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  1. Just sippin coffee this morning and wondering….why is it we have heard nada about the flight simulator data on the MH370 pilot? I mean, a man that invested in home tech like that would leave some trace if he was planning to command a commercial jet to another location, right? Strange that we have heard nothing at all on this, and Lord knows CNN has spent just a few minutes on the whole event.

    Cheers all


    • On the weather channel, they have one line at the bottom with the local temp,etc. There is another on top with Natl. weather news scrolling. (At times they squeeze ads scrolling)
      The point: Why can’t the Cable news channels have 2 lines scrolling with news instead of one.
      As far as the Pilots data, I don’t think it takes this long to review information like that. Maybe I am watching to many movies, or detective show.

      • You mean the Weather News Channel. 4 min of news, 3.5 of commercials and .5 or sometimes actual local weather. Pretty soon all news channels will have more than 1 streaming ticker line. Be like Bloomberg Channel sometimes – 2/3 ticker.

        Yes, I have moved on from the WxChannel. I find the NWS gets it right allot closer to live conditions where I live.

    • IMO, politics. Political issues worsened by officials of a third-world country feeling responsible for @150 Chinese nationals, a few Americans, two or more suspicious passengers, and a national spotlight on a plane piloted by two Muslims, one of which was personally troubled.

      Add to that the politics of secrets held by countries who didn’t want to reveal the depth and scope of their spying capabilities, and now we have an investigation of PinkPanther scope where evidence is denied, players are not vetted, and the main characters goal is to keep themselves from becoming suspects in what might be the lastest mass murder by Islamists.

    • Add to the strange list of Flt# 370 –
      The silence of any entity in the US.
      The absence of any outgoing cell phone calls/text messages from passengers.

  2. I am having my coffee, reading news on the internet, and swithing the TV from the weather channel to news channel.
    There I found news of small quake in CA. One happened on Friday, and one yesteday. I saw this news yesterday morning, and awaited an update on the TV yesterday. I did not hear a word. This morning I have not heard a word about it as well on the TV.
    Anyone who had their water turned off, I hope it gets fixed soon.
    I hope not many people had to deal with broken items as well.
    My thoughts and prayers to the people in Seattle, WA as well.
    My thoughts and prayers to people in Seattle, WA as well.

  3. Sometimes it feels like I want to grab our journalists and politicians by the throat and shake them, don´t they see what they are doing ? Participating in this war of propaganda ? And once in a while I think that I am the crazy one with my conspiratorial ideas. But then, my eyes fell on a brilliant article by Paul Craig Roberts, who worked in the Reagan administration: “Pushing toward the final war” ( Zero Hedge). And I say thank you, Mr Roberts, I don´t feel mad and alone anymore.
    He writes ” Does Obama realize that he is leading the US and its puppet states to war with Russia and China or is he being manipulated into this disaster by his neocon speechwriters and goverment officials ? WWI was the result of the ambitions and mistakes of a very small number of people. 100 years ago the march to war had to be done under the cover of deception….. today the lies are obvious and the entire west is participating, both media and governments….”
    The entire article is very interesting . I don´t know anything about Mr Roberts and his agenda but given all his credentials he seems to be a very trustworthy and knowledgeable man.

    • I read the article and will read again in depth.
      As far as the history. The Helen Frank Diary gave us all an insiders thought, etc. of that time period.
      I only wish their would have been a lot more diaries kept by regular citizens from WWI & WWII.

      • Lee, from the era of WW II there is a very interesting personal diary. Victor Klemperer wrote in his “Tagebücher” about life as a Jew in the Third Reich. I am sure they are translated into English. A valueable time document.

      • I get several remainders catalogs, and other diaries and journal do crop up. On the whole what you get are diminishing returns. It’s hard to top The Diary of Anne Frank for the writing.

        In addition to the one mentioned by swedishlady, I like, no love, The Diaries and Letters of Etty Hillesum. She was a Dutchwoman, a secular Jew to begin with, but as the war progressed and she moved toward her destiny, she became a mystic accepting the will of God.

