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ValJar Trying to get Obamacare “Into the Scripts”

White House consigliere Valerie Jarrett was in Los Angeles this week trying to get scriptwriters to violate their artistic integrity and name-drop Obamacare into their scripts.

It’s all part of her effort to get young people who don’t need or can’t afford Obamacare to sign up for it so they can help pay for their elders who require more insurance.

Jarrett appeared on Pop Sugar, where they were mightily impressed:

Pop Sugar: That’s the cool thing. You’ve been reaching out to people that are, you know, outside of the norm of what the president might work with. Who else are you working with? Like celebrities, personalities, things like that?”

Jarrett: You name it. That’s part of why I’m in L.A. I’m meeting with writers of various TV shows and movies to try to get it into the scripts.

H/T Gateway Pundit.

52 thoughts on “ValJar Trying to get Obamacare “Into the Scripts””

  1. Wow! Keith, I am really out of it. I have never heard of Pop Sugar, and
    I live in So Cal. Valjar I have heard of – unfortunately. The administration just won’t give up trying to get the low information voter
    to do their bidding. How crude.

  2. How about that show LEGIT? Billy has muscular dystrophy and tries to live a life as normal as possible in a little house with a drunkard brother and a foul-mouthed Australian comedian. He could say how expensive, high-deductible, boutique insurance could have really helped all the yrs his middle class parents cared for him.

  3. This morning CBS had a Hispanic news anchor “reporting” from Miami touting how so many Spanish speaking people are in lines at the last minute. It was nothing more than a full page ad for O’Care and it’s sickening that the FCC allows such blatant political use of the air waves. CNN bragged about the 6m number and about fell over themselves in praise of the man Obama for leading the way. It’s such disregard for the truth. I wish I could call some of the networks on it. It literally makes me sick.

    1. The administration is working with Mexican Consulates across the Nation that are conducting Sign-Up Fairs for Mexican nationals regardless of citizenship. In your face!

  4. Why sure, why not?
    Bruce Willis in “Buy Obamacare or Die Hard”

    Vol #12 “Game of Thrones” where the loser must buy Obamacare

    Robert Downey Jr in “Sherlock Holmes – the Adventure of Healthcare.Gov”

    GeorgeClooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon star in “Ocean’s Six Million” a story of the theft of a trillion dollars from the US Treasury.

    Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda in the rollcking comedy “Sixty-Five” as two senior citizens find that their promise of health care was stolen by nefarious Democrats.

    1. clapping.. well done!.. but don’t give them ideas.. :-)

      How about – Signing up the Kardashian’s .. reality at it’s finest! (blech)

      1. awww, thanks to @Otis, @Marcus.

        I got stuck on “Jason Bourne” looking for his doctor and a hospital, and it seemed too rude to include Mellisa McCarthy as she tried to lose weight to meet her Obamacare requirements.
        “Animal House” would be perfect to illustrate how youngsters harm themselves and need medical care, but…..brain freeze.

        1. Speaking of Obamacare requirements, my sister is not in it, but on a Medicare Advantage plan, but she was told to schedule a “talking physical.” Aren’t they all–they ask what’s wrong with you and figure out a specialist to turf you to. She hasn’t had it yet, so I don’t know what is consists of — maybe the death panel thing, do you have guns in the house, does your huaband beat you etc. If I remember, I will let you know.

  5. My friends and I knew what was going on years ago.
    Even if Mick Jagger would have chit chatted about this Mess.
    We would have known better.

    1. I think you could be on to something.
      Have I missed something here or has the WH spent all this $$$ just rolling out/defending/backtracking/scriptwriting? Gang, has any healthcare started yet?

      1. Below, part of comment found at – you can read all of jj’s comment on the Saturday morning thread.
        His comments are priceless and spot on. Lowest common denominator comes to mind after watching this 30-second piece of crap.

        Note the green jacket worn by the singing hippopotamus. Note that through the entire commercial, (this is just one of a series), NONE OF THESE GENIUSES NOTICED that the emblem on the front of his jacket was either obscene, promoted something, featured nudity, or was otherwise disqualified from being shown on TV. Wherefore, in post, somebody had to blur his goddam emblem. NOBODY NOTICED THIS while they were filming, and said: “take it off, whale; put something else on.”

    2. The Oscars are going to have two new categories next year:
      Best ObamaCare script in a motion picture or tv series; and
      Best Obama administration Selfie’.

    1. Vaguely related…the commercial where the lunch ladies yak about life insurance–it’s been tough since hubbie died but at least I had life insurance–oh, going to live with the kids anyway (bec it was this crummy stuff from Liberty Mutual).

  6. Interesting.. am sure ValJar flew WH Air along with her SS detail and assistants. How did this get approved as “official business”?

    Lucky I was at the cinema today and due to a malfunction they could not run the previews!.. awww

  7. I looked up website popsugar. This is a good example of how messed up young or older lofo people are.
    I heard a “man on campus” questioning college students to name one US senator ….if any got it they didn’t play that answer. One said “I’m not good with America stuff”.

  8. Is she wearing shorts. Shouldn’t she be in a dress, nice pants and shirt, or a suit?
    She looks like she is heading for the park or the beach.

  9. LA, Hollywood, Obama’s peeps. Also Chris Dodd is CEO of Motion Pictures Association.

    Also, the Pop Sugar pets may or may not sign up for Obamacare. And they may or may not vote. But think how scary that vote could be and what it took to get it if they do. FSA.

    These are today’s Americans.

    Valerie Jarrett is not worth a second of my time, let alone a click. America’s unelected President.

  10. What is ValJar wearing? Sleeveless shirt and khaki shorts? What is she on vacation at Disneyland? She takes her entourage in one the Prez Airplanes showing off to Ahmad Rashad and she stops in to make an appearance to make it the business of the United States.

  11. If Obama and company had done the ObamaCare project correctly, they would have pilot tested every key aspect of the scheme. They would have discovered then, as they now know, that young adults would reject the plan. It’s just proper project development and management. It’s such a basic idea, used by all professional project managers, that to have skipped or been unaware of this step is a signature indication that these clowns had no idea of what they were (are) doing.

  12. KFI (Los Angeles, but available in a much broader area — and internet) had a show today (Saturday) with Lisa Ann Walter interviewing Lee Aronson (producer of Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men) on why the young should look into getting covered, although she had some reservation, while pushing a humorous video Aronson made on Obamacare (who left urging “You only have two days to do it”).

    Better watch your toaster the next few days. Ads for Obamacare may even pop up there.

  13. OT. Bill O’Reilly was supposed to have reported on a mob terrorizing downtown Louisville, KY, but I can’t get the story to come up. Help!

  14. Any person who sits in proximate lotus position and intersperses his conversation with ‘you know’ is not qualified to be part of adult conversation.

  15. Any producer, director, or writer that even considers propagandizing for this evil administration needs to remember what happened to Leni Riefenstahl after the Nazis fell. For all intents and purposes, her career was finished.

  16. Why not just write them yourself and make them go by that script after
    all that’s the direction you’re heading. Controlling our food the restaurant
    industry and the media in all forms why should a little thing like TV stop
    you? After all that First Amendment doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

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