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State Dept. Spokeswoman Backs Ukraine with a Selfie

Well now this is a pretty unserious way to deal with a deadly serious situation.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki is incurring lots of criticism and ridicule for responding to the Ukraine crisis with a selfie. Have look.

Jen is actually not some experienced State Department hand. She’s a veteran flack and one of the bright young Obama acolytes who came out of the 2008 campaign and into the White House, where she was among President Obama’s better-liked press assistants.

The White House sent her over to State about a year ago to take over the top spokesperson job. Along with White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest, she’s viewed as one of the two most likely successors to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney once he’s had enough.

This, clearly, won’t help her.

30 thoughts on “State Dept. Spokeswoman Backs Ukraine with a Selfie”

      1. Only to the extent that they are both Obama sycophants. Cutter is a real cutter — slice and dice — die hard — go Progressives. This chic will probably go the “diplomat receptions” route.

  1. What can you expect from a person whose boss takes a selfie at the funeral of someone he allegedly admired greatly. And she probably realized this is the most help Obama will extend to Ukraine. Surprised he did not think of it first.

    Off topic, but have you noticed how the White House has not said anything about the mudslide victims in Washington and how Mrs. Obama has not flown there to play consoler-in-chief? Guess only gun and tornado victims rate that.

  2. Man, we need to lose the selfies altogether. I was talking to a relative youngster –32–the other day. No, not talking–emailing. I said I didn’t have a cell and he said he had one but never talked on the phone. Actually he said he never talked to people face to face either–he lived in LA and when you talked to someone, they thought you wanted something. Don’t people shoot the breeze, I asked. Apparently not.I don’t know where all this is going, but I do know a good conversationalist will ge my vote every time. People don’t read–fiction or nonfiction. Where do they get interesting material? Beats me. Maybe they don’t care if they are interesting. Man, how blah.

    1. One of my kids always texts rather than call. I’ll say, why not just call? But no, texting is it.

      Neither of my kids wants to Skype or FaceTime their parents, though. Go figure.

      1. Texting is arm’s length, no commitment. You can ans or not–hard to do on a voice call. But texting is also uninflected. I can say “Great idea” sarcastically on the phone, but if I text it, maybe the reader will think I think it is a great idea. I think it’s dumb as hair. These kids cannot even speak.

  3. This isn’t unserious, or funny, or cute. This is a dangerous and extremely foolish move to address the turmoil in Europe and the fears of the Ukrainians. How insulting to the Ukrainian people who fear an invasion by the mighty Russian forces, but even more, how belittling to the professionals at the StateDept who are probably aghast at this childish action by an Obama minion.

    MrObama, with MrsClinton’s help, might have made our lack of any credible foreign policy a reality, but the world is a dangerous place and no one is safe from evildoers.
    The odds are that this selfie was done with the approval of the WhiteHouse as another attempt to diminish the horror of the invasion of Crimea and the Ukraine.
    Ridicule is another aspect of the game TheDozens, but that game is for children on the playground, not world superpowers.

    1. I agree with you 100%. People have died for their cause, their lives are irrevocably changed — hopefully for a brief time in history — the balance of power in the world is changing, and not in our favor, or in favor of freedom lovers everywhere. A big insult to Ukrainians and should be an big embarrassment to America.

      This acceptance of social media as a way to conduct serious business is reflective of a country and now a world that has lost its values. Progress and technology are good when they are used properly. This young woman has a very shaky foundation and should not be in a position of conducting the nation’s business if this is how she chooses to do so.

      I hear on the more “hip” “au courant” talk shows some acceptance/get over it thinking. A generation and a country of progressives will not do well if they have to fight for themselves or their country.

      1. serdem65 and Gracepmc, Well stated. It was early and my comment earlier did not state enough.
        The picture also looks like it is from a teenage party as well.

  4. OT For a little black humor here is a top ten things to do on Amelia Island list for the Main Street lefty LaTourette Republicans who are planning to squash conservatives. Pretty nice place to plan the squashing too.

    Not sure who is more distasteful the power hungry greedy progressives who want to change the face of America or the power hungry greedy Republicans who want in on it.

  5. Can we all agree that the bimbo made a boo-boo and move on?
    The missing plane;
    good grief, this has turned into a world-wide hunt for flotsam and jetsam that may or may not reveal what happened to that plane and it’s passengers.
    Every day that this goes on in the news and in the search, the loved ones are left dangling with a futile hope that “Dad” or “Sister” is floating out there on a broken wing.

    1. And the press are trying to force the navy to deploy an aircraft carrier (which does not travel by itself) to the Indian Ocean. The navy’s job is not just to protect us but also to assume or take over every other country’s role in investigating air crashes. If the press succeeds, given the reductions in the navy, it will be unable to protect us at all.

      Makes me regret the Navy recruiting ad labeling itself “a force for good in the world.”

      1. Don’t even say the word plane to me anymore! No–you started to! They did have a segment on the Factor where two comedians expressed their theories based on having flown in an airliner. One was the Bermuda triangle drifted and was now a rhombus. Altho grimly clever, this isn’t funny in light of the frantic families depicted every five mins. Someone needs to put a stop to this… The line I hate the most is you can’t lose something that big. You can if it’s in a WAY big ocean.

  6. Jen Psaki and Marie Harf ………The Dumb and Dumber of The State Department.

    Does anyone else wonder if Marie Harf really needs glasses?? I think she wears glases in an attempt to look smart…….oop, that did not work!

    I believe the government should get rid of a Twitter accounts for govt. Employees. These personal accounts are just undermining the US Govt as a whole. This idiotic message from Jen Psaki is just another non-vetted tweet in the likes of Ambassasdor Sweet Caroline Kennedy and US Ambassador to UN Samantha Power. Hey wait…….I wonder if Jen is next in line for an ambassadorship!!! I never noticed how the word ass is right in he heart of the word Ambassador.

  7. “A Caesar at home and a Chamberlain abroad, Obama manages to simultaneously provoke fury and ridicule. He bullies critics here while shrinking from adversaries there.
    He divides the country and unites the world against us, ­diminishing the nation in both ways. His reign of error can’t end soon enough, nor can it end well.” Michael Goodwin, New York Post

  8. Jen Psaki should be ashamed of herself. As a Wm and Mary alum, I am ashamed to say that she, too, is an alum. How did Psaki and her deputy Marie Harf get those jobs? They are two immature political hacks who perform the task of pushing the word according to this administration. Pitiful.

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