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Expert Hacks in 4 Minutes

In what sense is a broken website “fixed” when it’s completely insecure?

Security consultant David Kennedy, who has testified before Congress about the flaws in that have made people’s information unsafe, revealed Monday he was able to gain access to the personal records of 70,000 Obamacare enrollees in four minutes.

“It looks like it’s continuing to get worse,” Kennedy said of the website’s security fiasco.

What’s more, it appears he used methods that are available to anyone:

We didn’t actually hack the website. This is basically from what we could find open on the Internet . . . If hackers actually target their efforts on, it’s disastrous what type of information they could actually find on the website.

Kennedy added that the very fact that the website is still so bad it crashed Monday suggests security issues must also be a problem.

14 thoughts on “Expert Hacks in 4 Minutes”

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  2. Too much information is why the Obamacare site is so attractive to hackers. It not only gives basic ID parameters, buts allow the bad guys to tailor their scams to the scam-ee.

    1. It’s had that problem from Day 1. Especially that you have to provide all your personal information just to get a quote. So not sure if they’re counting those “looky-loos” as sign ups ?

  3. It’s probably been hacked countless times now! Chances are we’ll never know the story either.
    This is because there’s a provision tucked into the law that says the feds do NOT have to disclose to the public when / if their personal data is compromised through ..
    It is so corrupt to me that a private business must publicly disclose even ‘potential’ breach of public data or risks being indicted & brought up on charges by the same government that made sure it doesn’t have to do the same thing.

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