    • I am no big fan of Roberts, who on paper has credentials from which one could assume he is more conservative than he is. But after this brief comment I will go and read the ZH article to be fair to your comment and to see if there is any reason for me to change my opinion of Roberts. That said, pretty much from your summary it sounds like Roberts is criticizing this Administration exactly for what he criticized the Bush Administration. Although I do believe he thought Bush should be impeached and to date, has not called for the impeachment of Obama,

      I find it difficult to believe — first that Obama is manipulated by anyone beyond the ValJar circle, let alone “government officials” or unidentified “neocons”.

      • Read it. And the only thing I have to offer is that I agree with one commenter who said “PCR has gotten more polemical”. The message is No More War. My opinion of Roberts has not changed. Ron Paul would like this article of his.

  4. Today’s NYT website features a biased opinion diguised as a news piece. They claim that the “GOP” is trying to limit voting in key states or districts by reducing or limiting the days of open voting and enforcing the Dem’s ever-hated voter ID rules.
    We’ve had this discussion over and over, for years or decades it seems.
    Voter’s ID required to cast a ballot is not an anti-Dem voter measure, it cuts both ways, or all ways, across the voting public.

    The Dems, by means of the NYT, insult their own voters by claiming they don’t understand what day voting happens, don’t have any ID to prove who they are or where they live, and are just too stupid or ignorant of modern times to figure this all out.
    It wasn’t that long ago that voting took place on one day, from this time to that time. If a polling place moved from City Hall to the church basement, or to a commercial place, voters found out where it was and trekked there to vote. on that day.
    The modern mantra of show-me-your-ID isn’t a device invented by Repubs, racists, anti-elderly, or redneck gun-totin crazies, it’s a common practice all over America for almost everywhere and everything.

    Shame on the NewYorkTimes for their insulting and biased reporting that insinuates that Dems voters are stupid and ignorant.

    • I am more concerned about fixing the issue of voters getting away with voting more than one time.
      The NYT should send a reporter to investigate that big story.
      Who is being caught, and punished for voting twice.
      What is the punishment for that person, voting twice.
      Another thing I have suggested, is everyone getting a receipt, paper showing their vote.

      • I, for one, am OK with the purple-dyed finger thing the Islamic countries use to identify those who have voted.
        That’s the only idea they ever came up with that makes sense.

        • Any proof would be nice. That way if there is a major dought again of a Vote Talley, Everyone can walk out at one time with their finger (purple) or paper receipt.

    • The front page of the NYT is being especially in your face, conservatives! this morning. The article you mention and ones on former Palestinian ‘bad’ guys who are now ‘good’ guys and about Holder doing his best to integrate former felons back into US society. The latter one seems to go hand-in-hand with the one you mention on voter ID as Holder also wants to restore voting rights to former felons across the board nationally. Next they will want voting rights in the prisons. Or am I being tinfoil hatty?

      • Don’t know about you @Julie, but I always have my tin foil hat nearby, ya never know what they’re going to do next.

        There are good, solid reasons to prevent felons from voting and it has less to do with national elections and more to do with salting local small cities and towns with like-minded evildoers. A pro-crime sheriff could be elected, a city/town treasurer could be the funnel for laundered monies,so there are lots of good reasons to be careful about who votes.
        As for voting while in prison, most state prisons are located in small communities and if the cons voted as a block, all kinds of mischief could occur.

        IMO, MrHolder is playing a dangerous race card to appease(?) or to just be in solidarity with the criminal community. He’s the very worst of the special interest lawman, and should be impeached.
        I can’t think of anything he’s proposed that is in the national interest, as opposed to certain groups that feel they need special attention.

  5. California caves. Will send out 3.6M voter registration forms to ALL enrollees of Covered Ca. as a result of ACLU pressure to enforce the Voting Rights Act of 1993.
    Although there is a voter registration check box on the exchange homepage, it does not include those who filed paperwork or bypassed the homepage. Other states are sure to follow.

    • Will the voter registration forms be pre-checked (D)?

