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Ted Cruz Vies for Youth and Senior Vote with Tattoo

This is truly craven.

In a obvious ploy to nab 18-35 year old voters, Senator and prospective presidential candidate Ted Cruz has affixed a tattoo on his arm. Just to be hip.

What’s more, clearly on the advise of his political consultants, the tattoo is of none other than Winston Churchill, which will surely help him attract the senior vote too.

Ingenious. But I thought Ted Cruz was about principle.

Yes, this is an April Fools prank . . .

11 Responses to Ted Cruz Vies for Youth and Senior Vote with Tattoo

  1. Oh, it’s an April Fools joke. OK. har har.

    If the good SenCruz did get a tat, and it was that image penned on his arm, 30 years from now old Winston’s cigar would be drooping.

    • The lines can spread, but no they don’t get bigger if you gain weight, or droop. I almost liked Cruz for a second there. You decide whether THAT is an April Fool’s joke.

  2. At least it wasn’t a tramp stamp of old Winnie.

    It does show that Cruz can joke and has a sense of humor. While everyone thinks that Obama does, that is proving to not be the case.

    As Loren Michaels of SNL has said, “Republicans are easier for us than Democrats,” Michaels said in an interview with New York Magazine, also published on “Democrats tend to take it personally; Republicans think it’s funny.”


    With all the things going on here and abroad, we need someone serious, but who also can laugh at themselves, and is willing to get out of the group think mentality we now have in the WH and Congress.