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The Obama Morning News || March 28, 2014

Obamacare signups top six million . . . Associated Press
GOP leaders mock signups
. . . Newsmax
Obama support plunges . . . Associated Press
Obama urges Russia to pull back troops . . . Reuters
Pope talks ACA mandate with Obama . . . Reuters
A president, a Pope, and a black cat . . . Politico
Dershowitz: Obama should cancel Saudi trip . . . Newsmax
Obama could get a rough reception . . . CS Monitor
Saudi princesses seek Obama’s help . . . AFP
Condi: Obama policies create vacuum . . . Newsmax
Christie: Scandal won’t affect 2016 . . . Politico

28 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 28, 2014

  1. I respect what Condi said. I wonder why it took her so long to speak those words?

    As far as O urging… Russia to pull back troops:
    Does anyone have any detail of O doing something regarding the gas lines to help Europe?

  2. Did anyone watch the Obama-Scott Pelley interview this morning on CBS? I could have sworn I heard the President say something to the effect that he has the utmost respect for someone who has strong religious convictions? Really? Tell that to the owners of Hobby Lobby. Obama is a bigger master of baloney than Oscar Mayer!

    • Now will see if the media brings this news clip up, if the vote does not favor Hobby Lobby. If everyone would start fussing like they did when they wanted to get rid of that show of the family down south. Forgive me I can’t remember the name at this second.

  3. 65andcounting, Nobama wouldn’t know, or expound the truth, if it jumped up and bit him in his skinny arse.

    Semper Fi

    • My grandpa use to say that. He would (just joking) if you don’t behave I going to wip your arse.
      I am sure when he was growing up his dad said that as well, but may have not been joking.
      I do not ever hear the word anymore in conversation.
      Thanks for the memory.

    • I thought I was the only one using the word MESS.
      Long List of Mess. Nothing but a bunch of Mess.
      We have to deal with all this Mess.
      They will not investigate all the Mess. The example goes on and on.

      • Seems like a waste of a good education to go rooting around for words for this mess.

        Also I refuse to read that AP spin on 6 million Obamacare sign up number. Pretty sure most of those signed up are those who lost their insurance because of this piece of crap.

          • “If you don’t read the newspapers your uninformed. If you do read the newspapers you’re misinformed”
            Mark Twain.
            Yes Star, AP and just about everything coming from the MSM, aka, Propaganda Ministry.

          • I watch these “debates” on the news and they have no idea of the difference between proof and evidence, on the subject or change of subject, etc. I am alway screaming, “That is so not the point.” Bad education system? I don’t even know anymore.

  4. ObamaCare sign-ups – smoke and mirrors.
    Doctors are already worried about getting paid for the ‘free riders’ – those who sign up and pay for the first month only in order to avoid the fine.
    It’s not unlike ppl who buy auto ins. so that they can register their car. They make the first payment and they are good for another year.

    There is a 3 month ‘grace period’ with ObamaCare after the first payment. Lots of medical treatment can occur during this time. What happens when the doctor can’t collect? It’s a mess!

  5. Should the Republicans end up nominating Christie in 2016, I will think that the rot has just as strong a foothold in their party as it does in the Democratic one, and all is lost.

  6. They can talk talk talk all they want about this being a success for he AFFORDABLE (cough cough) care act, but too many people are living the truth.

    That arse in the NYT wrote a piece this morning “It’s failing to fail” or some such horse CRAP (lol), and how Republicans can’t even IMAGINE this scheme working, and boy are we going to have egg on our face.

  7. Keith thanks for noting the article about: O should cancel his Saudi trip.
    I agree, and I am again disappointed in the Media. They have not mentioned this enough on the news.
    If they have time to put fun stuff on their news channel, this should not have been left out!

    • I agree: if Obama will not cancel his trip, the press corpse with him should show some solidarity with their fellow reporter and boycott SA.

      • Lee and Julie, absolutely agree, the treatment of this Jewish journalist should have real consequenses. It´s scandalous, only Saudi gets away with such things. Oh, I wish that the west was not so dependent on this awful nations oil. I think that Europe was rather happy about the Russian energy until the “crisis” came along. I believe that Saudi has something to do with it, they want more of the European market. And I want them out, may their oil wells dry up.

  8. “Hey Rocky, watch me pull out 6 million outta’ my hat”
    “Again? That trick never works”
    But the media buys it, no questions asked.

  9. Six million sign-ups – and they’re bragging?! I’ll let someone else do the math to determine what it cost per person and how much more it will cost to sign up the other 35 million, who are not insured.