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Carney: Obamacare Critics Gnashing Their Teeth

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney suggested Monday that Obamacare critics are “gnashing their teeth” over the administration’s unexpected success in reaching its goal of signing up 7 million people by March 31.

Said he:

So, look, polling aside, we’re achieving something today that I know has our critics gnashing their teeth.  I know it leaves them with the need to go back to the drawing board when it comes to other means of trying to attack a law that is providing opportunity and security to millions of Americans.

A couple of things about this.

First of all, he’s right. Nobody thought the White House would get 7 million signups – possibly not even the White House – and they did. And you can hear the frustration among conservatives as they discuss Obama’s success.

On the other hand, Carney added that Obamacare critics will consequently be forced to go “back to the drawing board” and were “now grasping for other things to criticize about the Affordable Care Act.”

Well, the drawing board is rather teaming with sketches, and one doesn’t have to “grasp” very far – much to hate about the ACA is well within reach – starting with that up to 20 percent of the signups haven’t paid and some two thirds had health insurance previously.

And that’s before you get to the ruination of the previously affordable U.S. health care system.

But, you know, whatever. Carney and the White House deserve a little victory lap today.

Oh, wait.

This is not a victory lap.  All this is about is providing benefits to the American people.  It’s really not about the midterm cycle or what a critic in the Senate or the House says versus what we say. It’s about delivering on a promise that the Affordable Care Act embodies and that the President made and that many Presidents prior to him tried to make.

Well, I knew Carney would get back to the usual silliness. And BTW, the White House has a lot of nerve talking about the president “delivering on a promise” with respect to Obamacare.

20 thoughts on “Carney: Obamacare Critics Gnashing Their Teeth”

  1. I don’t believe for one minute they “hit” 7 million. that # will be quietly revised down like the BLS #s are always revised to more closely reflect the truth rather than the wishful thinking.

    1. That 7 million number was pulled out of a hat as a magic trick to distract from the epic failure of Obamacare. A political victory dance on the stage with mood lights and fog machine is meaningless. Just ask the millions of Americans who are actually suffering from this Big Government disaster.

  2. How many PAID?
    How many are under 30 and healthy?
    How many lost their plans that they liked?

    And we are supposed to believe that the regime knows how many “enrolled” but they have NO other information?

    One must suspend disbelief!

  3. Twitchy has some responses which were my first thoughts too. This is definitely not a victory lap if they can’t (or won’t) release the numbers and still a far cry from the numbers Ocare was supposed to cover (millions more?).

    Other than that, Carney’s gnashing comment sounded like a nanny-nanny-boo-boo “we won” ! How mature. Just give us the facts, numbers ya’ Bozo-Jay.

  4. How many have paid their premiums? How many of those signed up are receiving subsidies? and How many of those 7 million are Medicaid and have their healthcare paid for fully?

    Bottom Line: Middle class is paying dearly in the form of substantially higher premiums, higher deductibles, increase out-of-pocket costs etc.
    Our premiums will more than double in Jan 2015….look out folks, as we will not be the only family in america seeing rates double.

    1. If they want bipartisan support the Dems are sure going about it the wrong way. It’s almost as though they’re confusing everyone on purpose just for the mid-terms and being able to say…


      That’s good enough for the LoFo’s. The GOP isn’t hitting back hard enough.

  5. The back-end system is still not operating efficiently – wait until you want to process a claim…..I predict chaos and long wait times.

    Also, informational and financial security is not guaranteed.

    the government can not run the Post Office without losing money (not to mention poor service) so what makes anyone think they can run the Healthcare system efficiently?

    1. Heck, they can’t even run AMTRAK worth beans. Once you get outside of the Northeast Corridor, pretty much every other route is a money loser.

      So they can’t run a post office OR a railroad…but we should trust them with our physical health.

  6. The photos were stunning of the thousands of people lined up outside the Alamodome yesterday waiting to enroll in Obamacare. I wonder if there were similar scenarios across the USA? Also, how can this be a success if they have only 7 million sign up when they told us there were 30 million uninsured? Where/who are the missing 23 million?

  7. Let’s see how many pay month two. And when people can’t use these policies bec they must pay basically all yr out of pocket (deductible), the bloom will fade, if there is bloom. And when all the employer policies start to fall, well, Jay, we won’t be “grasping.” I just keep wondering how we got in the hands of such mediocre thinkers.

  8. On MoJoe–even “worse” news–Wash Post poll showing approval of O-care up from 40% to 49%. But even that AP flak Julie Pace said there were bad internal numbers. Still, they will be waving that one around.

  9. Let’s see. Two-thirds were previously insured and arguably happier with that policy than with their new Obamacare. That’s 4.7 million people. Then there’s the 20 percent who just signed up until they realized it would cost money, and abandoned the process. That’s another 1.4 million or more. Call it 6.1 million of the 7 million who were either better off without, or won’t benefit from, their signup. That leaves MAYBE 900,000 people, out of 300,000,000, who may have benefitted. And some big percentage of those were Medicaid signups, which could have been accomplished without touching the private health care system that already existed. All this for only $2 trillion! That’s a mere $2.22 million per person possibly benefited. Don’t you wish Democrats ran the whole world?

  10. It’s not about the number enrolled. It is about the explosive costs caused by Obama’s
    unilateral changes. Any giveaway program will work if spending is unlimited!!! Obama
    has now declared that those with employer coverage can drop it and get subsidies on the
    exchanges instead. Totally outside the text of the law, but no one in Congress has the
    courage to stand up to protect the taxpayers.

  11. 7 million something or someone. Nobody knows. Most transparent administration never. Total crap.

    Barack Obama serves no one but himself and the progressive party’s march to power. He could care less about this country.

  12. wait–“polling aside”? so in other words: “Despite the fact that people hate Obamacare, people really like Obamacare”? I mean come on.

    I don’t necessarily believe they actually got 7 million. it’s not like they’ve never lied about anything before. but let’s say they did. how many of those 7 million are getting subsidies or going on Medicaid? how many of them were uninsured before, and are covered now? how many of them will be paying less for a better plan?

    since those numbers are likely to be bad, we probably won’t be hearing about them. whew! the MSM won’t have to worry about covering that: Rachel Ray will have more time to coo over the vice president’s complexion, and MSNBC can keep talking about Bridgegate. you know–stuff that matters.

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