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Big Papi Gets His Obama Selfie

Boston Red Sox Star David Ortiz got Obama to join him for a selfie during the team’s visit to the White House Tuesday.

Notice how jocular Obama seems as he harbors the news he’ll celebrate later in the day that the Obamacare exchanges garnered 7 million signups.

And here it is.

Obama Ortiz selfie

10 thoughts on “Big Papi Gets His Obama Selfie”

  1. Another reason I always root for the Yankees when they play the BOsox.

    Obama’s always happy around celebrities and sports stars, wish he’d be that way doing the job we hired him for :)

  2. He was giddy as that event progressed yesterday. Never saw him that ‘invigorated’, almost to the point of ‘intoxication’.

    He needs a reminder not to count his chickens before they’re hatched. Checking the little blue extension box on the website is easy-peasy,

  3. I’ve lived in MA all my life and I’ve always been a Yankee fan. There are some of us especially in western MA. I do love the Bruins and was especially pleased when former Bruins goalie Tim Thomas refused to go to the White House ceremony.

  4. That’s why Boston Red Sox stink. I say this as a lifelong New York Yankee fan. Not out of hate, it’s tradition. So much so that I’m leaving town heading for the NY vs. Boston games next week to watch them lose.

  5. He should have had (have) the guts to go to Benghazi, and took a selfie with all the people, who are not under Russian’s GRIP!!!!!!
    Same grip this Health Mess will effect us one way or another.

  6. Has Ortiz noticed that everything Obama associates with turns out not so well. He has the opposite of the Midas touch.

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