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The Obama Morning News || March 31, 2014

Obamacare may reach 7 million target . . . Bloomberg
Barrasso: Obama “cooking the books” . . . Newsmax
Website goes down amid signup surge . . . Politico
Ten states where ACA wipes out existing plans . . . Daily Caller
The Obamacare enthusiasm gap . . . Politico
Dems losing whites, young, independents . . . Wall Street Journal
Obama fails to raise human rights with Saudi . . . CNS News
Kerry fails to break Ukraine deadlock  . . . Reuters
Obama Asia pivot on hold . . . The Hill
Man scales White House fence . . . Associated Press
How an Obama pool stop went viral . . . Politico
GOP establishment pushing Jeb . . . Washington Post
What will Sheldon do? . . . Politico

15 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 31, 2014

  1. Read Daily Caller article…
    I would like to know the number of people in each state, that got
    Some may be to sick, or elderly to go outside and protest.
    ” ” ” ” ” ” to call their Rep.
    ” ” ” ” ” may not have family members to help them with the position they are now in.
    Come on American Citizens if a Store is advertizing peaches for $ amount, and you go to the store you get a peach for that amount.
    If they are sold out, most grocery stores, will give you a ticket to get the peaches for the sale price when next shipment comes in.

    • Upon further inspection,it appears that some incompetent boob programmed it so that the numbers would move to the left once the Day value reached ‘zero’.

      Anyway, the countdown should be at 15 hours, 34 minutes – not 15 days and 34 hours as it now reads. No telling what will happen when it finally times out.

  2. O visit: Jewish member of Press Corps did not come up.
    O told the Pope, This is central to U.S. foreign policy, that we protected the interest of religious minorities around the world.
    Than: O was told by Alyami not to raise the issue.
    Good long meeting, covered lots of ground.
    I read those notes from article by GNS
    Than pulled up Politico article and got to see a dandy (sarc) picture of O being greeted by men standing in the sand with firearms.
    So… Besides those notes, can anyone tell me what was the benefit of this expensive trip? What good was accomplished from it?

      • I was kind of moseying along — and in the background Joe Trippi and Ed Rollins were being interviewed about Jeb Bush and other possible candidates. For some reason it became crystal clear to me that in this mess you are talking about is a hugely twisted primary system.


        • I was kind of moseying along — and in the background Joe Trippi and Ed Rollins were being interviewed about Jeb Bush and other possible candidates. For some reason it became crystal clear to me that in this mess you are talking about is a hugely twisted primary system.

          The fact is it takes $100 million to just run in the primaries. War chests . $100 million.

  3. Barraso-Obamacare “Cooking the Books”

    No surprise with this statement. Credibility is The Obama Administation largest problem. We have been lied to so many times there isn’t a set of numbers that are believable. In fairness, the numbers are not always lies. The way they calculate the number has changed from the other standards set by Standard Accounting Practices and/or past administrations. We are left looking for a footnote of how they derived a number and our media never shares the true facts,just the headline.

    A perfect example is how well the jobless numbers were in Sep 2012 prior to the election and when people such as Jack Welch questioned the numbers he was vilified in the press by NBC a corporation he led for years. Now, if Jack Welch had his financial officers making up numbers in there financials to show profit and it was not true then Mr Welch would still be in jail for fraud Our Govt says oops after the election with revised numbers and no one is jailed.

    There will be 6.5 million enrollees by the end of the day. They will not have numbers of how many people have any money since November nor will they will not share any Medicare sign ups. I hope the first action the New President does after his inauguration is have every cabinet,staff member and govt employee implicit in this fraud including the Obama’s and Joe Biden. Mooch can go,to jail for trip expense fraud.

    • In answer to your question AZGranny, Kalifornia is releasing thousands of prisoners (Americans AND illegals), , due to prison overcrowding. I know that’s not what you are referring to but it’s the illegals who are responsible for prison overcrowding in the first place.
      All of us who are living in border states are at risk b/c of Obama. HE is the greatest threat to our security. Harboring criminals is an impeachable offense IMO, not to mention a violation of our immigration laws. Then again, we’re talking about Obama – he who is above the law(s).

      • Girly, perhaps the illegals should be rounded up and dumped on Biden’s doorstep so he can personally deal with all the “citizens” he speaks of.

  4. On the cooking the books thing–those so-called signups are so suspect they stink out loud. How many are paid? If they paid one month, will they pay a second month? We already have been told the young people didn’t go for it in the needed numbers. How many are replacing insurance yanked away from them? It such a travesty! But, if you lay out your story (oncologist not available, state of the art care, same, can’t even go to the doc bec of deductibles), The Cryptkeeper calls you a liar.

  5. Yippity-do-dah seven million signed up. Depending upon which numbers are accurately reported, that still leaves about 35 million not insured. The next open enrollment period, I believe is towards the end of this year after October 1 (the federal accounting year) and before December 7, 2014. At this rate, it would take us well beyond 2017. A trillion dollars +/- for such a crappy result. Add to the mix, there is no way of forecasting how many of the newly enrolled will continue to pay their premiums. Premiums are high/deductibles are outrageous ($2500-$6000/annually) and finally ocareless is for all intensive purposes – catastrophic coverage and a catastrophic program.