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The Real Obamacare Number: At Least 9.5 Million

When all is said and done, the Affordable Care Act has resulted in at least 9.5 million – and perhaps around 10 million – previously uninsured people gaining health insurance, reducing the ranks of the nation’s uninsured from about 46.5 million to 37 million, or by only about 20 percent, according to data assembled by the Los Angeles Times.

What Americans will have to decide is whether this is worth it or whether this was the right way to boost coverage, given the enormous costs and the variety of adverse impacts associated with Obamacare.

How do we know it’s 9.5 million?

Here’s the most basic statistic: As of March 22, according to a Rand Corp. survey that was shared with the Times, the percentage of adults ages 18 to 64 without health insurance has declined from 20.9 percent last fall to 16.6 percent. If we assume America has about 46.5 million uninsured, that translates to a decline to about 37 million – a 9.5 million drop.

Given the mass signups that occurred in the last days of March, the number of uninsured who have gained a plan has gone up, so perhaps we’re at around 10 million.

How did we get there?

Well, not substantially through the Obamacare exchanges and their 7 million signups, which the White House is celebrating today.

The Times estimates that only about a third of of those signing up on the exchanges didn’t have insurance previously. And a study by McKinsey & Co. indicates that only about half of those who didn’t have insurance and who sign up to get it actually plunk down a premium and enroll, meaning the exchanges may have only subtracted million or so from the number of uninsured.

The real meat of Obamacare has been a raw increase in welfare. That is, about 4.5 million have gained coverage through the law’s expansion of Medicaid. It’s simply a transfer of wealth from taxpayers.

Another 3 million, the Times says, have benefited from their new right to hang out on their parents’ health plans until they turn 26. And some who were not insured have bought plans directly from insurers, bypassing the exchanges.

Meanwhile, “fewer than a million” have actually lost their insurance, the Times reports. Sorry Charlie.

If you’re not sure whether this was worth it, wait until your copays and deductibles start soaring as you are billed for the doctor who couldn’t seen you for six months. Or your taxes start rising to rescue insurers and pay the added welfare costs. Or your company drops your insurance. Or your company drops you. Or your young new doctor, a relative dummy who is willing to accept the declining physicians’ salaries, removes the wrong kidney.

Unless the Death Panel denied you the kidney surgery in the first place . . .

Then decide.

27 Responses to The Real Obamacare Number: At Least 9.5 Million

  1. I’m still skeptical because there are so many waivers, and probably the wealthiest people (donors, bundlers, captialist cronys, celebrities, politicians) who are needed to help us, the middle class, subsidize the poorer folks.

    As people keep asking, if this is such a good deal, why are people (with connections) avoiding it ?

    • I also distrust the numbers, and the timing of the information. (If they knew these numbers before, why hide them? Why do they know the numbers now? What changed?)

      Is it like so many liberal causes? They “pretend” they’re losing so the conservatives don’t work so hard against them?

      • I found it amusing that in the early months, they had NO IDEA of the numbers. But suddenly, they’ve become counting geniuses and are able to basically tell us how many have signed up in the last few hours?

        Uh … either they were lying then (most likely) or they are lying now (I don’t think this is an either/or … I think they’re lying both times).

        And I don’t need to wait to know that this is a big old steaming pile of crap. My deductible sucks – I basically have catastrophic coverage for regular insurance prices. I can’t afford to go to the doc after my premium. And it would take a catastrophic event to meet my deductable, so I’m basically paying out of pocket.

        THANKS OBAMA . {insert expletive}

  2. Obamacare is like an endless pollen season including the pollen count – it will vary month to month. Like an allergy, we’ll never cure it and will have to constantly treat the symptoms.

  3. I’ve curled up into a little ball until the mid-term elections are over. I fear that the exuberance of the ObamaCare numbers and all the Dem saying to the R’s, I Told You So, is just what the Dems need to rewrite the election this year. Please tell me I’m all wrong.

  4. Last week, the number was six million “enrollees”
    Now….Wow! One million people signed up to buy health insurance in ONE week! That is amazing. Awesome and unbelievable. That’s almost like the entire population of Arizona buying health insurance.
    So….Arizona good, 49 more states to go.
    Or…… 293,000,000(+ or -) Americans still waiting.

    Now we won’t have to worry about the “bros” hurting themselves when they fall off of the beer keg, slutty Sally will have “free” contraceptives so that she’s not being punished with a child, and Pajama Boy won’t have to worry about anything bad happening to him.
    We are so relieved.