      “LA MESA, Calif. – A local couple called 10News concerned after they received an envelope from the state’s Obamacare website, Covered California. Inside was a letter discussing voter registration and a registration card pre-marked with an “x” in the box next to Democratic Party.”

      The unidentified couple have been registered R. for years!

    • Here is a comment from another blog on this issue. I agree with it which is why I am presenting it here. — without attribution.

      Apparently the referenced couple’s card was pre-marked.

      California couple upset after receiving pre-marked voter registration card from Covered California.

      Gee, who would have though that making organizations such as La Raza, ACORN and Planned Parenthood and Obamacare Navigators would have resulted in the data being used for voter registration and (likely) voter fraud.

      Or that when you set up a navigator at a Mexican consulate they’d start signing up illegals?

      It’s a shame no one saw this coming, huh? /sarc

  6. Big pushes today on both liberal and conservatives sites for Jeb Bush 2016. Also CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin and NYT’s David Brook’s for Obamacare being ‘here to stay’. The media really make cooperative pr moves. Next up, Hillary?

    • They’re so tiresome with their special interests that are either silly or easily disproved.
      Obamacare isn’t here to stay, neither was prohibition or slavery. All it takes is some creative moves in Congress and the ACA is dead in the water and about to be sunk.
      JebBush? are you kidding? Who wants that low-rent almost a progressive-Dem Repub as a candidate other than the Dems trying to find someone pathetic to run against MrsClinton.

      • No, I am not kidding. The top donors of Republican Party want him. Christie is damaged goods, and they hate all the real conservatives, especially Rand Paul who is doing rather well just now.

      • I used to watch the panel on Fox News Sunday. No more.

        I have cut my news/analysis viewing to Varney on FBN, Cavuto, and Brett Baier Special Report.

        As for the rest, I am not interested in hearing the opinions of the RNC, Rove, Main Street, LaTourette, Boehner, McConnell Old Guard who want nothing more than to continue sharing the spoils.

        • I too prefer Fox Business to the regular Fox outlets, but maybe that’s because I am an ‘independent’ like Dobbs. I am not interest in the views of the others you mention either, but unfortunately, they control the ‘air waves’ and their views are all the LIVs are going to get.

        • Same here, gracepmc. I record Special Report on FOX every day, and that’s it. Juan Williams and, more recently, Beckel, are popping up everywhere – ugh. The programming must have been highjacked by the DNC.

        • Senor Wms, Goldberg, Powers, Jemhu, T. Holder, boring Nauert, Jerry Rivers, Bob (what is Coolplay?) Beckel, Howie Kurtz, and despite what someone said, I cannot stomach Dobbs.

    • WOW! I just hope the establishment doesn’t end up pitting Cruz against Rand Paul because they are both great and we need to stand together.

      • It really is up to Cruz and Paul how they play that. There is no reason that they “allow” the establishment to force them into adversarial positions. There was a scuffle of sorts in the beginning. It will be interesting to see how they handle it. If they decide to go against one another it will be disappointing.

        Of the two, I see Paul as more likely to follow a Rino path than Cruz but pure speculation

  7. Does anyone have any pointers to news about what happened with Obama’s trip to Saudi Arabia?
    I heard a news report about mid-afternoon from ABC radio which said that the initial meeting had gone on for an hour longer than scheduled and that the evening dinner with the King had been cancelled by the King. The following reports didn’t mention it.
    I have searched and found multiple reports before the visit of the need to ‘smooth’ the relationship, but the only post-visit report was about an award Obama gave to a woman human rights worker.
    What was the cause for the cancelled dinner?

  8. OT. I am sick to death of these progressive PSA ads. I am opposed to domestic violence and abuse as are most right thinking people. But I just saw the most obnoxious span of Hollywooders saying “No More Boys Will Be Boys”, “No More She Was Asking for It”, etc. etc.

    No More. These ads are repetitive moralizing by hypocrites — and all this reduction to friggin’ slogans is like some mind numbing Socialist chant. Or what I imagine to be cults.

    They command the airwaves. And we are paying for it.