As of now, I am in control here, in the White House on the Fritz

I’d say it’s incomprehensible that all these months after the site didn’t work, it still can’t handle a large load of people – except of course nothing with Obamacare is incomprehensible anymore.


I tried to enroll on the Virginia exchange – not that I would have completed the process – and got this: error

As John McEnroe used to say to umpires, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!

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  1. The elderly were insulted on TV with the comment about the elderly not be able to work, or understand the site.
    That was my mom he was insulting.
    The amount of money, no figure has been released on the so called amount paid into it.
    Them telling you want plan is good for you.
    On and On and On.
    Oh yes, the fact that doctors are retiring early, or going into another field.

  2. I’ve never heard anyone address a year out from now, when all the millennials see how stupid it was for them to sign up, and INS has gathered intel on all the undocumenteds who signed up. They all bail, leaving sick and old people holding the reins – boom, pow, implode.

    The administration is hell bent on saying they got x# of people with zero thought about how it will all actually work.

    • Exactly! The “supposed” intent was for the millennials to off-set the costs of Medicare, but the opposite will happen. I fully expect Medicare premiums to skyrocket in the coming years.

  3. I am still waiting for everyone who voted on this to all stand together and read it live on TV.
    Then I would like them to answer any and all questions.
    I understand they are not worried about their insurance costs. Their rich.
    They have to have family members, old friends, etc., who are not rich.
    This will take effect on them. How can they sleep at night, knowing those people worked hard, paid their way, paid for their insurance, and now are suffering one way or another with the Health mess?

  4. Harry Reid is one dopey guy. I am 83 and am probably somewhat
    computer literate. He just loves to insult the masses, so I just laugh at
    him. However, I feel really bad for my primary doctor. I saw him last week, and he told me that he has had to spend a lot of money just
    trying to do the paperwork the government insists on. I hope he doesn’t get so disgusted that he will quit his practice. I know of other dcotors
    who have just given up.

    • I read about that the other day. Forgive me I can’t remember if it was called codes, but some type of system where it takes forever to list all the codes they now have to report.
      Would anyone would like to note what those codes are.
      It was listed in a letter from a doctor. Someone put the link (letter) here on WHD the other day.
      The doctor made the point all the time doctors are spending with this, is causing less time with their patients.

  5. Obama and Sebelius are going to use this to their advantage all the way til Nov. ‘See, we told you so! We surpassed our quota of 6M even with a flawed website. We’re still working out the glitches but we expect the numbers to keep growing over the next two weeks during our ‘grace’ period. Those mean old Republicans didn’t know what they were talking about.’

    Hope I am dead wrong…

  6. What documents are they asking the public to have handy?
    The last time I purchased private health insurance they didn’t ask for “documents” or anything other than my first month’s payment.

    Last year’s W-2 or tax return might be needed to suggest an income bracket, but at best they’re only proof of what you used to earn, and a current pay stub isn’t really the best indicator of a yearly earnings record. So?
    If the applicant doesn’t have a job, but did work at some time this year, that wouldn’t mean anything either.
    When buying health insurance, the most important thing is how much money the potential buyer has available, and that is never on a document that can be proven over a website.

    The website doesn’t work. sigh.
    Last week, I navigated along with a few million people and ordered a set of TV videos from 1980 that were not exactly sitting on the front of the video shelf.
    Two days later, the videos arrived at my front door, safely boxed, delivered thousands of miles by a national shipping company, and paid for by a credit card maintained by a company with hundreds of millions customers.
    Just like that, easy peasy.
    But, the government website doesn’t work.

  7. Did Jay Carney really say that 6 in 10 americans can get health insurance for $100 a day????????? $36,500 a year for health insurance?

    Apparently he said it at the presser today.

  8. …and if people don’t understand the internet, as Harry Reid said, why did the government put so much money into online enrollment? He could’ve said: ‘People are too stupid to understand the internet, and we’re so stupid we decided that’s where they would enroll.’

    I know HHS had navigators, too, but they pushed the heck out of the website.

  9. Clearly the website was down due to overwhelming demand.

    It’s all kabuki theater anyway. Nothing but lies. To discuss it with any thought that any of this is somehow real or accurate is ridiculous. This is one big scam by an administration of used volt salespeople.

  10. From the AP Monday evening…

    “Beating expectations, President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul was on track to sign up more than 7 million Americans for health insurance on deadline day Monday, government officials told The Associated Press.”

    In other words, the program is a success and the matter is settled…nothing further to discuss.