  5. I thought that LA times story, which the Chicago Tribune printed (we get that paper) was really lame. It counted the people under 26 who could stay on parents’ coverage. That was NEVER part of the “7 million.” Also — my own daughter, who turned 26 on March 10, has many nasty things to say about the sign-up process. None of them are printable.

  6. Do we even know if there are, in fact, 45M uninsured? Are they counting illegals and permanent residents, visa holders? Who are these people? How many US citizens?

    After the news about Mexican consulates signing up illegals, we need to call for a moratorium until all non-citizens are removed from the ACA. Arrests are in order for those who aided and abetted.

    Obama and his minions cannot be triusted to run a lemonade stand, much less 1/5 of the economy. Nothing has changed insofar as the unworkable, unfixable mess called ObamaCare is concerned.
    The 7M or 9.5M sign-ups is meaningless until we find out who they are. Nothing less than a full-fledged investigation will satisfy my mis-trust of these crooks.

  7. I decided long, long ago that it wasn’t worth it when my husband’s employer changed its coverage to meet the upcoming law.

  8. Please, PLEASE remember that these drunken spenders have spent all this money on the rollout; we haven’t begun to see the costs of this crazy plan.
    I gives me hope that Prohibition was repealed -this, too can be repealed. Hey, there’s a precedent.

  9. The sad part of Obamacare is there is still going to be uninsured people on the U.S. and many of those people will be children. I heard a number around $40 mil uninsured prior to the law being passed. If anyone would post real numbers I would love to know how many uninsured are still out there.

    The President during the Faux Victory Lap today stated that people no longer had to live n fear of being bankrupted because of medical expenses being capped. When selling this load of crap he left off the cap part. How many people did a cap really effect? It was sold as families being bankrupted because they had no insurance. I predict at the end of the same 2010 amount will still be the same. There will be more medical bankruptcies due to people not having money left after these crazy premiums and deductions with these inferior policies. Our country will have spent 1.5 trillion it had to borrow because we can’t money manage by creating a budget that we can balance. Our super power government can’t provide real numbers on any of this. Talk about Fraud

    • Yep. If we had a broken arm, etc, occur at our house, I think I’d still be paying out of pocket because of our high deductible. Of course, I don’t have that $$ because my premiums have gone up.

      What happens when you have bill you can’t pay? Even with insurance?

  10. Heard on the Mark Levin Show tonight—-physicians do not yet have the Obamacare fee schedule. This means they do not yet know what their reimbursements will be under Obamacare. So they are expected to provide services, while patients don’t know their out of pocket costs and docs have to guess what to charge. What a complete mess.

  11. The Dems threw millions of people (so far!) off their affordable insurance and gave them the choice of paying much more, or paying more and getting lousier coverage, of going from being self-reliant adults to depending on subsidies from other people’s pockets in order to get “insurance” that may not actually pay for their treatment (as their old policy did), but it will pay for somebody else’s contraceptives.

    And before they even know what kind of “deal” they’ll get, they have to put a mass of personal information into a dysfunctional website of dubious security. And they probably won’t know what actual medical care the policy covers until after they’ve paid. And if they change their mind, the system won’t let them out.

    Meanwhile, the actual practice of medicine is being devastated. People have already died because of the new Obamacare treatment protocols, or because they lost their actually affordable insurance.

    And remember: the damage is only beginning. There’s a reason why the administration wants to get past the next election before it unloads the whole mess on the electorate. How cynical do you have to be to keep trying to hide what you’re doing to the citizenry until after you persuade them to reelect you?

    • Even O’Reilly–who is “fair to the president” to a fault–says this is just a way station to universal and the WH does not care who pays what or how unhappy they are.

  12. Wait, you’re using data numbers assembled by the LA Times and the Rand Corp as the basis of your facts about the uninsured total in this country going down? Really?

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  15. An undisclosed study by the well-respected RAND Corp (which has reportedly been seen only at The Los Angeles Times) reveals that only 23% of new ObamaCare “clients” had no insurance before enrolling. What’s more, only 53% of that cohort has reportedly paid their first month’s premium (i.e., formally entered the program) — that’s like putting an online store item in your “basket” but not paying for it.

    If those figures are accurate, the President and his party have succeeded in disrupting the health care system — with which 80% of Americans were satisfied — for a grand total of 858,298 people.

    Kudos, Democrats.