacare? How many people have actually paid there premium ? The President did not mention how much the average premium increased nor did he mention the average deduction went up.

    This is not over……Washington Free Beacon is reporting $ 5,000 per worker increase on healthcare costs on business. $ 500,000 per 100 person business.

    Where will this money come from? It would not be from profits? New sales? Nope, Employees? Nope. The middle class will be crushed by massive layoffs and small business closings.

    It is just Vulgar. On a State Level, we should demanding Obamacare numbers so our lying Federal Government can’t “Cook The Books”

      • and the ironic thing is that no less than the New York Times admitted, years ago, that there WERE indeed things “that could be described as death panels” in Obamacare.

        I used to have the link–will have to find it again since this is now coming up again.

  12. It is clear with Harry Reid. Obama covers better. But the righteous hatred is there, it is real, and it is dangerous. Obama has no regard for these Constitution, the courts, the checks and balances. He has control and has used the DOE — both energy and education, the DOJ, the IRS, and now Obamacare which operates at every level of government. It is intimidating and produces fear in the people. He is a dangerous man.

    Thank you for addressing his hatred that he justifies with righteousness. And others are complicit.

  13. President Petulant strikes again.

    this was a campaign speech. he really didn’t want to talk about Obamacare, he wanted to talk about how he won and we lost and why do Republicans want sick people to die?

    judging by the polling on Obamacare AND its creator, it doesn’t seem like people are buying it. but it would be nice if the MSM showed more interest in reporting than hagiography.

  14. I am convinced that Obama thinks he is God, and that is the epitome of hubris. And just like he did with Satan, God will deal with Obama’s hubris.
    Obama is the President only of the left. He considers anyone else his enemy.
    He calls Republicans “stinkburgers” and “meanwiches.” He calls Republicans his enemies. He fosters hatred and violence – “get in their faces,” “if they bring a knife, you bring a gun,” he promotes race hatred (Trayvon & Gates.)
    Yes, Obama is truly dangerous for America and for those on the opposite end of his socialist ideology.
    I still do not believe he will go easily in 2016, especially if there is still a vestige of an exceptional America left.
    There is a lot of time between now and then for his handlers to think up ways to retain power.

    • I don’t entirely agree with Keith that he thinks his opponents are evil. It’s not that simple.

      If he does, though, it’s because he’s projecting his own evilness onto others. He’s a true megalomaniac.

      Will we ever learn the truth about Obama? I’ve been able to figure him out to a certain extent, but there are lots of legitimate questions surrounding him.

      I believe he is a dangerous con man… dangerous because over the years he started to believe in his own con. He fooled even himself, not just most of the public.

    • Noticed some ‘nose rubbing’ in the first few minutes. Honestly, I think the guy is high every time he gets on a skool campus

      You’re right about the ‘loose screws’ and the rage. I sensed it from the very beginning with his passive-aggressiveness toward Shrillary. Everythng with him is personal and could possibly stem from problems associated with his bi-racial background. Just a guess.
      One thing for sure….he shouldn’t be anywhere near the WH or the Oval Office. He’s one dangerous dude.

      • Yes, I noticed his nose rubbing, too. I believe he’s aware of his habit and tried to stop himself from doing it at the beginning of the speech. As time goes on he gets in a zone and does the deed.

        I’m not so sure his rage comes from his bi-racial background as much as it comes from his maladjusted family life. He wasn’t even into his blackness until he was at Occidental and saw its value for his getting ahead.

        One thing that bugs me about him is that faux black accent. It’s so patronizing to actual black people.

        • While we’re on the shirnk’s couch: Have you noticed that during all of his major speeches, he appears to be having a trance-like ‘out of body’ experience? It takes him a full minute or two to return to planet earth after he finishes his ”performance’. It’s creepy. Especially when he keeps milking the audiences for more applause.

          • We might be the only two people who actually watch his speeches and I don’t do it as much as I used to because It’s always the same ol’ same ol’.

            When I say watch I mean we are observing his demeanor more than his actual words. I find his body language fascinating.
            He NEEDS to speak to these college kids. He feeds off of it. He needs the applause. He’s addicted to it as much as he might be addicted to actual substances.

            So he does seem to go into a trance-like state at times….or he could just be boring himself to death reading his telepromptor.

          • He is indeed a fascinating study in psychopathy/sociopathy. He absolutely can’t survive without the roar of the crowd and the smell of the greasepaint, especially at the colleges.

            You have done a super great job of capturing the essence of this man with your videos, Janice.

            If you haven’t already read it, the renowned Dr. Hervey Cleckley authored a magnum opus…THE MASK OF SANITY (circa 1940) – the definitive study of the psychopathic/sociopathic mind. He wrote the book, Three Faces of Eve, based on the case history of one of his patients.
            He could have written an entire opus on Barack Obama!

  15. Obama left Michigan and went to Chicago for TWO fundraisers for the DNC. The first fundraiser has 25 supporters paying $32,400 for the first event. There are 55 supporters paying $10K each at a 2nd event. We have another shooting at Fort Hood and Obama is once again out fundraising and eating where he was served by a worker making a $1 per hour more than Fed minimum wage. What a guy!

    • And once again his fund raising plans and recreational activities are not stopped by tragic events, He does not want to be a real Commander in Chief, just a photo op one..

    • The bagman returns to the scene of the crime. Where’s Mooch? Guess all of her SouthSide friends are living at the WH or nearby. Read that she visited a tony DC bistro last nite with Valjar and four friends. A single Mom has to have fun!

  16. (satire)
    According to White House sources who spoke on condition of anonymity, a few remarks that had been part of the final speech draft were inadvertently left off the version loaded onto the Teleprompter.

    Video of the remarks can be found here.

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  18. When he talks about people being remembered well (or not), it must stem from worries about… himself… and how his presidency will be remembered. While the rest of us worry about how to survive his reign. Gd save us.

  19. The most divisive leader in the history of our country. This guy just loves to stir up hate doesn’t he? A mean, nasty little man in a position of power. I can’t wait for 2014 mid terms and 2016.