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Biden: Illegal Immigrants “Already Citizens”

Uhh boy. No they’re not.

From Joe’s appearance Thursday in Washington before the Hispanic Chamber of Commmerce:

You know, 11 million people livin’ in the shadows. I believe they’re already American citizens. These people are just waiting, waiting for a chance to be able to contribute fully. And by that standard, 11 million undocumented aliens are already Americans, in my view.

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50 Responses to Biden: Illegal Immigrants “Already Citizens”

  1. Well Biden, I am sure all the other people around the world will appreciate your comment. My ancestors are being insulted.
    There is a law, when are the people for this administration going to start reading, and or following the laws, and Constituion?
    The people down south who have owned land for years, are have lived in those towns for years really appreciate your stupid comment as well.
    sarc. Why don’t you invite them all in your backyard, and or hometown.
    Are put one next door to each and everyone of your voters. I am sure they will appreciate that. sarc

    • Since border control agencies have had all authority stripped, and we have an “ask no questions” rule in New Mexico, they are not just from Mexico any longer. It is well known that our liberal state will give illegals whatever they want or need, thanks to former Governor Bill Richardson.
      We now have a huge influx from the Caribbean, Africa and other parts of America that are not as liberal. I am no longer comfortable going to our local Wal-Mart after 8:00. It is full of Guatemalans, Hondurans and Mexicans. Non of them speaking English. With so many of them all understanding one another, there is little incentive for them to learn our language and customs as our ancestors once did.

      • The incentive used to be that the schools and signs, and government forms were all in English.
        But now they don’t have to. The gov’t makes sure that no one has to learn if they don’t want to.

  2. Someone living in my house, invited or not, doesn’t make them part of my family, just as crossing our country’s borders illegally then sneaking around in the shadows of the law doesn’t make them American citizens.

    The illegal aliens are criminals according to our laws; each and every one have committed a federal crime. They made their children criminals by dragging them into a country that’s not their own.
    They are not American citizens.

  3. Disgusting old fart! (Apologies for the lang.)

    Meanwhile, the Obama administration is facilitating ObamaCare navigators in sign-up ‘fairs’ at Mexican Consulates throughout the nation for all Mexican nationals regardless of citizenship.

    (Rep. Luis Guitierrez is calling for all deported aliens to be returned).

    I can’t believe this is happening to our country. RIP America!

  4. So Joe. All it takes now to be an American is to break our laws and simply set ones feet upon our land?

    Is this man insane or demented or both?

  5. So, Joe, if they’re “already citizens” then start prosecuting them as Americans when they break the law. Too many times the police let them go, rather than arrest them because ICE won’t pick them up. An illegal alien in Phoenix rammed into the rear of a local news anchor’s car. When the police found out the illegal was uninsured, had no driver’s license, and was not even driving their own vehicle (supposedly, it belonged to family) do you think the illegal was arrested? Of course not. The police had to let him go…

  6. Why does Joe think all illegal aliens want to become American citizens? Many of them do not want citizenship, they’re just after higher pay and free health care.

    • You are so right, my fellow Zonie. While the Dems are just salivating at the prospect of millions more of the lowest-info voters ever, they don’t see or acknowlege what we’ve known for years about the migration of Mexican nationals.

      We know they send billions of American dollars back to their home villages to boost their family fortune, and plan to return to a life of landed gentry instead of miserable peons. Their families use the American money to buy property, livestock, farmland and equipment that they could never afford as mere Mexican citizens.
      They don’t want to learn to speak English, or to be part of the servant class of the American elites. They want their childen to be treated with top-notch medical care, be educated in our schools, but they are still Mexicans at heart.

      There are some who wish to become American citizens, but it’s not a number like 11million as the Dems suppose.
      Most of them just don’t want to be deported until they earn or get everything they can from us.

      • The Red Card Solution recognizes that not all want to be US citizens. Everyone gets a red card…some using it for a work card which allows them to freely go back and forth and some using the card for a path to citizenship. Also, how many will never know enough English to be a citizen? Or even know our history?

    • Good point, AZ Granny. The majority only want permanent legal status, which they will get as soon as the ink is dry on whatever immigration bill Boehner and Obama come up with.

      The only thing they can’t have is voting rights. They couldn’t care less about voting. But DEMS now provide voter registration forms for all who sign up for ObamaCare, regardless of citizenship. It’s just a quid pro quo for the privilege of receiving taxpayer funded h/c. Motor-Voter is another giveaway: driver’s licenses in exchange for votes.

      Once amnestypermanent provisional status is granted we will never hear another word about citizenship. The borders will still be open and the migration will continue ad infinitum.

  7. Who wants to look up where Biden’s ancestors came from?

    If any sailed on a boat from far away, most with the clothes on their back. Went though the whole process of becoming an American Citizen. Learned English, even though they kept speaking their own language amoung friends and family.

    So he not only disregarded our laws, by that statment, he disregarded his family.

  8. Scullman, “plugs” Biden isn’t a moron, because one has to have a brain to come under the classification of a moron. When the good Lord was handing out brains, Biden thought He said trains, and missed his. Can one imagine what it would be like if something were to happen to this halfbreed president? Babbling Joe Biden would take the helm. Heaven help us. Wow, what a bargin!!

    Semper Fi

    • OT: @jarhead
      If you know, what is the mood of the military, current or retired, of MrO’s purging of dozens of the top brass in all the services?
      It just looks and sounds ominous to a civilian such as I, but is this a common thing that President’s do?

      • I am retired military. One of my sons just retired from the USAFafter 29 years (CMSGT), and another son will retire in two years (SMSGT). So I am pretty close to what the military is thinking about this issue. Whether true or not, the general thought is that there has been a huge purge of some of the very best of the top brass. If you stray too far out of the corral and you’re expressing the wrong opinions re Obama and his policies, you’re on your way out.

  9. “…These people are just waiting, waiting for a chance to be able to contribute fully…”
    Contribute fully = vote Democratic.
    Amnesty, folks, these sob’s are gonna’ do it, laws, Congress be damned.

  10. A while back, around Dec ’13, a Texas family lost insurance for their cancer stricken son. Mom asked for an emergency enrollment & was told you can only get that if you are pregnant and in labor OR if you are an illegal immigrant!
    What have we become? It is plain scary if you think about it too much.

  11. Illegal aliens are not immigrants; they are opportunists.

    For some reason, it is admirable for opportunists to come here and steal opportunities from American citizens.

    You can bet liberals would call the police if someone snuck into their house and set up housekeeping.

  12. If illegal aliens were to vote R 60% of the time, Biden and the rest would be on hands and knees building a wall and fence and moat and shooting anyone who crossed.

  13. Two words come to mind when I think of Biden: “Do” and “fuss”. Heaven help us if anything happens to our precious Presbo. Biden is the one person who could possibly do worse.

  14. Yeah, Joe! They are just hard working and attempting to send some money back home. Nothing illegal about that? Perhaps, you could move to have this hard working illegal given a pass on his 3+-year federal jail sentence! Or, was he part of Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ team who just forgot to put his seat belt on before being stopped?

  15. Wasn’t he lobotomized years ago? So why are his comments so
    surprising? Every time he opens his mouth I shudder to think how
    close he is to the presidency. Makes me hope BO is kept safe.