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Video || SNL Lampoons Obama’s ACA Outreach

Even Saturday Night Live has noticed President Obama is busily degrading the presidency in his I’ll-do-anything, I’ll-talk-to-anyone campaign to sign people up for Obamacare.

9 Responses to Video || SNL Lampoons Obama’s ACA Outreach

  1. If only this were a joke. This may be one of the more transparent inside looks at what really goes on in the White House. OTOH, what ever happened to the Buck Stops Here?

    Interesting dig at the start of LCK’s monologue: “White people don’t deserve to sleep at night”. A bit of PC pandering?

  2. Sebellius at Huffpost live.

    Dissed Barasso who was just on Varney saying that 2 to 1 people are hurt rather than helped. Barasso also said most cancer and children’s hospitals not accepting Obamacare.

    When asked about it, Barasso essentially said he could care less about what Sebellius says — this is about damage to patient care.

    But as along as illegal and the rest of FSA are getting access paid for by the US taxpayers — no harm, no foul. Again, asshats.