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Video || Ted Cruz Declares, “Yes We Can”

Well, now we know one thing, at least. Ted Cruz and his people can put together a pretty good presidential campaign video.

20 Responses to Video || Ted Cruz Declares, “Yes We Can”

  1. He’s great, likable, smart, savvy, says all the right things, but not a proven leader. Yet, anyway.
    A state Governor with a proven record of leading, governing, and good solid ideas would be the best choice.

    Gotta give Texas a lot of credit, their sons really do them proud.

    • If I remember correctly, you’re from Beaverton, right? I can’t believe that Real Clear Politics gives the November elections to Kitzhaber and Merkley. Not even toss-ups according to them.

  2. God bless Ted Cruz, but he is waaaay to far right of the majority of America to get elected. He may be right on many points, but if you don’t get elected, you ain’t gonna govern. I like the guy, but he will never be President. Never.

    Republicans need to come up with some real, tangible ideas (not just “eliminate the IRS” as Cruz said or “repeal Obamacare’) and find a candidate that steers away from the stupid Social issues that turn so many moderates off. 2016 is the year to either get an electable conservative candidate out there or let the Socialist/Democratic/Kumbayah crowd take over the Nation.

    I’d rather get 75% of what I can live with than 0% of what I really want.