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Rachel Ray Tears Up Talking Obamacare with Biden

Rachael Ray got a little choked up today while helping Vice President Biden promote Obamacare. It appears her brother was saved by the Affordable Care Act.

Can I just say that in my own family, my brother was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, he was dropped from his health insurance when he hit a health care cap. He a has small child.

My mom and my sister went online to the site and used it as  the resource to find the people in our community, and they found the right health care for my brother and his child. It is such an important resource for Americans, and I just thank you.

Yes, thank you for the free stuff for my brother, Mr. Vice President. How this affects other people is not my concern.

Not quite sure about her story. Lifetime limits on care were eliminated in 2010. Annual limits on coverage have been at $2 million since 2012. They’re now abolished as well. So it’s kind of weird that they were able to drop him from his plan.

Ray then goes on to deliver the talking points about young people signing up.

Then, just to enhance her credibility, Ray reveals she’s fallen in love with Joe Biden’s skin.

Of course, this is hardly surprising. Long time readers of White House Dossier know that I’ve devoted many articles to Joe Biden’s skin.

Aides have told us that he sleeps every night with a chocolate chip pancake on his face and then washes it with peanut butter in the morning. It’s miraculous, really.

47 Responses to Rachel Ray Tears Up Talking Obamacare with Biden

    • Infinity gag!

      It’s the most sick, moronic, and a$$ kissing thing I’ve ever seen RR say …to a low rank politician!

      Her ratings will sink!

  1. So the multi-millionaire can’t help her brother out ? Obviously her mom and sister did all the grunt work and Rach is making it sound like Obamacare saved her brother’s life ?

    I’d like to know more details about that policy …..

  2. Awww, she’s so cute and respectful. We’re so glad that her mother and sister helped the brother find people in the community at the website. He has a small child! So aside from being so desperately ill he coundn’t find anyone to cover his health care, he has a small child!
    She’s just so cute and all.

    fyi… smear the peanut butter on your face at night, then wipe it off with the pancake (sourdough is best, chocolate chip pancakes are lumpy).
    MrBiden does have nice skin even though he confused borax with botox and had that dermal incident. He does seem to have healed nicely.

  3. Everything with these damn progressives is touchy, feeling, tear-dripping-slobbering-sob stories teetering between The Young and the Restless and General Hospital.
    It’s one big soap opera with too many obamacare commercials.

  4. Ray is either a liar or she and her family are just plain stupid. I live in New York, upstate thank God, and have a child with epilepsy. First off, there is a government program for children without health care, so that is bunk. Second, any one with serious illness can sign up in advance of maxing out health care for a Medicaid wavier, covering your butt if the worst should happen. Now of course no one can max out, so Ray is as I said either a liar or stupid. Must cheap too, one would think she could have handled any medical bills, without much hardship. Boo hoo, what a sham.

  5. Rachael Ray is correct on some things.
    That yes, the ACA/obamacare is going to help some help.

    The problem is 3 fold.
    Did we have to wreck the system to help a few
    Did we have to save a few by hurting a few
    Most IMPORTANTLY: Couldn’t the private market do this? Open up legislation to health care across stateliness, make it easier for people to get on plans even with a pre-existing disease.

    The government ruins things Rachael. They want to get in the TV biz. The internet biz.

    • Well said, Scottso. We need insurance reform, not socialized medicine. Ironically, we will end up with more uninsured Americans while illegal aliens are being enrolled right under our noses.
      Obama is illegitimate, and so is this monstrosity he created. I see no way out of it. It will limp along for until it morphs into single payer.
      Unions will take over the industry and we will look just like the UK: deteriorating hospital conditions; salaried physicians who put in their 9 hours and call it a day; rationing; and waiting lists for months for life-saving procedures.
      Who will be the overseers of the government?

  6. So Biden pimps Rachel Ray on national tv. Obama, SillyBus takes the 5th and Reid calls people who have been dropped from their insurance plans liars, then claims he never said that.
    Now the frosting on the cake is that websites still FUBAR. Did we expect anything else?

  7. Dear Gawd,Keith! Lowwhow the mighty(you) have fallen. I go out of my way to avoid Rachael Ray—-and Joe Biden,too. Please no more bottom of the barrel.

  8. Rachel Ray – “365 Recipes!” Yeah, first you make chili with beef and then next day you make some more with lamb… She’s an idiot.

  9. I used to like Rach and I still make a few of her recipes occasionally. However, since she climbed on the Obama fan bus I have no desire to watch her show or buy her books or magazine. And now I’m left wondering why in the world she didn’t help her brother with his insurance. Surely she has enough wealth to spread around.

      • Have you noticed the cost of the ingredients she uses? No normal family could afford the expensive ‘cool new food’ she uses
        it’s simply too expensive.

  10. I might be able to deal with Rachel Ray shilling for Obamacare if she would just quit using the phrase “EVOO”, then explaining (as if we are idiots) “extra virgin olive oil” with a wink. Makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

    Great observations about her being a cheapskate sister. Typical Democrat.

  11. Rachel Ray has descended to the position of muppet. I used think that she was an Ok television personality, but it is no longer so. It’s time to see her ratings tank.

  12. Sounds like to me sister is very stingy & too busy to help her own family. My advice to help out the healthcare situation is for the rich, when they get sick, pay for their own healthcare. The poor gets a gun with 1 bullet to take care of their healthcare.

    • Her bro might have capped out before the caps were eliminated and then could get a policy even with a pre-existing…She doesn’t seem to know the situation…oh, well. To be honest, I would not expect a fam member to pick up my tab–would you guys? Really?